Page 8, 18th April 1980

18th April 1980
Page 8
Page 8, 18th April 1980 — Bishops' Engagements

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Organisations: Lourdes Association, S.0 Board of Directors, St Alphonsiss' Church, M. OgIle Street Church, South East London Ecumenical Commission, Laity commission, Council of Clergy, Good Shepherd Service, pm. John Fisher Scheui Old Buys' Association, Catholic Clubs League, Catholic Church, Catholic Wornerr's League, Youth Commission, Liverpool Congress, St Gregory, Cateniens Association, Norfolk County Council, Upheay, Blackheath Luncheon Club, Si Bonaventures Church, Congress, John Church, Catholic Wornens League, Lourdes Sick Fund, Priest Council of Diocese, Day and Peace Caeca Cateraetrrat Centre, Catholic Nurses's Guild, Building and Silas Commission, Christ's College, WednesdayThursday Council of Clergy, Addenbrooks Hospital, Teresa's School, British Army, N.P.C. Committee, Convent Office, St Teresa's School, Josephien Society


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Bishops' Engagements

A Presentntion of Award

C'Confirmation M Mane 0 Ordination

V Visitation Cardinal Hume, Archblehop at Westminster, Sunday: Preaches St Niutrulas' Cathedral. Nem-este, 10 are Wednesday: Meeting with Area Bishops, Archbishop's House, inn C. Weepninsiar Cathedral Crypt, 7 pm Thorrefeyi Retreat pre watt.. Landon Coney.

Archbishop Bowen of Southwark: Saturday, Attends A.G.M. Luncheon Catholic Wornens League, 1.15 pan. M, 3 pm. Monday. Consecrates altar, Toottng Bac, 7.30 per.

Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham: Sunday. Civic M, St Chad's Cathedral 10.30 am cnrrunisstravng of N.P.0 delegates during M. St Chad's Cathedral. 3 pm. Monday: A.G.M. of U.C.M.. 11.15 am. Consecration of ..SS. Peter and Paul church. Pima Hayes 7 um. Wednesday: Interviews prospective church students 175th anniversary of (miming of SS. Mary and John church, Woluerham rune. 7.30 pm. Thursday: Presides at meeting of Shrewsbury diocesan chapter. 11 OM.

Archbishop Worlock of Liverpool: Friday. Attends meeting of N.P.C. Committee. Archbishop's House. Westminster, 11.15 am. Saturday: meeting of Liverpool Congress delegates. Christ Culleue, 2.30 ten, Sunday. Good Shepherd Service. Metropolitan Cathedral, 3 pm Tuesday: Recording for National Pastoral Congress T.V. Studios, Lees. 10.15 em. Uphoiland College Reunion Day, 1,30 em, WednesdayThursday Council of Clergy meeting. Loyola Hall. Ratnhiti, 10.30 • 4 pm_ B ishop ridexander of Clifton: -Friday. M and C, Sr Vincent de Paul Church, Southrneed Saturday; "Chinon Alive'Youth gathering to Le Reba. serum Clifton 2 pm of and preaches on occasion Of C.WA., Jubilee. Si Bonaventures Church. Bishopston. 7 pm.

B ishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury:. Saturday: Conference of Catholic Ductors. Menchester. Suriday/Moriday V and C. Si Edwards Mercies-Field TriesdeyMending with Junior Clergy Si Joseph s. Winston, Wednesday Diocesan meeting of CaIholir Teachers, Apostleship of the Sea Birkenhead. Preaches at SI George's. Hyde, Bishop Burka, AusIllary of Belford: Friel. V. St Peter. Nrrwchurch, Sunday, V, 10.45 em. C. 3 pm. SI Peter. Nowchurch, Tuesday: C. SI Joseph, Heywood. 7.30 pm. Wednesday: Youth Commission. 2.30 pm. Thursday. Schools Commission, 10.30 em. C 7 30 pm Our .Lady and S1 PaulaHeywood.

B ishop Casey of Brentwood; Friday: Meeting of Commission Secretaries, Westminster, 10.30 am. Saturday Catechists Day, Brentwood. Sunday, Commissions N.P.C. representatives, Cathedral, 4 pm. Tuesday: A.G.M of C Wt.. Housing Association, Brentwood. 2.30 pm. Bishop Clerk al East Anglia: Friday: Paniamentary Pilgrimage. Weisloghern. Norfolk County Council, reception. Norwich. 7 pm. Sunday. V, Sher. inghant. Monday: Keswick Hall, Norwich. 7 pro Tueeday. Dedrcetron Saivice, chapel. Addenbrooks Hospital, Cambridge, 3 pm Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham; Sunday. M for delegates to N.P.C.. St Chad's Cathedral. 3 pm. Monday: Esecusiye meeting, Convent Office. 2 pm. Wednesday: 125th anniversary of opening of SS Mary end John Church. Wolverhampton. 7.30 pin. B ishop Emery of Portsmouth: Saturday: Final profession, St .1ohnie Convent. Kiln Green. 11 30 em Sunday: Annual M. St John s Cathedral, 17 noon Tuesday: C, Sacred Kean, Watarlooville. 7 pm. Wednesday: M. St GeOlge'e School, Southampton. 10.30 are Bishop Foley of Lancaster: Friday: KSC Pentane* dinner. Btackpool 7.30 pm. Saturday: M, ler AGM of CWL, St Martyr s College. Lancaster. 11 S5 am. Commissions delegates to NPC, Brettargh Holy Conant, Kendal, 3.30 pm. Sunday: %calves offering tor Good Shepherd Fond, Cathedral, 3 pm. Monday. M for diocesan Lourdes Association, St Gregory. Preston 7.30 pm, tuesday: he-union of Joseph'. Society, Upheay. Coder, 1 pm. Wednesday; Attends St George-s Day Service Kendal Catholic Church, 7.3() pm. Thursday: A, Catholic Clubs League. St Josephs. Preston, 7.45 pm. Illehop Orem of Northampton: Friday: Low Week meeting, K S.0 Board of Directors meeting. Blehop eraser of Shnswebury: Saturday.

D iocesan N P C meeting, all Sarnts, Strichley. Send.V and C, Ellesmere Bishop Gomm:sal, Bishop In East London: Saturday' Laity commission meeting.

Bishop Harris Of mitlaletareugh: Friday Symposium. Amplelorth. Tuesday. Attends U phultend fur reunion. Wednesday; M, Tor the Catholic Wornerr's League. St Alphonsiss' Church. North Orrnesby, Middlesbrough, 11 en, thursdny, Adult Education meeting, Middlesbrough, 11 am. P astoral Council meeting. Middlesbrough. 7,30 pm. Mishap Harvey, Bishop in North London: Wednescley C.b.A. meeting, Archbishop's Neu. 10 am. Bishop Henderson, Auslilary of Bouthwerk: Friday, Kant Ecumenical sponsoring Body Chislehurst, 11 are to 3 pm. Saturday, Charismatic Prayer Group's preparation for the N.P.C.. St S8VIOUT'S. Lewlaheer. 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm. M. 3.30 pm. Sunday: M and induction of preset. St Pavia's. Tharnetimeed, 9.39 are. Introducing new parish priest. St Saw's Abbey Woad. 11 arm. Monday: 'South East London Ecumenical Commission meeting. Amigo Hall, Southwark a pm. Tuesday` Meeting of Heeds of Secnndary Schools' Religious Education Depanments. St Teresa's School. London S013. 10 ant Introduction of new parish priest of BIggin Hilt. R.A.F. Memorial Chapel, Eliggin Nib 7.30 pm, Wednesday. St George's Day celebration, St Georges Cethedre1. Southwark. 7.30 prn, Dinner felthe Friends of St George's. Thursday Blackheath Luncheon Club. 1 prn. Dinner-dance of the Blackheath Circle of Cateniens Association. Eleven, 7.30 prn.

Bishop ifitchan, Auxiliary of Uverpool: Settarley. M Golden Jubilee, Our Lade's, Formby. Sunday, V, St Ambrose. Astley. Monday; Kirkby Deanery Prleets meeting. Tuesday. Josephien Society. Lunch, St Joseph's. Astray Wednesday: Council of Clergy. Thursday: Conference St Aldan's. Hu yton. Bishop Holland of Salford: Friday. V. Rawtenatall, 2.30 pm. Saturday: Catholic Oucturs Quilt!. Anneal Symposium, Owens Park. Manchester. C W L Branch AGM. Hopwood Hall. Manchester Sunday: V, 11 arn, C, 3 pm. St lames. Ravderatall. WednesdayV Heirnshnre Thursday. Schnois Cam. mission. 10.30 am.

B ishop Jukes, Auxiliary of Southwark: Saturday. C, Ayinsharri, 6 pm. Sunday Engaged cuuples' Course, West MallIng Wednesday. Liturgy Sub•Comminee meeting, Archbishop's Souse

Bishop Constant, Riskin in Central London:

Friday. N committee. Archbishop's House, Westminster, I I am. Saturday: Meeting at Central London DeJegates to N.P.C. Marla Aseurnata, 2 pm. Sunday: V. Harrow Road Church, Monday; M. OgIle Street Church. a pm. Tuesday: Deans meeting, Cathedral Clergy Hoe 12 neon,Priests' Meeting, C:Ihedraonz.x..2N.dnesda„

L 0.A. Archbishop's House.. 10 am.

Bishop McCertie, AuxiHery of Birmingham: Sunday: M. St Chad's Cathedral. 3 prn. Tuesday: Blessing of Semite Houses, Coteshill. 3 pm. Wednesday: 125th Anniversary of opening of S.S. Mary and John Church, Wolverhampton, 7_30 pus Thursday.

itrl.eryetirong. St Chad's pernornmittee. 10.45 Bishop MsOolnass of Nottingham: Friday: Diocesan Priests' Retreat, Toiler-ten. Saturday: M. to commission N P.C. delegates. Cathedral. 12 noon. Sunday: V and C. Staveiey. Tuesday, Chapter meeting, Wednesday: BBC Radio Notileghem 'Forten' programme, 11.45 am, Building and Silas Commission meeting, 2.30 pro. Lourdes Sick Fund cannon. Polish Club Derby, 7.30 pm. Thursday. Meeting with deans. Resoraby Convent 11 em Annual Dinner Catholic Nurses's Guild. St Paul's. Nottingham. 7.30 pm !Bishop O'Connor, Auxiliary of Uverpool: Saturday: N.P.C. meeting. Christ's College. Sunday: Monday V, SI Bede's. Widnes. Tuesday: Council of Clergy, C St Columba, Huyton. 7.30 ern. Wednesday: St John's KirSdete. Liverpool. 8 pm, Thursday: M, St Ceeilies, 8 pm.

B ishop Murphy-O'Connor, of Anmdel and

Brighten: M, for Little Starers nt the Poor, St Joseph's Home. Hove, Holds Youth evening, Sir-annum pm. Saturday. Meets Diocesan deleGareS tar N.F.C. C, Lewes Deanery, Arundel Cathedral. 5 pm. Sunday: V, Begshot. Tuesday. Council otAdministration, Storringinn Wednesday' M. fur CW.L. and union of Cethniir Mothers. Arundel Cathedral. V, AGM of C.W.L end LECM. pm. Thurs daYffisChophapteOr'Bnrie"n67liAshu'"i. Bishop in Hertfordshire: Saturday: C.W.L ennuel M. and AGM, Westminster, 11.30 am. Sunday: Day of reropecuop, Damascus Fans Cottage. WeVieeddniesgdatayt :H4C°13f7Ard'hAiTchipb"is.'il'''st House. 10 aut. J and P Committee, Eeriest. square, 4 pm Illahop Pearson, Bishop In Compri.; Satur M, to r"an'sd‘Vi7MY'llilePreC. mci"c:r7d9iaay'/Dir"' 1.8irrsTy7V"

LO 3rd Armoured Division British Army of the Rhine.

Bishop Swindlehmet, Auxiliary of Harikom and hiewceetle: Saturday' M for commtssioning omf.l.eilneggeattesNipercNd.8e.tCeg..tishesdrrity4t,Nys:FrearsibleirnfOr.3300. pm. Cater.. Ptovinciai Dinner. Civic centre, Newcastle, 7.30 pm. Sunday: V. St Marls Sm. Moor. Tuesday; M. St John's School, Bishop Auckland. 730. Wednesday. induction of priest. Ss John Basle, Washtrigturt, 7.30, Thursday: M. St Joseph's. Stanley, 7 30 pm Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary of Southwark: Saturday: Study Day and Peace Caeca Cateraetrrat Centre. Tooting Bac, 11 am.5 pm. John Fisher Scheui Old Buys' Association, Dinner, School in Purley. 7 5.n Sunday: South West Landon Youth Day Tolwroth 'Tuesday, Sutton Deanery meeting, Worcester Perk Wednesday: Parish orieSt'S ,elebrat.on Kingston. 7 pm Thursday. M tor priests of South West London, Marie Raparatma Convent. Wimbledon, 3 urn.

SI episarbilepio,Whre. LsrLads,,,,d:. T,Scusndc147 and n Attends Priest Council of Diocese, Wednesday. C. Ihreshtied / 311 nm

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