Page 1, 18th December 1970

18th December 1970
Page 1
Page 1, 18th December 1970 — Pope's hint on entry of China to U.N.

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Pope's hint on entry of China to U.N.


IN a message last week pro claiming January 1 as world Peace Day, Pope Paul appeared to call for the admission of Communist China to the United Nations as an important step towards peace. "If we want peace," he said. "we must recognise the necessity of building it upon foundations more substantial than the non-existence of relations." Vatican observers said he was referring to Communist China.

People, said Pope Paul, were becoming ever more convinced that warfare was an absurd way of settling differences in human affairs. Yet many people still regarded it as only another

word for balance of power and armaments.

"Peace marches on," the Pope said. "Every man is conscious of it. Peace is necessary. It has in its favour the moral progress of humanity, which is indisputably directed towards unity. "But," he said, "once again people feel a tremor of fear lest some catastrophic imprudence lead to an incredible and uncontrollable holocaust."

OPTIMISTIC The 1971 peace message was more optimistic than some earlier Papal pronouncements, but the Pope again attacked racial, religious, economic and ideological rivalries as dangerous to peace. After the Second World War. he said, the whole world said "enough . of everything that gave rise to the human butchery and appalling devastation and determined not to go to war again. . . . But today, " the supremacy of economic in terest, with the all too easy exploitation of the weak, once more returns. So does class hatred and class warfare, and thus is born again international and civil strife.

PRESTIGE "The struggle for national prestige and political power is hack; the inflexible conflict of opposing ambitions and of the rooted and uncompromising prejudices of races and ideologies has returned.

"Recourse is had to torture and terrorism. to crime and violence as a burning ideal, needless of the conflagration that may ensue.

"Unity and peace, when freedom unites them, ate sisters." He then said publn opinion was becoming "con vinced of the absurdity of war pursued for its own sake and believed to he the only and no avoidable means of settling controversies among men,"

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