Page 5, 18th December 1959

18th December 1959
Page 5
Page 5, 18th December 1959 — Ir111111111iii I VI I I 1.,1 IA Down i ▪ n S. Wales

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Organisations: St. Mary's College


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Ir111111111iii I VI I I 1.,1 IA Down i ▪ n S. Wales


GLOCKNER WAITING • • S• OME 23 miles north of Swansea amid a countryside of hills, woods and rivers, lies a country house. In this country house lies a hungry Glockner . .

The Glockner is no relation of ERNIE. he is in fact a modern printing press. And his eye at the moment is on all the printing you will need doing over the next few months.

You will write " thank-you 's letters for Christmas presents-and run out of headed notepaper. You will organise bazaars, dances and whist drives for which you will need handbills, leaflets and tickets.


IN no time Easter will be upon us and you will need Ordination cards and wedding invitations. At any time you may need memorial cards.

The Hungry Glockner is waiting to deal with all these: in a dignified manner, promptly and at moderate prices. Ile can also deal with some types of newsletters and parish magazines. The Glockner, whese business title is St. Albert's Press and which is in the charge of the Carmelite Fathers, lives at St. Mary's College, Tregeyb, Liandeilo, Carmarthenshire. The machine has a companion-an Autovac printing press moved there from Aylesford-with its director Fr. Brocard Sewell. O.Carm., and still produces the well-known quarterly The Aylesford Review"


ST MARY'S COLLEGE, a Car melite House of Studies in the quiet of South Wales. has four priests, less than a dozen students. and a widely scattered parish of about 75 people.

Such a parish obviously could not support one priest let alone a whole Carmelite community which will eventually provide Carmelite priests for parochial and other work in the dioceses of Clifton, Menevia and Southwark. Hence the need for Glockner and his friend Autovac to work hard and long. "The Printing World ", "The Times Literary Supplement ". "The Tablet " and this paper are among the journals which have cornmented on the excellent standard of work turned out by St. Albert's Press.


" MALL books are also undertaken in a limited edition. In preparation is a book of Centenary Essays on Frederick Rolfe, Baron Corvo, a book of essays by Cecil Woolf and Fr. Brocard Sewell, 0.Carme and a small volume of poems by Lady Margaret Sackville. A number of small specifically Carmelite publications such as lives of the Order's Saints, studies in Carmelite history, etc.. are also being prepared. Those who are knowledgeable on type styles will be glad to hear that St. Albert's Press keeps up much of the Peplcr-Gill typographical tradition, using much of Perpetua and Caslon Old Face.


S°'if you find that the "little printer round the corner" has been "town-planned ' out of existence remember the hungry Glockner down in Llandeilo . . .

The 'address for enquiries is: The Reverend Administrator, St. Albert's Press, Tregeyb, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire.

Marian Curd

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