Page 6, 18th December 1953

18th December 1953
Page 6
Page 6, 18th December 1953 — Children's Corner 1 D EAR Children : Christmas is very "'near

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Children's Corner 1 D EAR Children : Christmas is very "'near

,now and bringing, I expect, parties for most of you. Here are one or two suggestions for games to get a party going: APPLE QUICKS: Divide your guests into teams of four. Then give one apple and one knife to each team. At the word -Quick" one starts to peel the apple, passes the knife and apple to a second who halves the apple end passes on to a third who quarters it, and then to a fourth who takes the cores out. Then each one eats a quarter and when all have finished, all whistle together tO show that the apple has gone. First team finished wins a prize.

DECORATIONS: One person goes out of the room while some word such as "holly" or "tinsel" is chosen, and one letter given to so many ditferent players.. They must then sit in a row, hut not in the order of spelling. The player outside is called in and told to ask the name of each "decorated" player, who must reply with some name beginning with the letter that has been given to him. and the questioner must sort out the letters and guess the word. SIGNATURE TUNE: Pin a large piece ot paper on the wall and ask each guest to write the name of his or her favourite song on it. Then while he writes with his right hand he must swing his left foot round in a circle. (This is not so much a game as a "warmer-up" to set people laughing at each other.)

For the threes and tours

'Neddy and the Sheep: Part 3

VVHEN Neddy and Mother Cow caught up with the sheep they heard them all talking together: Baa-a-a. Bean. . . "What are they chattering about?" asked Mother Cow. "Something about some angels," said Neddy, and he ran up to one of the sheep. "Excuse. me," he said. "Have you seen something extraordinary?" "Moat; extraordinary," said the sheep. "I don't knew . . . really, 1

don't know. . . ." .

"She's a bit flustered.whispered Neddy to the cow. "Wait here and I'll go and see s.,‘ hat the -shepherds have to say." He ran forsvard to whee c the shepherds were all talking together. Then suddenly he saw the angels. Lovely shining angels. Just like moonbeams. They were all singing, and looking down on to an old shed. And the Star stayed quite still above them. It seemed to be looking down too. The shepherds all went down on their knees, Very quietly. That's a funny thing to do, thought Neddy. Then he saw Mother Cow getting down on her knees too. It wasn't easy because she was rather stiff. Neddy looked at the sheep. They all had their noses to the ground. -Well I never," said Neddy to himself. "Well I never did . ." And he bent his own two front legs. Then his two back ones. And he put down his nose do to the ground like the sheep. But he kept his long ears standing straight op because he wanted to listen to the angels singing.

(More about Neddy next week.)


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