Page 6, 18th December 1953

18th December 1953
Page 6
Page 6, 18th December 1953 — By Elspeth Campbell

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By Elspeth Campbell

There's only one week to go . .

HRISTMAS is nearly upon us. There are still many de

tails that will have to be decided upon before the great day. What shall we wear? When shall we cat? Who's coming?

You have, I hope, ordered or bought your holly and mistletoe, your tree. your turkey or goose. Have your remembered sweets for the table (oh bliss, no rationing this year and salted nuts and raisins (the seedless ones are best if you can get them)? These little extras make all the difference to a party. You will have your Christmas pudding with your bird at either lunch time or In the evening. Have you thought about a second pudding? We always make a huge fruit salad. Buy as much fresh fruit as possible— hut our foundation is a tin of grapefruit or peaches. Make your fruit salad as colourful as possible. If you have no "reds" open a tin of raspberries or buy some frozen strawberries; these add greatly to the gaiety of the salad.

A day of rest NOW that bacon is so much more pl entiful, boil some to eat with Your turkey. Boiled gammon .eaten hot is delicious on Christmas Day. But if you have not time or enough burners or saucepans in which to cook it on the day, cook it beforehand and have it by you to enjoy on Boxing Day with the left-overs of the bird. I always plan to do no cooking on Boxing Day: I've had enough of it by Christmas evening. But, however many mouths one has to feed tin Christmas Day, there is nearly always enough left over to enjoy another full day% meals, especially if, as I have suggested, you provide a little extra in advance—a ham, a fruit salad. ,Mince pies also come in useful after Christmas, because they can he made in advance and stored in an airtight tin.


NOW for the house. Are you one of those who hate decorations

• in your house? Well, perhaps just a little holly over the pictures and your Christmas cards will aboht suffice.

. But if you have children they will want you to decorate some of the rooms at least. Some people are very clever with home-made decorations —coloured strips with things dangling; coloured ribbon and evergreens. think we are going to be lucky and have a lot of berries on the holly this year. A Christmas mantelpiece is very attractive.

And then there is the tree. Do you put a fairy doll on the top, or, more Christmas-like, a star? How difficult stars are to make. You need a piece of cardboard and you must collect all the silver paper you can to cover it. A proper star is evolved from the amalgamation of three triangles.

An effective way of decorating the tree is to use those silver strands you can buy in the shops and throw it nonchalantly over the boughs. The effect is of icicles falling, or just decorate it with brightly coloured bobbles and silver tinsel, and tie those miniature crackers on it here and there.

A tree, whatever its size. is usually more effective if it is raised off the ground. This can be done by placing it on a low (old) table or by standing it on a strong box and covering this with some crepe paper or a flag.

Once Christmas cards go up it is difficult to dust properly, but that is a job the children all love doing. Get

them to collect the cards befoie you dust the rooms, on condition that

they may arrange them afterwards. Keep your cards: children love making scrapbooks with them after Christmas.

. Gay dresses

WHAT to weal.? V We hardly have room to consider this in much detail, but let's get prepared for a happy celebration.

What are the children going to wear? Have you washed their dresses? Do they fit this year? And don't forget about socks.

And don't, please, forget about yourself. Put on something gay, wear a flower and some nice jewellery; and even though you may be busy in the kitchen most of that morning, pop a little powder on your nose. Don't look as if you had had your head f in thl oven half the morning, even if you have!

If your Christmas party is a great success you will be able to sleep happily in the knowledge that most of it was your industry and that it made other people happy.

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