Page 2, 18th December 1953

18th December 1953
Page 2
Page 2, 18th December 1953 — 'They Met a Wizard'

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'They Met a Wizard'

SIR,-One sequel to the "death" of poor old Piltdown Man, which may interest your readers, is that Miss Vera Barclay has withdrawn all unsold copies of her children's book, "They Met a Wizard," removed such chapters as she feels should no longer be presented, rewritten the ending, and is giving the altered book away.

In a letter enclosed with the book, Miss Barclay states: "This new page replaces some chapters which have been removed because. although they did not actually mention Piltdown Man, they did teach just that sort of thing. This, as we have now been shown by recent events is not sound enough science to be taught to children. I bad long regretted this part of my book, and have now made the financial sacrifice of having the book withdrawn and its offending tail-piece docked. It goes forth as an advertisement for my other books which, though they do not contradict the teaching given year after year in some of the school broadcasts, do try to give a truer view of nature than the Darwinian one . . ."

I hope that Catholics will show their appreciation of Miss Barclay's courage and financial sacrifice, and at the same time give a real treat to the younger generation.

H. Mitchell Jacob 12 High Street, Arundel, Sussex.

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