Page 11, 17th March 2006

17th March 2006
Page 11
Page 11, 17th March 2006 — A design for life

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A design for life

From Mr J M Derham

SIR — I was deeply impressed with John Beaumont's interview with Fr Stanley Jaki in your February 17 Issue.

However, while I fully accept Fr Jaki's views on Darwinism and Richard Dawkins's distortions, I humbly question his statement that the theory of intelligent design has no intellectual merit.

Is it not an absolute scientific fact that not one single individual of the Earth's species can, or ever could, make the slightest contribution to its own Being, that this is true for all generations past. and that Life, whether for midges or mankind, is biologically prescribed? The human intellect, surely, is not shut out from this certainty.

Yours faithfully, J M DERFIAM Cork, Republic of Ireland

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