Page 8, 18th April 1947

18th April 1947
Page 8
Page 8, 18th April 1947 — Catholic Information From Abroad

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Catholic Information From Abroad


PRIVATE AUDIENCES. The Holy Father has received in private audience recently Cardinal Tisserant, Secretary of the Sacred Congregation of the Eastern Churches, prior to his departure to the United States and Canada; Cardinal Carlo Salotti; Archbishop Costantini, Secretary of Propaganda Fide; Mgr. Mercier, Prefect Apostolic of Ghardaia in the Sahara; Mgr. Minim, Deacon of the Holy Roman Rota; Mgr. Ottaviani; Fr. Augustine Gernelli, 0.F.M., Rector Magnificent of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart and president of the Pontifical Academy of Science; Fr. Peter Salmon, O.S.B., Abbot of San Girolamo; the Ambassadors of Ecuador and Ireland; Professor Charles Flory; M. Alfred Michelin; the Princess Adele. Luisa Colonna with Lady Gale and her sons; Sir George Rendell and his family; General E. E. Hume; General G. C. Kid and General F. B. Prickett.

SPECIAL AUDIENCES. The Holy Father has received in special audience recently Sir Francis D'Arcy Osborne, British Minister to the Holy See, with his Don Bosco boys; Count Carlo Borromeo; Professor Colin Hardy and his wife ; Mrs. L. Townshcnd ; a group of students from Milan and a number of rewlyernanied couples, in general audience.

APPOINTMENTS. The Holy Father has appointed Cardinal Emmanuel Area y Ochotorena, Archbishop of Tarragona, to be Pontifical Legate at the solemn celebrations which are to take place this month at the Sanctuary of Montserrat, Spain ; Mgr. Leon Dworshak, Titular Bishop of Tium, to be Auxiliary to Mgr. Muench, Bishop of Fargo; Mgr. William McCarty, Titular Bishop of Anea, to be Coadjutor with the right of succession to Mgr. Lawler, Bishop of Rapid City, U.S.A.; the Rev. Daniel Tavres do Basta, to be Titular Bishop of Parnassus, and Auxiliary to the Archbishop of Marianna (Brazil).

CARDINAL NG NATELLI BELMONTE, the oldest member of the Sacred College of Cardinals, celebrated his 96th birthday on April 10 and doctors said he was in exceptionally good health. Cardinal di Belmonti lives in Vatican City in an apartment in the Convent of the Sisters of Santa Maria. Born in Naples in 1851, ho was ordained in 1879 and is the role survItIna Caramel

created by Pope Pius X in the Consistory of November 27, 1911.

ARGENTINE THE DEATH is announced from Rio de Janerio, of Mgr, Ara* Porto, Bishop of Montesclaros. The late Bishop was born in 1882 and consecrated Titular Bishop of Teveste in 1931, as Coadjutor in the See of Monteselaros, to which he succeeded in July, 1943.


ACCORDING to present calculations the Cathedral of Strasbourg, seriously damaged by bombardment in 1944, will not be completely restored until 1951-52. The Cathedral of St. Stephen, in Vienna, will not be restored completely, until 1955.

CANADA DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS between the Holy See and Canada, expected soon, may be established when exchange of representatives is officially announced at the Marian Congress to he held in Ottawa between June 18 and 22. Cardinal James McGuigan, Archbishop of Toronto, may be appointed Papal Legate for the Congress, reports Reuter.

A CANADIAN M.P., Wilfrid Lacroix, has introduced into the House of Commons a Bill to amend the Dominion's Criminal Coda dealing with illegal organisations so as to include the Communist and Labour Progressive Parties. The Labour Progressive Party was formed during the war, after the Communist Party had been banned Under a War Measures Act. The L.P.P. is generally recognised as being the Communist Party in Canada today.


ABOUT 1,000 private schools will be taken over by the Czech Government if its programme for the nationalisation of schools is pushed through the Czech Parliament. The schools will cost the Government a minimum of 3,279,500 dollars. These figures are given by Mosinee. the Olomouc daily of the Catholic-supported People's Party, which attacks the Nationalisation Bill prepared by the Government.


M. JACQUES MARITA1N, the French Ambassador to the Holy Sec, presented the Legion d'Honneur on three French prelates at a ceremony at the French Embassy in Vatican City on April 9. The priests were Mgr. Louis Courreges d'Ustou, Titular Bishop of Crisopoli, in Macedonia, and Rector of St. Louis des Francais, Mgr. Andrew Jullien, Dean of the Sacred Rota, and Mgr. Rene Fontenelle, Canon of St. Peter's and a noted Catholic journalist and author. (B.U.P.) FIVE HUNDRED German prisoners of war, studying for the priesthood at the seminary camp, near Chartres, returned to Germany during Easter week, In all, 800 prisoners have passed through the camp at which Abbe% Storck, who before the war was chaplain to the German colony in Paris, is Superior.


THE RESPONSE to the Lenten missions in Hungary, it is reported from Budapest by N.C.W.C., was so great that many churches were not large enough to hold the crowds and the mission priests had to hold their missions in the granaries and store-houses. Catholic Action in Budapest, which had made plans for a mass demonstration to mark the closing of the missions in Hero's Square, the scene of the 1938 International Eucharistic Congress, was informed by the Government, two days before the event, that it would be impossible to hold it,


THE MAHARAJAH of Mysore was present and delivered an inaugural address when earlier in the month the Catholic. University of St. Philomena was opened. The construction of the University is due to the work of the Bishop of Mysore, Mgr. Fuega, and the help of the Maharajah, who gave the land and much of the money required for the building.


A VATICAN COACH, which was taking visiting foreign priests to visit Pompei, ran into a coal lorry near Valmontone, about 30 miles south-east of Rome, and was completely smashed. Seventeen of the priests were injured, five seriously,


PROFESSOR ROMME, the leader of the Catholic People's Party, is to be appointed Governor-General of Indonesia, according to well-informed political circles in Holland.


DR. FRANCIS E. MeMAHON, former University of Notre Dame and University of Chicago professor, who has been in Spain for some months as a correspondent for the New Yolk Post, has had his Press credentials withdrawn by the Spanish Government. The Spanish Press Director said that the withdrawal was due to a " threemonths' campaign of defamation " be the writer.

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