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17th November 2006
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Page 14, 17th November 2006 — BISHOPS' DIARIES

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November 19 to November 25

Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor (Westminster) Sun Celebrates Mass and oannalates alter, St Michael's church A.shfonl, 1130am. Mon: Interdews and erigagernent, Tue-Fth Meetings in Rome. Sat: Celebrates Macs and the close of Quarant'Ore, Westminster Cathedral, km. Archbishop McDonald (Southwark) The: Meeting, Atelthishup's Hance, am; Archbishop's Clamed , Archbishop's House, 4pm. Wed: Mohegan Memorial, Smithy:irk Anglican Cathedral . I I am Thu: Mass and blessing of new science and mchnology rooms, St Thomas More Sc.hool, Purky, Sat Consecration of altar. St Thomas a 13ecket. Wordsworth, 530pin. Archbishop Nichols (Birmingham) Sun: Macs, St Mary's, Willeidual, 1030am; Mass, University ot Birmingham Catholic Chaplaincy, 630pm, Tuc: COPCA Board Meeting, Archbishop's Haase. 10.10am. Wed: Mass, St Francis of Assisi Primary Sehool,Bedworth. 1 Dun; Wonieris Advisory Group mesting,Andthishop% House, 330pm, The: Clergy Interfaith Study Day, Birmingham Central Mcuque, 1030am; Vocations Mass, Our Lady o( the Angels, Nuneaton,7pm. Fri: As1Øuñ1 miaow. Archbishop's House, 9_ it Mass with scouts and young people of the parish nil blessing of new scout centre, Our Lady of the Wayside, Shirley. 7pm.

Bishop Arnold (Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster) Sun: Weekend visitation, St Joseph's, Wealdstone, Mon: Newman Society "What is blasphemy? " Hatfield, pm Tue. Churches Together Nolth Thames ecumenical meeting, Bishop of Willesden's residence, 2rmr.3pin. Bishop Budd (Plymcuth) Sure Visitation, Christ the King. Perrimporth. The: Plymouth University clutplaincy, 9um. Tue-Thu: Council of priests meeting.Buckfast. Fri: Mass and blessing , Om Lady Star of the Sca. Beacham. 730pm. Sat Visitation, Houiton end Gamy St Mary. Bishop Bums fkLV1 Frccest Sun; Mass, Notre Dank de France, London, 10th anniversary of refugee centre, 2pm. Mon. Cohost fundraising damen Bishop% Conference. RAC Club. Wed: Episcopal council, Farnborough. Thu: Ithshoptic finance and service Ines meetings. Governtent House, Farnbomugh; reception, London. pm

Bishop Conry (Arundel & Brighton) Mint: Worthing churches homeless [Inject. The-Weth Autumn conference for West Sussex A & B Clergy. Wed: Appointments, Pease Pottage; attends debate 'voluntary euthanasia is not aisarptaNc'. Farnham. Thu. Thanksgiving Mass fur St Anne's Convent, Burgess Hill.

Bishop Doyle (Northampton) Stat Vaitution. St Albon's pansh.Wmsksw; Mass, HMI', Woudhill. 9am: Mass and visitation, St Alban's Parish. Winslow. I lam. Mon-Sat Visit to Pakistan. Bishop Evans (East Anglia) Sun! Confer ministry of:Acolyte, Mem College, 1130arn.Morr East uf England church leaders meeting, Bury St Edmunds, lthim. Wed: Cambridgeshire ecumenical council. Thu: Diocesan council of priests, 1030ane Mass and supper, Margaret Beaufort Institute. pm. Fri: Greenest County think tank meeting. Suffolk, 430prn: Confirmations , Newmarket, 730pm. Sal: Diocesan certificate teaching day (on Methodist/C.atholk relation), St George's. Norwich. 11 arm3pm. Bishop Hendricks (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sim: Co' afinnations, Racism. 1130ane induction af bead teacher, St Mary Magdalm's School, Mordake, 6.30pm Mon: C.1'.S. committee, Vauxhall, 230pm. The: Archbishop's council, Archbishop's House, 4pm. Thu: Meeting to review hospital chaplaincy, Aichbishup's House, I pm; Confirmations, Sutton, 7 3Optn FM: Visit . Regina Cod School, Croydon. 10ani. Sat United Reformed Church annual summit, Londou. lOam.

Bishop Hine Auxiliary Bishop of Southwark) Sun. Maigate visitation and Confirmrdon. Mon. Anends Bishops' conference, faith in the future event, London. 7pm. Ton: Attends diocesan inspection hoard meeting.Archbishop's House, Southwark, Itann; Archbishop's council meeting , Southwark ,4pm Wed: Attends meeting of churches together in Kent, West Malting, 10ant meets Chairs of (inventors uf Kent & Medway Catholic Secondary Schools. West Mailing, 6.30pm Thu: Attends 1:Arche church leaden uteourtg. London, I .15pm

Bishop HoWN (Partancieh)ibe: Orancil marling, Wolvesey, Winchester, 1030ani10.30tun; diocesan education cathedral meeting, Bishop's House. Portsmouth, 7pm. West Cathedral chapter meeting, Bishop's HOLL5e, Portsmouth, 11 lent Induction of Father Claw Conde, South Wight. Isle of Wight, 41.101-en. Thu: Impletnentatiun Steering Group nicotine. St Peter's, Winchester, 230put Memmial Mans for Father Wilfred Bakhvin, St John's Cathedral, 7pm Fri: Meeting with Clergy Pastas' Area 9, Basingstoke , I 1 am Spin: Confirmation for Holy Ghost and St ImeOls, Basingstoke, 7pm. Bishop Hopes (Westminster) San: University Mass, Westminster Cathedral, 12pm; attends concert. Moore House, 'University Chaplaincy, 830prn. Mon: Engagements. Archbishop's House. The: Ettpgernents, Archbishop's House; attends Westminster diocesan deceased priests' Mass, Westminster Cathedral Thu: Engagements, Archbishop's; prize giving, St Gregory's School, Keine/1,7_10pm. Fri: Archbishop's council meeting, am; engagements. Archbishop's House, pm: cekbiates Mass, stort of Quanuit'ore (40 hours celebration). Westminster Cathedral. SaOpm. Sat: Pastoral visitation. Our Lady of Mt Carmel & St Simon Stock, Kensington; Mass, Westminster Cathedral mend Quitrent.= (40 hairs celebration ), fipni Bishop Lang (Clifton) Sun; Churches together in Clifton, Corhmu and Redland.Bristol.230pm. The: '.Win St Peter's Primary School, Clemenster, 10am; celebrates Mass for all who work in and support Catholic ediaatitni. Clifton Cathedral. Bristol. 730prn Wed Confirmation, St Bonaventure's Bishopston. Biistol, 7.3i wpm, Thu: Confinnauun ler the Bath deanery. St John the Evangelist, Buth. 730pm. Fri: Parish celebratory meal for bicentenary of the Chew Valley parish. 7pin. Sat Health awl healing committee meeting, Bristol, I Oan

Bishop Langley Mesa:runs:ten Sun: Parish visimoon . Wapping. Mon: Italian church, premarretee course, Rpm. The: Celebrates Macs, Notre Dante School, Cobham, I lam; concelebrates Mass for deceased cleigy. Westminster Oath:dial. 530pm. Wed: Parish support team meeting, 1030umi presentation of bibles. The Gusetian Angels Claintli.Mile End. km. Thu! Tower Hamlets' SPUC group fleeting, St Patrick's, Wapping, 1030un, visit to Marc Street studios. Hackney, 12pm: celebrates Mass, St Joseph's Hospice, Hackney. 2.10pm, followed by meeting. Fri. Amhbishop's council, Arch bishop's House, 9.30am, Sat. Quanain morning prayer. Westnunster Cathedral. I

followed by Mass, 103thun; Thames Non i t Southern URC Synods meeting . Emma Ceuire.2pni; Quarane ore. concolebnacs etes u Mass, apni.

Bishop Lynch (Awcilinry in Southwark) Sun: Celebtatuai of the Feast of the Vietnamese Martyrs. Vietnamese chaplaincy, Bow Commit Line 12prn, Mum: Induction of Fr. Phillip Seed as parish priest. Chunit of the Resurrection ta Our lord, Sydenham Kirkdak, 7pm. 'Tue Bishop's council, Archbishop's Howse, 4pm. Wed Meeting with the chief executive of Lambeth Council. Lambeth Town Hall, 1230p0t. Thu Prim-giving celebrations and piesentations. St Thomas the Apostle College, Nunhead, 7pm. Di: Mass, Christ the King College. Lewisham, lent induction of Fr. Bryan Wells as priest in charge of the parish or St James the Great. Pens Wood, Spin. Sat Retreat day for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy. Communion. Bishop Thomas Galin School 103(kun-4prn Bishop McGough Winningham) Sun: Visits lion, St Filumena Caverswall Mon: Visits St Mary's Primary Sehool.Newcasik.; Confirmations. Newcastle, 7pin TheVisits Prinuir) Schools at Cannock and Great Wyrley. :Spar Confinnutions, Cannock, 7pm. Wed Vise, (lristopher's School_ Codsall, 2pm, Coi,r

marinas, CI 0.71, 7pm. Fri Leads ache, o retreat. Panto. at Banciseun Retreat (Wile BishopMcMahon (Brentwood) Sun: Visitation and Confirmarinn, South Chingford. Time: Meetingsfinterviews, Cathedral House. Wed Visitation and Confimunion, Gideu Park, Thu: Meetings/interviews, Cathedral House, Fri: Meets with community of St Jean, Cathedral House.

Bishop McMahon (Nottingham) Sun: Visite. hon. St May's , Grantham. Mon: Notts & Dertn chinch leaders meeting. Wed: CA.SE. Advisory Group, London. Thu: Diocesan educatiou service board meeting, diocesan centre, Mack worth, 2pm, presentation awards evening, St Philip Howard School. Glossop, 7pm. Sat Celebrates Mass for 40th aniuversary of the Dedication of Holy Trinity Church, Holbeach, S.30pm.

Bishop Nabk (Shrewsbuty) Sun: Pastoral visi Won, St John's. New harry. Tue: Clergy regioiral meeting (deaneries of St Anselm, St Chad and St Bonaventure). Our Lady's. Stock1l00. I I sin Wed: Confimuaion (Christ the King and St Luke's), Christ die King. Bromborough, 7pm Thu: Meeting of the Canons of Olester (lathe dral, Chester, 10 15ant official opening of cathedral exhibition, Shrewsbury Musouni,430pin Fri: Clergy regional meeting (deaneries of St Ambrose, St Alban and St Margaret Ward), St Mary's, Midi:Hewlett. I lam. Sat Pastoral visitation, Otis Lady's, Holy Cruas & St Paul's, Birkenhead, firm

Bishop O'Doeloghue (Lancaster) Sun: Confirmation, St Bernadette, Lancastet, Ilium Toe: Silver Jubilee Mass, St Mary's, Homby. Wed. Council of priests, 103thuo, 'Handing on the Me' =vim, St BoJes, Carinle, km. Fre School buaduates mceung.2pm. Sat ('iataindidtscy fur

diaconate,cathedml, 12 15pm. risulhortPargeter (Bimingharn) Sun: Vtsitetion, St Augu,stine's. Solihull. Wed: Visits St George's kilool Worcester, 2pni, Continua

tions, St Gecege's. Worcester, 7pni Maga Rosary School, Sidney, 2pnr, Confirmations. Sakiey, 7pm. Fri: Anthbishop's council nimblest. Archbishop's House, 930am. Sat: Award of KS 11 to Michael Whelan and Mass. St Chad's Cathedral, II 30ani Bishop Raw.sthorne (Hallam) Sun: Visitation, cathedral. Mon: Dethyshire & Notts church leaders meeting, Nottingham I Own; Confumation. St Peter in Chains , Doncaster, 730pm. The: Assembly ntanagernera committee meeting. Pustond Centre, 4int; diocesan justise and peace mecung, Pastoral Centre. 7pm. Thu. Coulimamon, St Oswald's, Sheffield, 730ran. Sat. Confirnuition. Mother of GM & St Wilfrid, Sheffield, 330pm.

Biehop Roche (Leeds) Fri: Catholic care governors' meeting. Horsley Hall,' 030run; Mgt Michael McOuilm's Silver Jubilee Mass, St Mary's, Batley.

Bbihop Stack (Westminster) The: Mass foi deceased priests . Wistminster Cathedral , 530pn Wed: Nit:hi-las Paeakspear School, 1pm; "trades 5's" meeting, London Colncy?. Thu: Address coact= of permanent deacons. Hinsley Leeds, lprn

likshop Williams (Liverpool) Sun-Mon: Visits ot Mao Pastoral Area WALES

Ardihisibup Smith (Cardiff) Si in Confinnution, St Mary's parish. Newport, I I .15am. Mon: C.TS management conunittee meeting Vauxhall, 2.30pre: Thanksgiving Mass for C.HA_S„ Westminsta, 5.30pin: lundraising dinner,RA.C. Club. London, 7pm. Wed: Annual Mass foi ckceased clergy ofthcMddoceue in St David's Cathedral, Cardiff, 12.30pm: meeting. Archbishop's House. re: munignints. 2pm; Con& amino, St Aloysius' clum:h, Latinos, for Gurnos and Dowlais parishes, 7pen, Thu: Meeting with yunger clergy. liniment Abbey, I lant Confirmation, St David's parish. Muesglas, Newport, 7pm. Fri: Confirmation, St Francis Xavier Church, Hartsell ,7pnt. Sat: Day tor permanent deacom, I lantamam Abbey, 1 Ism


Cardinal O'Brien (St Andrew's & Edinburgh) Slut. Community service marking centenary el Falkland New, 3pm. Mm. MASS COIllflirmurating 4th MUM eerliary of death of Paths, Werenfried, founder of Ard to the Church in Need, St Bride's, C.ambuslaug, 730pm. Tue: Parliamentary reception nothing 15.115 anniversary of St Patrick's parish, Ediriburgh. Scottish Parliament, fipm, meeting of crassultancy planning team. Gillis Centre, 7pm. Wed: Meeting ot Bishop's liaison committee, t)erty. overnight. FM St Andrew's Night Diana, hish Caledonian Society, Queen's University, Belfast, Spin. Bishop Logan (Dunkeld/Dundee) Sun-The: Priem for Scotland, Skye. 'The: Trustees t110:1 ing, Bishop's House, Dundee.4pru. Wed: Nile's. diocesan centre, Dundee.12prn. TluE Mass in new Sticks.% High School and blessing anew chapel, 7pm.

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