Page 5, 18th December 1953

18th December 1953
Page 5
Page 5, 18th December 1953 — Leaders in Africa

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People: de Gouveia


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Leaders in Africa

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their incredible variety of dresses, gowns and headgear, gave a glimpse of the Catholicity of the Church.

Excitedly they watched more than a dozen robed Archbishops and Bishops—headed by Cardinal de Gouveia, Archbishop of Lorenco Marques, the first Cardinal the Protectorate has seen—come out to the steps.

They knelt, bowing low towards the red dust, as the Cardinal gave them his blessing.

Missionary priests and nuns standing there watched the realisation of a dream and the promise of better still to come.

That is a glimpse of the atmosphere in which the future lay leaders have been meeting.

They have been given the basic teachings of the Church on racial and national questions, on the social question. They have discussed leadership techniques and how to apply what they have learned to the strange new Africa which is coming into being at this moment of history.

'Guide for years'

And now from this first meeting there have gone home to every part of Africa more than 100 Africans inspired and instructed and determined to provide Christian leadership for their people at this decisive moment in the history of their continent.

The papers they have heard from leading authorities brought from Europe, Britain and America, from Archbishops and Bishops, from priests and laymen, will be their guide for years.

The contacts they have made and the ideas they have pooled by day in the conference room in the White Fathers' Kisubi seminary and in the dormitory by night will be remembered in the coming days.

The spiritual feast they have enjoyed will be thc reserve on which they will draw as they strive to win for Christ the organisations, the institutions and the teeming millions of the great land mass which until so recently was labelled the "Dark Continent."

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