Page 10, 17th May 1974

17th May 1974
Page 10
Page 10, 17th May 1974 — Cardinal Heenan of Westminster Saturday: Pastoral Council, Cathedral Hall. 10.

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Organisations: Westminster Senate, Church of St Gabriel, Albert Hall Institute, Diocesan Education Council, Administration Council, Centenary Celebration Service, Church of the Holy Family, Holy Ghost Church, Warrington University, Diocesan Pastoral Council, Diocesan Liturgy Commission, Diocesan Council of Priests, Humphrey MIddlemore School, Civil Service Catholic Guild, Diocesan Schools Commission, Diocesan Ecumenical Commission, Commission for Priestly Formation, Catholic Needlework Guild, Social Morality Council, Congress, Bishop Milner School, Northampton University of East Anoka Chu, John Kennedy School, Ecumenical Service, Pastoral Council Secretariat, Oscotian Society, Cha4ter and Finance Board, Pastoral Council, Clergy Senate, Finance Board, Sedgley Perk College, Diocesan Youth Commission, St Mary ' s College, Ecumenical Society of BVM, St William ' s School, Manchester University, Pasteral Council, Com mission, University of East Anglia, Oscott College


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Cardinal Heenan of Westminster Saturday: Pastoral Council, Cathedral Hall. 10.

Sunday: Celebrates Mass for Consecration of Church, Heston. Monday Tuesday: Artrinds Seriate of Priests rneeCng. London

Coiney. ,

Bishop Butler, Auxiliary of Westminster Friday: Leeds Uiocesan Clergy In-Service Training Course. Woodhull. Saturday; Pasteral Council, Cathedral Hall, 1030; Ordination, Pi:timers Green. 5. MondayTuesday: Westminster Senate, All Saints Pasture] Centre; Social Morality Council' Committee. Kensington, 12.30. Wednesday: Administration Council, Archbishop's House, 1 7. 'Thursday: Confirmation, John Kennedy School. Hemel Hempstead, 7.30.

Bishop Gray, Auxiliary of Liverpool Sopday: Presides ,and preaches at Mass. St. Mary's. Chodey, on occasion of parish visitation 11. celebrates Mass and preaches. St Mary's. Chorley. 6.30. Monday-Friday:

Visits seminaries in Ireland. -•

thstiop Langton Fox of Menevia: Friday: Commission for Priestly Formation. Oscott, Saturday! Diocesan Pastoral Council, Aberystwyth_ Sunday: Visitation. Confirmation and Pilgrimage. Cardigan MondaySaturday: Pilgrimage to Paray-le-Mondial,

France. • ---

Bishop Restieaux of Plymouth Sunday: Leads Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Bishop VVhealer of Leeds Saturday: Pilgrimage, Hazelwood Castle. 5. Sunday: Attends Centenary Celebration Service. Street Lane Synagogue, 3. Tuesday' School Mass. Cottinoley Wednesday: Diocesan Liturgy Commission meeting, Huddersfield. 6 30 B ishop Grant of Northampton Saturday to Monthly. Visitation and Creditmillion, High Wycombe. Tuesday: Meeting of Finance Board and Chapter.

B ishop Clark, Auxiliary of

Northampton University of East Anoka Churches comenittee Meeting. 2.30: sped'e, at Cathelie Diecussion Group on the Eiluturrist. Norwich. Saturd,e, National SVP pilgrimage to Walsinghant, 3 Seeday. Visitation and Confirmation. St Mark's. Ipswich. Tuesday-Wednesday: Cha4ter and Finance Board meeting, Northampton. Wednesday' Confirmation, Engese Martyrs. Cambridge. Thursday: Mass at University of East Anglia.

Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham Sunday: Mass and Confirmations, Oxford Chaplaincy. 11; Mess and Confirmations, St Thomas Mum Kidlington. Oxford. Tuesday: Diocesan Council of Priests, Harborne Hall. Wednesday: Confirmations, Blessed Humphrey MIddlemore School. Birmingham. 9 30, Oscotian Society. Oscott College, 1. Thursday: Evening Mass at Warrington University.

Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary of BirminghamFriday: Pastoral Council annual general meeting, Stake-on-Trent. Sunday: Confirmations and Benediction, English Martyrs, Sparkhill, Birmingham, 3. Tuesday: Mass and Confirmations. St Mary's, Brierley Hill, 7.30 Wednesday: Attends Ecumenical Service to proclaim Christ is King, St Peter's, Wolverhampton, 7.30. Thursday: Celebrates Mass, Bishop Milner School, Dridley.

Bishop Emery, Auxiliary of Birmingham Friday: Meeting of Diocesan Schools Commission, 4.30, Sunday: Attends Jubilee Celebration, St Augustine's, Solihull, 3.30. Tuesday: Diocesan Council of Priests. Harborne Hall, 10.30, Thursday: Mass and Confirmations, All Souls, Coventry, 7.30 Bishop McGuinness, Coadjutor of Nottingham--Seturday: Annual general meeting of Diocesan CWL, Albert Hall Institute, Nottingham, 2.30. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Stamford, Bishop McClean of Middlesbrough Friday' Golden Jubilee Moss, Nazareth House, Middlesbrough. Saturday: Attends Catholic Needlework Guild meeting. Nazareth House, Middlesbrough. 3.

Archbishop Beak of Liverpool -Saturday. Sorra Mass, Holy Cross, St Helens, 10. Sunday Presides at Natirmal Polish Pilgrimage in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool, 4.

Bishop Harris, Auxiliary of Liverpool

Friday: Leaves for international Congress of Catholic Medical Associations. Barcelona.

Bishop Holland of Safford Saturday: Interviews candidates for priesthood, Cathedral House. Salford, 10.30: Knights of St Columba Provincial Reception, Longfield Suite. Prestwich, 6.30. Sunday: Elections. Presentation Convent, Manchester, 4. Tuesday: Presentation of certificates and Mass: Sedgley Perk College, Prestwich, Wednesday: Finance Board, 10.30.

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Belford Saturday: Mass. Convent of Mercy. Burnley, 11.30. Sunday: Visitation, St Paul's, Guide Bridge, 10.30; Benediction for Lourdes Pilgrims, St John's Cathedral, Safford, 6.30, Wednesday: Finance Board. 10.30; Reception. Catholic Chaplaincy, Manchester University, to mark the departure of Fr Gerard Hassey. SJ. after eight years as Chaplain, 10.30.

Bishop Alexander, Auxiliary of Clifton

Friday: Ecumenical Society of BVM. Glastonbury. 11.30.

Bishop Wheeler of Leeds Fridoy: Presentation of Papal Honour, St Mary's, Batley. Saturday: Pilgrimage. Hazelwood Castle, 5 Bishop Foley of Lancaster Friday: Visits St William's School, Pilling, 3. Saturday: Civil Service Catholic Guild annual general meeting. Blackpool, 7.30. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St Bernard's, Knott End, 10.30. Monday: Attends hanging of Sheriff's Shield, Lancaster Castle. 12.45. Wednesday: Clergy Senate, Underley Hall, 10,30: Confirmation, St Joseph's, Galgate, 7.

Bishop Pearson, Auxiliary of Lancaster Receives Gored Shepherd Collection, St Begh's. Whitehavan. 3.

Archbishop Cowderoy of Southwark

Sunday: Leads Knights of St Columba Pilgrimage to Canterbury. Tuesday: Mass. Visitation and Confirmation. New Addington, 7.30. Thursday; Mass for Religious Sisters, Ayleeford, 12.

Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of

Southwark Mass, Visitation and Confirmation, Sandwich, 9.30 and Mringeham. 11. Monday. Chairs Diocesan Finance Meeting, 11. Tuesday: Mass, Visitation and Confirmolten, North Cheam, 7.30.

Bishop r of Shrewsbury Sunday-Monday: Visitation and Confirm a tion. St Bernadette, Stockport. Wednesday; Oscotian meeting.

Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrew shury Friday: Attends meeting of Commission for Priestly Formation, Uscott. Saturday: Attends Diocesan Education Day. Chester; Visitation, Si Theresa's, Chester. Sunday: Confirmation and Visitation continued, St Theresa's, Chester. Wednesday: Meeting of Catholic Women's League Bridgend.

Bishop Lindsay, Auxiliary of Hexham and Nevveastlia Friday: Ecumenical meeting, County Hall, Durham. 7. Saturday: Plenary meeting of Diocesan Ecumenical Commission, St Mary's College, Fenham, 2. Sunday: Mass, Visitation and Confirmation, St Anne's, Darlington, 3, Tuesday: Call to the North meeting. Auckland Castle. Bishop Auckland, 11.30; Confirmation, St Aegustine-s, Darlington, 7.

Bishop Worlock of Portsmouth Saturday: Diocesan Youth Commission an nual general meeting, Park Place, 2.30. Sunday-Monday: Visitation, Holy Ghost Church. Basingstoke. Tuesday: Addresses Maidenhead Newman Circle, St Josephs, Maidenhead, 8. Wednesday: Diocesan Education Council meeting, Bishop's House, 3: Pastoral Council Secretariat meeting. Park Place. 6. Thursday: Visitation and Confirmation, St Martin's, Jersey.

Bishop Bowen of Arundel and Brighton Sunday: Confirmation, Church of the Holy Family, Reigate, 10.30. Monday: Celebrates Mass, St Hugh's Charterhouse, Parkminster. Tuesday: Attends [nesting of priests of Redhill Deanery. Thursday: Celebrates Mass. Church of St Gabriel, Billingshurst 8.

Bishop Casey of Brentwood FridayFriday: In Lourdes with National Pilgrimage.

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