Page 8, 18th December 1970

18th December 1970
Page 8
Page 8, 18th December 1970 — Cardinal tells boys: `Don't blame parents'

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Organisations: St. Boniface's College


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Cardinal tells boys: `Don't blame parents'

PLYMOUTH schoolboys were told last week by Cardinal Heenan: "Don't think you can change the world and make what is wrong come right. You can't. The place where you live and work is your world, and what you can alter."

The Cardinal, who was presenting prizes at St. Boniface's College, said: "Never waste your time blaming the last generation. This is something young people have always been encouraged to do.

"The young ones have been told to blame their parents and grandparents for the current mess. The fact is that in any generation there are only two or three in 100 million who can influence the course of history.

"Most are what we are, and have to do their best in a very limited sphere. You have to see what you can do about the limited part of the world in which you find yourself."

PRIME EDUCATORS To the parents, Cardinal Heenan said: "We should never forget that the only really important Catholic school is in the home, and the only important teachers are you, the parents of these boys.

"In years to come they will forget the details of what they have learned and what their teachers said, but what their parents did will never pass from their memories.

"Don't be deluded that their education is being taken care of because they are at such a fine school. You are their prime educators."

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