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18th April 2008
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Page 14, 18th April 2008 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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April 20 to April 25

Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor (Westminster) Mon: Interviews and Engagements. Archbishop's Honse. Toe. Attends and gi ves speech at D Group Diener. G eeriest Street, 7pm. Wed. Attends Nuncio's Reeepticm Le Honour of the SIM Father. Archbishop's House; meets with


'Conell of Doe. s. Archbishop '5 House, 10A5arn: meet, with Baptist General Secretary. Rev. Jonathan Edwards, Archbishop's House, 4p10. Thu, Attends Leer= by William Hague, Westminster Cathedral. 7pm. Fri: Meets with Archbishop's Council. Archbishop's House. _Khan. Sati Celebrates Sacrament a Confomation. Westminster Cathedral, 3pm. Archbishop Kelly (Livemool) San: Mass with World Youth Day Pilgrims, Liverpool Ames diocesan Ceetre for Evangelisation. 9.30ano visitation Mass, St Cecilia, Liverpool. 1130am. Mon Fee Archdioceses( Clergy Retreat, Salamanca. Archbishop Nkhols (rtirmingham) Tue: Mass and Blessing of Seekers' Centre, St MiChaerS. MOT/1 SUVA. Birmingham. 1.10pm, Wed: Mess, Sisters of the Sacred Heart,Foother. ley Hall, 11.15am. Fri Sat: Valladolid. Bishop Arnold AoaiIioy Bishop of West. miasma.) Sun: Confirmation. Harrow School. 1030am; Coafimmaion. St Joseph's, Wembley. 3pm. Toe: Day on Reconcilimion, Si Ethelbulge's. 10am 3301001 Wed: Corrfirmation, Dellis Hill. 7 30pm. Thu: Confionation, Bumt Oak. 730pm. Fri: Archbishop's Cc erail.Arehbishop's eloese.9.30arm Canfimiatiam Rentals 730pm. Bishop Budd (Plymouth) Sun: Confirmation. St Mary and St Catherine. Bridpert, 10am. Toe, Visit Plymouth University Chaplaincy. 9ana. Wed: Confirmation. Our Lady and St Patrick, Teignmouth. Thu: Confirmation. Wtrobome. Fri: Confirmation. St Boniface. CuIlomproo, Sat Torbay Deanery Da. Bishop Campbell (Coadjutor Lancaster) Sun: Visitation. Our Lady and St Charles. kesvrick. MonSat Various mmagements in Lancaster. Bishop Conry (Arundel dr Brighton) Sun Meets with Confirmation Candidates, Goring, 7pm. Man: Redhill Deanery: Permarteur Diaconate meeting, The Friary, Crawley, 6pm. The: Appointments, leum. Wed: Appointments; Lourdes Committee meeting . Thu: Meetings in London. Fri: Child Protection meting, Dabeec. Crawley.9.30ant Brighton Deanery Confmaa. dons, St Peter's. Hove, 7 30pm. Sat: Weybridgc Deanery Coofsrmations, St George's , I /am; Weybridge Deanery Confimtations, Coyne's. 3pm. Bishop Doyle (Northamplort Sun: Cowinuntionof Visiogion. St Mary 'I, ttunstable. Diocesan Finance Board. Bishop's House, 1.0.30am, Confirmation, St Teresa's, Princes Risberough,Wed: North-ants Development Group. Bishop's House. 230pm; Mass. Nemeth House, Northamptors6prn. Thu: Meeting of Buckinghamshire Church Leaders, Great Miesenden. 10am: Confirmation. Great Mis,seriden. 730pni. Sat: Day for Catechists Coffee Natl.:a/triton Keynes, noon. Bishop Drainey (Middlesbrough) Sun: Celebrates Mass, Hull University Chaplaincy, 6.30pm, Mott Principal Celebrant, Sc Cuthbert a Day Celebration and Official opening of the Bicentennial Exhibition, Ushaw College, 5pin. Toe; Bishop's Council, C Mal OffiCt, 2prai meets weth Parish Representatives. Cathedral, 7pm Wed: Conned for Evangelisation and Adult Formation, Cured Office, 1030am: Blessing of Memorial for babies in unmarked graves. Recluse Cemetery, 3.15pm; celebration of Confirmstom St Alban'sRedcar, 530pm; celebration of Confirmation. Our Lady of Lourdes. Sidtborn, 7.Ktpm. Thu Fri: Preach at the Eucharist 700th Anniversary of BI Duns, Scotus. Sat COPCAMeeting.York. Hain; oelebeiges Confirmation, Ampleforth Abbey, 7pm. Bishop Evans MIME Anglia) Sure Parish Visitation. Bongey, Mom Talk to Year 13.-St Mary's School, Cambridge, 10.15am. Tee: Peterborough Catenians 50th Anmversary Gala Dinner, 7pm. Fri: 40th Anniversary Mass, Si LIDICTICC'S School. Cambridge, I lam: Confirmations, St MBEy'S. Ipswich,730M11. Sal; Diocesan Certificate Study Day on Camhodia. Poringland . Bishop Hendricks (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sun: I ndection of Head Teacher, Peckham 10.30ane Confirmations, Cm-shahs:1i Beeches. 3pm. Sarni Fri: Caste)) Walk, Rome. Bishop Hine (Auxiliary Bishop of Smellwark) Sun; Celebrates Mass. St Simon Stock. Walderslade, I I am Mon: Celebrates Mass for Cathobe Ethos Day. St John Fisher School, Chatham, 2pm. Tue: Visit to St Peter's Primary School, Sittingbourne, noon; Confirmation, St Francis de Sales, Hartley, 'I SOpm. Wed: Celebrates Chapter Mass. Cathedral. 12.30pm. Yellowed by Chapter meeting; attends Reception with the Apostolic Nuncio on the occasion of the Third Anniversary of Mee ten of Pope Benedict XVI, 6.30pm Spm. Bishop Hollis (Portsmouth) Mom Meeting with New Forest East PastotalAroa, St Joseph's. Ashurst, 730pm. Tue: Mass, Brampton Oratory, Ilene MISR to made the retirement of Mrs Jayne Hooper. Our Lady and St DOEliELiC. Fambor. cugh, 730pin. Wed: Implementation Steering Group meeting Winebester. Thu: Diocesan Finance/Trustees meeting. Bishop's Boom. 1.0am. Fri: Mass to mark the retirement of Kathryn Turner, Park Place pastoral centre. Wiekham, noon. Set: POCK Graduation Cer0mony, St John's Cathedral, Portsmouth, I tarn: Diocesan Committee for Christian Unity, Park Place Pastoral Centre, Wickham. Zinn. Bishop Hopes (Westminster) Sun; Celebrates Confirmation. St Catherines. West Drayton, I lam. Tie: Concelebrates Memorial Mass for His Most Eminent Highness. Fin' Andrew Bertie, Brewton Oratory, lime attends North Km:engem Deamy meeting. OurLady of Lourdes and Sc Vineent Sc Paul.flariow Road, 'put; Confirmations. Oar Moo Holy Redeemer and St Thomas More, Chelsea. 7 30pm. Wed: Engagements, Archbishop's House Thu: Visits the Marian Community. Farley Court Ilare Spice engagements, Archbishop's }louse. pm; Cardinal's ',centres W2005, Westin:Sumer Cathedial, 7pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council. Amlibiehop's House. 930am-. visits St Mark's Hospital, 3pm: Liturgy of tye Word, St Mark's Hospital, 5pm; presentation of awords and remperai, Sc Mark's HospitaLlianow,MEddlesex. 6pm. Sat Concelebrates at Hounslow Deanery Confirmation Mass. Westminster Cathedral. 3pra. Bishop Kenney (Birmingham) Sim: Lecture, Si Joseph's, Great Malvern, 6pm. The: Newman Association. Warwick University Chaplaincy, 7.45pm. Wed: Confirmations. Holy Trinity:. Chipping Norton. 2pm. Fri: Holy Lind Coordination, London, 9am. Vocations Mass, St Peter Apostle. Royal Learningtoe Spa, 7pm . Sae. Confirmations. St Marie. Rugby, 6pm. Bishop Lang (ClifteneTtie: Bishops' Counsel, Bristol, I law: Confirmation, St Gregory the Cheltenham. 7pm. Wed: Trustees meeting, Brine!. 10.15am. Thu: Saturn College trustees meeting. Salisbury, 030sin. Fri: Visits St Joseph's School, Nympsfield, 1030am. Sat: Cafed meeting, Bristol. I A5pm. Bishop Langley (Westminster) Sim: Celebrates Mass, Corpus Christi Church. Maiden Lane, I 30ant celebrates Confirmation, St Anne's, Underwood Road. 4pna. Tee; Celebrates Mass, Canary Wharf Prayer ROOM.. Churchill Place, 12.30pm; celebrates Confirmation, GUT Lady of Good Counsel, Stoke Newington, 7pm. Reception for 3rd anniversary of the Elution of Pope Benedict XVI, Archbishop's House, Westminster, 630pm. Thul Visits St Etheldreda's. Ely Place. 12.30pm: Licensing and Installation of Revd Canoe Flora Winfield. St Maly-at-EMS Eastcheap, 6pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council, Archbishop's House, 9.30am; celebrates Confirmation, St Joan of Arc, Highbery.730pen. Sat. Celebrates Coefirmation.Weestminster Cathedra1.2pin: celebrates Confirmation for Adults in St Peter's Italian Church. Cleekenwell. 7pm. Bishop Lynch (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sun: Masses, St David's, Abbey Wood, 9am. lam and 5.30pre. Wed: Gathering of Parliamentary Lobby on Climate Chenge, tylethudist Central liall.4pm; Mayoral Candidates Debate. St Martin in the Melds. 530pm. Thu: Workshop for MA For Diocesan Delegates, St Vincent's. Carlisle Place. Fri: Meeting of Basleripe' Conference of M-ust Working Party: Mass for the 25th Anniversary of Ordination of Fr Michael O'Dea, Vtrgo Fidelis, Upper Norwood. Bishop McGough (Birmingham) Fri: Golden Jubilee of Sister Mama Keaveney, Holy Trinity. INeweisole, noon. Sat: 'Mass for Local Catechists. Clayton. 10am. Bishop MeMahon (Brentwood) Sun: Femoral Visitation and Confirmation. SoutheaTrittlewell. Tue. Meetings/Interviews, Cathedral House. Thu: Attends meeting of Historic Churches Committee, Leeds. Fri: Presents Citizenship Awards, Cathedral. 11 airr meetingsatervie we, Cathedral House. pm. Bishop McMahon (Nottingham) Sun: Two COUlgiZS' SerViCe, St ABdIVOIS with Casecgree CRC, 630pm. Mori: Vocations Selection Panel, Rearshy. Wed: Pnmary Heads Caeferteme, Stoke Rochford, Thu: Diocesan Trustees mooring. wilson Muse. 10 30am. Fri-Sat: KSC Bonne meeting. Glasgow. Bishop Malone (Liverpool) Sun: Confirmation. St Ioseph. Leigh. 6pm. The: Confirmstrots, St Aidan of Lindisfarne, Heyton, 730pm. 'The Departmental meeting. Bishops' Conference, Eeciestoo Squale. London. 1130am, Bishop Pargeter (Birmingham) More Loth- des Committee meeting , 7,30pm. The: Visits Ss heeepli and Helen School. Kings Norton. 2pm; Confirmations, Ss Joseph and Helen. Kings Norton, 7pm. Wed: Visas Selloce. Coleshill, 2pm; Confiematiens, Coleshill,7pm. Thu: Good Shepherd Macs, St Chad's Cathedral, 10.30ant Good Shepherd Mass. Sr Chad's Cathedral, 130pm. Bishop Rawsthorne (Hallam) Sun: 50th Aoniversary. Our Lady of Lotirdes. Slackenthorpe, liner: Cantle's, Whirlow Grange, Sheffield, 2.30pm; Two Counties Service, Nottingham, 630pm. More Blessing of New Window, Holy Family, Cresterfield. 11 am. Tee: Mental Capacity Bill, Hinsley HALL noon: CRC Church Leaders Reference Group. Leeds. 230pm. The Visit Doncaster Prison, 9.45am. Bishop Roche (Leeds) Sun. Solemn Mass, Leeds Cathedral. Ilarn.Mon: Yorkshire Weekly Newspaper 2008 Champion Children Awards. Goniersall Park Hotel. Gomersall, 1145am. Toe: Mental Cateocity Confemiere.Hirmley HalL 10am: Good Seepherd Collection. Leek Cathedral, 2pm. Wed: VGs' meeting. Thu: Historic Churches Committee, Leeds Cathedril, 3pm. Bishop Stack (Westminster) Sun: Mass, Holy Family Church, Welwyn Garden City, 10am, Wed' Cooscil of Deans meeting, Archbishop's House. I pm; Mass and Talk for City Catholics, St Mary Moorfieleis , 7pm. Thu; Historic Churches' Comminee. Archbishop'sHouse. llarn. Fri: Archbishop's Council meet trig. 9.30am; Westminster Cathedral Choir School tome 2-30pm; Preaches at Mass for anniversary of Pope's Election. Westminster Cathedral. 530pm. Sat Confmnatian, Westminster Cathedral, 2pm. Bishop Williams (Liverpool) Mon: Seafarers' meeting, Liverpool Archdiocesan Center for Evangelisation, 4pin. Ten: MOSS with Liverpool City Group, Ipm, Wed: Civic Reception. Liverpool Town Hall, Ipmi meets with the Bishop of Warrington.Emelemen Park, PTCSCOE, 4pm: St Anthony's Heritage Centre meeting, Liverpool. 7pm. Thu: Meets with Ormskirk and MseJnel Pastoral Area Primary Heacheachees, SE Anne's Parish Centre. Ormskirk. 10,30am; Roscoe Lecture, Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool. 6pne Fri. SerViCi on the 25th anniversary of St Basil and All Seints shared church, Hough Green, Widnes, 730pm. Sat: Guild olCathofie Doctors Conference, Manchester.


Archbishop Smith (Cardiff) Sun: Confirmslions, St Adhere, Pontypool, 11 am. Tee Study Day on MCA Guide, Leeds, noon. Wed: Cenfomations. Our Lady of the Angels. Osenbran. 730prn. Fri: Inauguration of Parish of Mary _Immaculate, Mountain Ash, 7pm. Bishop inhale (Meaevia) Sun. C011fiMMtions. Fishgaard. Ilam, Mon Tue. Meetings, Curial Office. Fri Sat: Visitation, St Alban's Seminary. Valladolid, Bishop Regan (Wrexham) Sun Mon: Cyleh Catholig Retreat, Caldy Island. The: Governor Training, Buckley, 7pm. Wed: Bud HYfryd Schou], Wrexham, !Inn Sat Diocesan Pastoral Council. Loreto.


Cardinal O'Brien (St Andrew's & Edinburgh) Mon Official visitation of National Marriage Tribunal with Bishep Cunningham.lOarie Mass with 'Aid to the Church in Need' , Our Lady of Good Aid Cathedral, Motherwell, 7pm. The: 'Do this in Memory' Programme, RE Office, Gillis Centre, 2pm; meeting with Catholic Studenrs Union, University of Stirling, 5pm: meeting of Justice and Peace Gtoup, St Mary's, Stirling. 73eprri. Thu. Depart for Pastoral visit to parish of Wexford,Ircland and 150th Anniversary celebrations of twin churches; Mass for past and present Clergy, Church of Assumption, Bride Street, Wexford, 6pm. Bishop Logan (DunkeldiDundee) Sun: Corifirmations.Immaculate Concept:Me, Dundee. 1 I 30am. Mon: Confirmations. St Lormards and St Fergus. and Sr Columba's , Dundee, 7pm. Toe: Confirmations. St Joseph the Worker. Callender, 7pm. Wed: Confirmations. St Peter and St Paul's, Dundee. 7pm. Thu: Centiernations. St Thorrem of Ceres-Mors Arbroath, 7prn. Fri: St Mary's Management Committee. Monifieth, Ilam: Contimmtions, St Clement's. Dundee. 7pm.

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