Page 10, 17th November 1972

17th November 1972
Page 10
Page 10, 17th November 1972 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: La Retralte, Franciscan Mission in India, L.S.U. College of EducatiOn, Churches' Radio Committee, High School, Council of Priests, Franciscan Mission in South Africa, Laity Commission, Catholic Police Guild, Diocesan Pastoral Council, John Southworth School, St., English Province Chapter of Friars Minor, Council of Administration, Bedfordshire Ecumenical Committee, Birmingham Clergy Council, K.S.C., St. Paul's College, Diocesan Commission for Social Welfare a.g.m, Leeds Organists' Association, Archbishop CA Canterbury's Commission of Roman Catholic Relations, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Religious Commission, Primary School, London Hospital, Social Welfare Commission, Becket School, Archbishop Masterton School, Catholic Teachers' Federation, La Sainte Union School, Clergy Golf Club, Catholic Teachers' Association, Michael's Grammar School, Church of Christ, Clergy Senate, Grammar School, Wooinoth Society, National Commission, Liverpool's Catholic Schools Athletics Association, Ecumenical Society of B.V.M., Education Commission, Catholic Widows' Association, Campion House College, Westminster Pastoral Council, B., Oscott College


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Cardinal Heenan of Westminster Friday: Visits Commission Offices, Gray's Inn Road, 4. Saturday: Westminster Pastoral Council meeting. Monday, Service for Silver Jubilee of Queen and Prime Philip. Westminster Abbey, 11. Mass for Sliver Jubilee of Queen and Prince Philip. Cathedral, 6. Tuesday; Distributes awards to nurses. London Hospital. 3 Wednesday, Requiem Mass for deceased members of Metropolitan Catholic Police Guild, Cathedra!, 7,30 Thursday: Preaches at Thanksgiving Day service of Wooinoth Society, St. Mary Woolnoth, Lombard Street, 11.30.

B ishop Butler. Auxiliary of West minster-Saturday: Pastoral Synod. Westminster. WedneSday: Administration meeting, Westminster. Thursday: Herts. and Beds. Ecumenical Executive, St. Albans. 10.15. Friday: Confirmation, RIckmansworth. 7.

B ishop Guazzelll, Atetillary of Westminster-Friday: Laity Commission. St. Michael's Grammar School. N. Finchlev. Saturday: Laity Commission. Sunday: Mass for sick and anointing, St. Joseph's Hospice. 9. Mass and COnhrniation. Cathedral. Tuesday: C.M.R.5.. Holy Rood House, 6. Athenaeum. Mass for deceased priests. Hackney, 8. Wednesday, Mass, St, Thomas's, Fulham, 7. Thursday: St. Michael's Grammar School, N. Finchley. Confirmation, St. Pius X. St. Charles' Square, 6, Friday: St. Michael's Grammar School, N. Finchiey.

Bishop Mahon, Auxiliary of Westminster-Saturday: Diocesan Pastoral Council. Saturday-MOnday: Pastoral visit, Acton East. Wednesday, Council of Administration. Confirmation Mass. Kingsbury, 7. Thursday: Confirmation Mass, Cranford, 7.30.

Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham Sunday, Confirmation and Benediction. St. John's, Tamworth, 4. Tuesday: Birmingham Clergy Council, Oscott College. 10.45. Wednesday: Visits schools and Sick, St. John Fisher's, Coventry, 10.30. C.M.A.C. meeting. Coventry, 6. Thursday:

Catechetics course, Wolverhampton. Friday, Concert, Archbishop Masterton School, Birmingham, 7.30.

Bishop Cleary. Auxiliary of Birmingham-Sunday: Mass and Confirmation. SI. Mary. Willenhall, 4. Tuesday: Birmingham Clergy Council, Oscott College. 10.45. Wednesday: Visitation and Conhrmation, St. Margaret Mary's, Perry Common

Bishop Emery, Auxiliary of Birmingham-Sunday: Mass and Confirmation, St Martin's. MOSeley, 4. Tuesday: Meeting of major Religious Superiors, 10. Wed• nesday, Visits schools and sick, St. Hugh's Witney. Thursday: Governors' meeting, Newbold Revel, St. Paul's College of Education, 10.30. Friday: PrIzegiwing, 55. John Southworth School, Preston.

Archbishop Beck of Liverpool-Sunday: Presents prizes. Liverpool's Catholic Schools Athletics Association, 2, Monday: C M.A.C. meeting, Cenacle Convent, Liverpool. 7.45, Wednesday: Prizegiving, La Sagesse Convent. 7.

Bishop Harris, Auxiliary of LiverpoolFriday-Saturday: Social Welfare Commission meeting. Sunday: Concelebrates and preaches at K.S.C. Mass, Cathedral, 5. Leads discussion at K.S.C. meeting. 5.30. Monday: Concelebrates Mass for Queen's Silver Wedding anniversary, Cathedral, 12. Tuesday: Visits St. Hugh's School, Liverpool. Thursday: Visits Town Hall for presentation to Lord Mayor. Churches' Radio Committee, Anglican Cathedral. Friday: Visits Isle of Man.

Bishop Gray, Auxiliary of LiverpoolSunday: Mass, St. Jude's, Wigan, 9. Presides and preaches, St. Jude's. Wigan. 12. Mass and Confirmation, St. Jude's. 4 Mass, St. Jude's, 6.30. Monday: Meeting, Curial Offices, 10. Concelebrates Mass for Sliver Wedding anniversary of Queen. Cathedral, 12. Clergy Golf Club dinner, Ainsdale, 7.30. Tuesday: Blesses and opens new Primary School, Sacred Heart, Warrington, 3. Wednesday: Call to the North meeting, St. Andrew's Hall. York, 11, Thursday: VISits Wigan in• firmary, 2. Mass and Confirmation. Sacred Heart, Wigan. 7.30. Friday: Meeting, Curial Offices, 11. Mass and Confirmation, Our Lady's, Prescot. 7.30.

Bishop Worlock of Portsmouth Friday, Visits diocesan students. CarePlOn House, Osterley. Visits National Commission offices, Grays Inn Road. London. 4. Saturday: Education meeting, Brentwood. Sunday: Ordination, St. Colman's, Cosham. Tuesday: Addresses major Religious Superiors, Holy Rood House, London, 11.45. South Hants. Plan Advisory Group, Bishopswood. Fareham, 6. Thursday: Governors' meeting, L.S.U. College of EducatiOn. Southampton, 4.

Bishop Grant of Northampton Friday: Cared meeting. Saturday: Enthronement Of new Bishop of Peterborough. Sunday-Monday: Confirmation and visitation. St. Mary's, Dunstable. Wednesday: Blesses new Church, Daventry. Thursday: Dedication of new hospital Chapel. Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge. Meeting with Teachers, Peterborough Bishop Clark, Auxiliary of Northampton-Friday: Archbishop CA Canterbury's Commission of Roman Catholic Relations meeting. Saturday: Conference of Bedfordshire Ecumenical Committee. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Church of Christ the King, Bedford. Tuesday-Wednesday: Finance Board meeting, Northampton.

Bishop Ellis of Nottingham-Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Our Lady'S, Burwell. Tuesday: Mass, Becket School. Nottingham. Thursday: Visits Campion

House College, °Herter_ Friday, Governors' meeting, Tollerton.

Bishop McGuinness, Auxiliary of Nottingham-Saturday: Opens Christmas Fair, Shepshed, 3. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. St. Mary's, Loughborough. Presents Papal Medal to Miss E Clarke. Friday: Opens Bazaar. Corpus Christi, Clifton. 7.30.

Bishop Fox of Menevia-Saturday: Catholic Teachers' Federation meeting, Flint. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. Ruthin. Monday-Sunday: Ad Limina visit to Rome.

Bishop Rudderham of Clifton-Saturday•Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. 3. St. John's, Bath. Wednesday: Diocesan Trustees meeting. 11.

B ishop Alexander, Auxiliary of Clifton-Sunday: Confirmation, Midsomer Norton, 3.30, Tuesday: Deanery meeting, Swindon. Evening of Recollection for Catholic Teachers' Association, La Retralte, Salisbury, 6.30. Thursday, Ecumenical Society of B.V.M. meeting, St. John's, Bath, 7.30. Friday: PrIzegiving, La Sainte Union School. Southamptee

Bishop Restleaux of Plymouth-Sunday: Mats and visitation. 11 15. Confirmation. 3. Hesston. Tuesday: Mass. Bishopsteignten, 7Wednesday: Musical evening for St. Cecilia's Day. Cathedral, 7.30 B ishop Casey of Brentwood-Friday: Visitation and Confirmation. Our Lady Queen of Peace, Braintree Saturday: Education Day, Brentwood. Sunday: Mass for deceased members of K.S.C., St. Michael's, East Ham, 1 Mass and Conhrmation, St. Antony'S. Forest Gate, 4. Tuesday-Wednesday: Visitation and Confirmation, St. Francis, Stratford. Thursday: Education Commission meeting, Brentwood, 7.30.

Bishop Cunningham of Hexham and Newcastle--Sunday: Co nfi rmation, St. Charles', Gosforth, 3. Thursday: Council of Priests meeting, Marie Reparatrice Convent. Newcastle, 11.

Bishop Lindsay, Auxiliary of Hexham and Newcastle-Saturday: Laity Commission meeting. .K.S.C. Club, London. Mass and Confirmation. Our Lady and St. Joseph's, Brooms, 3.30 Tuesday: Council Of major Religious Superiors meeting. Holy Rood Convent, London. Wednesday: Call to the North meeting, Bishopthorpe. York, 11. Thursday: Council of Priests meeting. Marie Reparatrice Convent. Newcastle, 11. Friday: Church Leaders' Conference meeting, St. Gabriel's Church Hall. Sunderland, 10. Priregiving, St. Anselm's. High School, North Shields, 7.30.

Bishop Wheeler of Leeds Saturday: Addresses Leeds Organists' Association, B. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St. Mary's, Halifax, 11. Wednesday: Attends performance of Bradford Catholic Players, 7.15. Friday: Attends annual dinner. Leeds Catholic Choir, 6.45.

Bishop Foley of Lancaster-Saturday: Diocesan Pastoral Council, University Chaplaincy, 10.30. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St. Marla Goretti, Preston. Tuesday: Blackpool Deanery Conference, St. Kentigern's, Wednesday: Opens and blesseS C.M.A.C, centre. Blackpool, 7, Thursday: Castierigg Management Com mittee meeting, Keswick, 11.30. Friday: Clergy Senate, Underley Hall, 10.30.

Bishop Bowen of Arundel and Brighton-Friday. Confirmation and visitation. Knaphill. Monday: Diocesan Council of Administration meeting. Hove. Tuesday: Confirmation and visitation, Horsham, Wednesday: Opens annual Parish bazaar, Our Lady of Ransome. Eastbourne, Bishop Holland of Salford-Tuesday, Returns from Ad Limlna Visit to Rome. Wednesday: St Gabriel's Hall Governors. 3. Allen Hall Governors, 4.30. Dinner, Allen Hall, 6 Thursday: Schools Commission. 10.30.

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford Friday: Completes visitation, St. John Vianney, Blackburn, 10.15. Saturday: Mass, St. Mary's Hall, Stonvhurst, 12. Sunday: Confirmation, Sacred Heart, Blackburn, 3. Tuesday: Religious Commission, Ennismore Gardens, London. 12.30, Wednesday: Diocesan Commission for Social Welfare a.g.m„ 7.30. Assemble rooms, Cathedral House, Salford.

Archbishop Cowderoy of Southwark Saturday: Mass for Catholic Widows' Association, Cathedral, 2.30, Sunday: Mass, visitation and Confirmation, St. Wiliride•s, Lorrimore Road, 12. Tuesday: Mass and Confirmation, Dartford, 7.30. Wednesday: Mass tor deceased members of K.S.C.. Cathedra), 7.30. Thursday, Mass, visitation and Confirmation, South Wimbledon.


The results of the recent elections of the Franciscans (O.F.M.) at the English Province Chapter

of Friars Minor were:

Elected to the Provincial Definitora: Ft s. Christopher Ulyatt, Sylvester 'McGoldrick, Noel O'Dwyer, Luke Faupel, Brian McGrath, Eric Doyle, Mark Searle. Elected as Guardians: Forest Gate. Fr. Ralph O'Reilly; Aldridge, Fr. Con O'Connell; Ascot. Fr. Simon Dunn; Bristol. Fr. Benedict O'Halloran; Buckingham. Fr. Christopher Ulyatt; Chilworth. Fr. Marcellus Strachan; Cievedon, Fr. Reginald Clancy: Craigmillar, Fr. Gordon Clifford: Dundee, Fr, Maurice Ryan; East Bergholt, Fr. Ninian Arbuckle; Edinburgh, Fr. Colin McAleese; Glasgow, Fr. Luke Faupel: Liverpool, Fr. Stephen McGrath; Manchester, Fr. Vincent Mayor: Nottingham, Fr. Austin Kinsella; Stratford. Fr. Everard Cairns; Woodford Green. Fr. Quentin Jackson.

Priest in charge at Cambridge: Fr. Alan Keenan.

Priest its charge at LlanidloeS: Fr. Kenneth Gillespie.

Regular Superior of the Franciscan Mission in India: Fr. Owen McLaughlin.

Regular Superior of the Franciscan Mission in South Africa: Fr. Paschal Rowland.

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