Page 2, 18th April 1947

18th April 1947
Page 2
Page 2, 18th April 1947 — CLASSIFIEDS (Contd.); raIVAN bed. Illtt.-TES. for business peracel a A-e every convenience. N.W. 1,ondoe.-Boa 82.

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Locations: Dublin, Leeds, London, BRADFORD


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CLASSIFIEDS (Contd.); raIVAN bed. Illtt.-TES. for business peracel a A-e every convenience. N.W. 1,ondoe.-Boa 82.

HAMPSTEAD. furnished Make concealed BAAoaes;1.ker. no linen. Butanes led" ostly.-w TONDON. Bed and breakfast.-Mrs. Flake 14 34,Windmill Street, W.I. Museum 3092. WO rooms. fight. beat, cooking facilities offered immediately to married couple, (10anda."5170tItti.rbetleyririCalerryiCasullgecthusn'banVidite(wishomowestOra part rime) houseman, MC of car, odd lobo.

S maiwagebyagr enI-Boa89 rWOnnfurnigerrooMsto1M. 5,55 teacher (lady). With garage. Quint. Near Catholic church.-Box 86. u rroow (teaeber). son aged 12. offers slniturrrn fguler bwdmeseitad-ronmaes. tuicse savint kcaLitchen, surin tray.

area. Prlestel refs.-Ern 83.


BBUS1NESS lady requires unfurnished rooms with coovetuences. London or suburbs.-Box 78. BUSINESS lady (35), meet and reserved. moires bed-sitting-room urgently. Brenta ford area. as near churn as possible-Box 90. GENTI.EMAN (Civil Servant) requires accost. and partial hoard, pref. with Cathntie family, in or near London, from approx. 12th May for about 6 months.-Btn 100.

✓ UANTE13 furnished house with garden for TT 4 ladles (holklays) 12 to 15 miles out of London will rent for lone or short period,Apply. 73. Heath Street, liatupstead. London, WANTLD. London area. Unfurnisbed fiat or rooms by young Catholic couple marrying in hine.„-Box 80.

WANTED. unfurnished fiat for young ele• TT Service Catholic couple. London area.Box 81.

WANTED. country cottage or =all Musa TY to rent. unfunnithed.-Gabriel Pippet. 27. Elm Park Gardens, S.W.10. WIDOW. EC.. urgently requires manse le nether, ace. in London area to make home for two sons demnbillsed.-Box 84.


BROTHERS OF OUR LADY OF MERCY. VOUTHS and men aged 16 and 25 years

Posseninst the necessary Qualifications as to character. health and education wishing to devote their lives to the services of God in thc ^ducation of youth shone, amply to: The Rev, Br. Provincial, St. Aloysius College, Lendon, N.6 XAVERIAN Brothers. Boys or Young Caen desirous of dedicating their lives to the service of Almighty Cod In the Religious State are asked to communicate with the Rev. Brother Provincial, C.F.X.. St. Francis Kaviees, Peeping-St.-Arm, Peterborough. Ior young men dmirous of becom

use priests or lay brothers in a Teaching Congregatiun should write to the Novice Master. St. George's College. Weybridge.

A TTRACEIVE careers as medical recretare. es receptionists. tactician-caterers, hotel book-keepers, managers, prolessional house. keepers arc open. Tram by truccessed postal course. Brochures (3c1.). Secretary. Southern Training College. Withdean, Brighton 5.

laiNGglaneedhoroeciLuirepsleaysaounntaly lady rake class. Teaching experience not essential.Reply Ron aged 8. slightly lame, requiring special supervision eSPeCiallr when not in RnepR.Ely ss'or.inA7K7ER wanted by old-established so (wholesale), model house. good wages for Mt.-Write or call. Alma Foster Ltd-. 226. Ulster Chambers, 168, Regent Street, W.I. Tel, Reg. 6158. EXPERIENCED dreeenakers and gown hands wanted by West End arm. Intereating work. theatrical and model InwnlClOod conditions. Flee day week-Apply personally or by telephone to William Chappell. 40. Bruton Place, Berkeley Square. I.ondon, W.1. Telephone Mayfair 4531. TNTELLIGENT junior required for Cacho.. lic newspaper office, to undertake responsible work. Inside and same light outside duties. Preview' experience not essenrtal.-Write But 92.

for catholic organisation in London. Roman Catholic essential. Age 22 to 32. Blfolexhesast. references essential. When replying state &Mary required, age and references.LikincAoYnFtaAnIR highly decelenerverienewoeduld ialiiikore"eco Someone, perhaps, whose &mimic ties can now only allow her to work at home. Clothes would be cut and fitted by Frst-claes fitter. Anyone who has these quideleations and would like to work on beantifel nesteriali aeele wed not be rushed seely Box 91. wQ,Hc(1.,RTHAND in one week. Test lesson 3d.-Dutton's (VC2). 93 Gt. Russell St. AlTharTED. dressmaking hands and alasY‘ tants. Hies wares for skill. No Same&sm.-Ares, Net Roger. 10, Walton Street. SA". *11E8D0(5)6CA. TIONAL.

CERTIFICATED ISSiStant mistress for sen

ior girls. Needlework and P.T. desired. St. Monica', School. Hoxton Square. N.1. -Applications to the Very Rev. Fr. Delany, 0.S.A., St, Monlca's Priory, Homan Sq.,


Cl) Wanted for September Or before. Honours Graduate to take Chemistry to Higher School Certificae and Scholarship standard. Present holder of post seconded; post will probably become permanent.

(2) Wanted for September. Graduate to take Engnsh, eventually to School Certificate Geutenoclagrardph,7.and Middle and Lower &boot Anew to Hendmester fee application forma QT. MARY'S SCHOOL (RC. ALL AGES). " ACTON GREFN. CHISWICK, W.4. Wanted immediately, a trained certificated master. PT. Games and Handwork a recommendation.-Apply for forms to , Dr. J. E. Smart. Education Office. Town Hall. Acton. W.3. and return them to the Rey. L. nng, 749. High Road. W.4.

WANTED for September. a graduate to

• T tech Geography and Mathematics In • reco-nised convent grammar school near tertdnn. Burnham Scale atearY.-APPIT Box 76.

A WELL educated nannie, fully experienced. es requited for three young children. High

gate district. Ideal conditions. Excellent ware*. Good references essernial.-Write give* full particulars to Box 93.

A RELIABLE young or middle-aged at woman required to help In light work in a comfortable and modern home.-Write to Mrs..W rgn. GNe"4. 52. Ashley Lane. Hendon. r APABLE and mime:tied woman regutrea • for varied and interesting work of a

domestic nature. Pleasant surroundlow London. Non-residential-Box 99.

GOOD home for young or middle-aged domestic help In modern house, small happy family. Own bedroom and steins. room. Good outings and orages.-Wrhe state ing references and wages required to Mrs. Davis, 41, Ashbourne Avenue. Golder' 0-ten, London, N.W.11.

VON-resident groundsman and gardener Al wanted for catholic tennis club in Elle Ina. Good name-Box 85,

'DRIEST in country town near tondos A wenn working housekeeper. Good manager and cook.-Box 97.


✓ aisti Catholic ex-Service man, 27. reqedres employment whh newsmen' orgenIsation (Preferably Catholic) or elsewhere. London. Midlands, North. Hardworking, honest, well educated, varied interests -Write C. NC Moysey, c/o 3. Lonsdale Road, Newton Abbot, S. Devon.


FOB gale. Well built modernised house. electric light, central heating. Suitable For convent. Good gardens Accessible to towns. Near station, buses-Box 72.

I MPROVING your home is a pleasure • when you have bought it through the HALIFAX BUILDING SOCIETY-Ask for particulars from your local branch.


CLoNTARP, Dublin, near bus and got links. overlooking sea, pre-1939 residence. semi-detached, redecorated. 4 bedrooms. I reception, breakfast room, kitchen with cite irk cooker, bathroom. 2 w.c.e. Garage and garden. 12.850.--Costello Bros., le Lower Abbey Street. niiNDRIP4, Co. Dublin. Small detached

bungalow, 5 bedrooms. 2 rec.. kitchen. bathroom. electricity and sae °erase, garden. E2,750. Near bus and rail.-Costello Brae, II, Lower Abbey Street.

mONKSTOWN. Co. Dublin, beside church. e'sbus and rail. Pre-war brick terrace type residence. 4 bedrooms, 3 rec., kitchen, 2 bathrooms. large garage. garden front and rear. Main road. E3.500.-Costello Bros.. IL Lower Abbey Street.


A REMOVAL estimate by telephone from

• Tillotsons, Leeds 22115, will save time and money, furniture sans to and from au principal towns, return load charges: excellent storage facilities.-Tillotsons 210, North Street. Leeds (Est. 70 mans.)


ORRESPONDENCE Courses (eighth year) se as usual in Church Latin. Philosophy. etc,. Special Courses in Englisb for any cairn.Write for terms and syllabus, C. G Mortimer, 2, White Buildings, Lee-on-Solent LEARN Church Latin. Sueceesful postal

tenons. Easy. interesting. Also New Tealsmeat Greek. classical Latin or Greek State your exact requirementa.-Domoot (Dept. 4), 14. St. George's Rd.. London. 14.W.11,

FDARTICLES FOR SALE ATLY Missals, Rosaries, Endow Blood Manuals, Large mint Praler BoatFree.-Bmdy's. 46, Cable Drive, Dublin. ARMYARD manure and Lime delivered A In 6 ton loads by motor.-Adam LedaRoe. Culcheth Wet-emote phone Culehelb


S maiwagebyagr enI-Boa89

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