Page 2, 17th September 1948

17th September 1948
Page 2
Page 2, 17th September 1948 — 1 POINTS FROM LET TERS C.S.G.

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1 houghtful Catholics will have

gladly welcomed your recent fine Editorial on the Catholic Social Guild. We Catholics constantly denounce Communism, but do we take the means by which we can do anything material to combat it ? -that is, by joining the C.S.G., which disseminates right social thinking, especially among the workers ? (the address is so easily remembered, simply Catholic Social Guild, Oxford).'-'A CATHOLIC.

Catholic News Film Items

It is very gratifying that Pathe Newsreel has recently given to the cinema-going public some excellent newsreel reports on events Catholic. I refer to the very beautiful and moving 700th anniversary caremonies in Cologne Cathedral, magnificently photographed, and to a Lourdes piigrimage.-B. P. NASH, 26 Russell Road, Kensington, W.14.

The Nonconformist Conscience

While reiterating the well known fact that Catholics do not make sufficient efforts to try and apply Christian principles, Mr. Bernard Sullivan does less than justice to non-Catholic Christians who have set us an example in this respect. To asciihe all non-Catholid good works as springing from materialist motives is hardly fair. What about the Nonconformist conscience?-1.1105. E. C. PURVIS, 65 Approach Road, Raynes Park, London, S.W.20.

Polish Hostel

In view of the statement in your issue of September 3, I should be obliged if you would give publicity to the following facts: There is no proposal to open a school for Polish boys in the grounds of the junior seminary at Tollerton Hall, Nottingham. A scheme has been prepared to open a hostel for Polish boys attending Catholic schools in the Nottingham area.-KENNE111 SmutsNELL General Secretary, Polish Research Centre, 51 Eaton Place, London. S.W.I.

Church Attendances

The Rev. Eric P. Hammond points out the comparatively good attendance at the Anglican services in his parish and in neighbouring vil lage churches. I should think that Protestant services in small country parishes are probably as a rule better attended than those, e.g., in suburban areas. But surely an important factor which accounts for the fact that our churches are well filled on Sundays is the first commandment of the Church " to hear Mass on Sundays, and all holy days of obligation." The Church of England does not lay down a law re attendance at services.-S. ANN Coees, B.A., Ph.D., Iver, Bucks,

Institut Gregorien de Paris

Owing to the great number of readers who seem to take an interest in the Gregorian Chant, I should be very grateful if you would publish the address of the Institut Gregorien de Paris: M. Le Guennant, Institut Gregorien de Paris, 21. rue d'Assas. Paris, 6.-ANDRE FAURE BEAULIEU.

Lower' than the Angels

thank your " Answerer " for recommending the book Ethel and the Angels, and for the quotation from Pere Roupin. In the light of the latter it seems the question can now be put as follows: If the grace of Union raises Christ's human nature to a position infinitely above the Angels, does the grace of union with Christ raise the saints to a position proportionately above them? J. M. CROUCHER, 18 Chepstow Crescent, London, W,11.

"Cruelty to Animals"

The letter from your correspondent, Mr. D. Bruce Adam, on the subject of Jewish methods of animalslaughtering, starting as it does in the manner most calculated to appeal to our humanitarian instincts, evolvers quickly and neatly into a gratuitous and quite unnecessary aspersion on the Jews; moreover, the comment and the manner of its presentation are made in so bald and naive a way that it will require very little mental effort on the part of the average reader to conceive of the Jews as a crowd of sadistic butchers !-R. S. GOLDSMITH, 28, Moreton Road, South Croydon, Surrey.

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