Page 2, 18th December 1953

18th December 1953
Page 2
Page 2, 18th December 1953 — 'Christian' Education

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'Christian' Education

SIR,-I submit that our schools of all types could do more to make knowledge more loved as man's right approach to God, and hence more reasoned. (Not to be confused with a readiness to argue :shout the Faith.) This is often called, outside the Church "loving knowledge for its own sake," an inadequate description for us.

It is true that the best arc coming to the fore, but too many arc thankful to stop "using their minds" as soon as possible. The direct connection between corporal punishment (and I maintain that it is excessively used instead of being a rare necessity) is that far too many youngsters, who will never he vocal in your columns. do not recover from learning under threat, succumb to emotional appeal, and probably swell the ranks of the lapsed.

(Miss) Elizabeth A. Weldon 63 Vineyard Hill Road.


Good Headmasters

SIR,-In answer to "Second Pedagogue": The way to improve our schools where necessary is to appoint really good headmasters (or head

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