Page 2, 18th February 1938

18th February 1938
Page 2
Page 2, 18th February 1938 — FOREIGN BROADCASTS FOR YOU

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February 19-25 (inclusive)

The following list is specially compiled each week for the Catholic Herald.

ATHLUNE (RADB) EIREANN): Monday, 7.15 p.m., " The Story of the Organ -"-Leet tire-Recital by Philip Dore relayed from Loreto Abbey. Rathfarnham. (The distinguished organist of Mullingar Cathedral broadcasts from the mother house of the Loreto Order). H'ednesday. 7.40 p.m., " St. l'a.ul " (Mendelsohn). from Methodist Centenary Church, St. Stephen's Green, Dublin; 8.30 p.m., A Vieit to 'University College, Galway. Fridap. 9.11) p.mForeign Affairs, by Donal O'Sullivan.

RRCSSELS 1: Sunday, 5.010.31) p.m., " Samson and Delilah." Biblical Opera (Saint-Satins). In the intervals. at 3.4.5 and 9.40, Talks on Saint-Satins. who was the organist of the Madeleine for nearly 20 years. Tuesday, 6.5.-8.15 p.m., Talk by the Abbe Lacroix on the Society of the Helpers of the Missions. in the Series Religious Congregations and Orders; 7.0 pan.. RCB Review by Mgr. Picard; Labour Review by M. Vermeulen; Film Review of the DOCIP; 7.1,5. "L'Orgueil des Poetes " (Francois Maurice); to Music of Schumann and Debussy; 10.55, Christue vincit (Liszt).

Lrxemeouita: Saturday, 6.5 p.m.. Excerpts from the Address. " The Good Sense of the French," by M. Abel Bonnard delivered on February 18 at the Societe des Conferences; 9.15 p.m., Symphony Concert with Alexandre Tansman and Mine Colette Tansmun (Pftes). Sunday, 11.30 a.m., Sermon by Fr. Panici, S.J.: " Kindness," in the Series on Love of Our Neighbour. Tuesday, 11.15 n.m., Talk by M. Maurice Denney of the Academie on " The Middle Classes," delivered at the SocUle dos Conferences on the 18th inst. (second broadcast). 'fbur.eday, 10.35 a.m., Mess for the Sick front the 'Renedietine Abbey of Clervaux. Feast of -St. Matthew, Music of Bach, Conperin, Dom Benoit; 2.5-2.30 p.m., Third Talk on " Ch.eiteaubriand and his Time," delivered at the Societe des Conferences by Andre Maurois ou the 23rd inst.; Madame de Beaumont-The Stay in Rome-The Due d'Enghien. Friday. 11.15 a.m.. Repetition of Andre Maurois' Address.

ROME AND MILAN: Sunday, 10.0 am), Mass from the Church of the Annunciation, Florence; 11.0 (also on Palermo, Bologna. Florence, etc.), Reading and Explanation of the Gospel. Friday (Rome only), 3.0 p.m., Choral Mueic ( Pal estr in).

PRAGUE: Sunday, 11.20 a.m., Music of Claudio Monteverdi, Sacred and Secular. The Sacred ]1 uric includes " Arc Stella Maris " for eight voices, two trumpets, three trombones and organ ; and " Sancta Maria," for Soprano. two violins, 'cello, two triimpets, three trombones and organ.

Posts PARDUE/4 : Saturday, 6.10 p.m., Catholic Review. Thursdays, 1.35-1.50 p.m., "L'Histoire sainte en images " be Pere Roguot, O.P. Peels PTT: Friday, 1.45 p.m.. Talk by Mgr. Mayol de Lupe The Old Churches of France-Notre-Dane. de t'Epine.

Remo-Puma: Sunday, 12.0 noon, Sermon by Bin( Ducatillon; 12.20 p.m.. Sacred Music; 8.30 p.m., Tasse "-Poem (Grandmougin); Music by Benjamin Godard. Station Orchestra, Joseph Noyon's Choir, Germaine Martinelli, Germaine Cernay, M. Lovano, etc. (Torquato Tasso (1544-1595). one of the greatest of Italian poeL'i, earned immortality with his La Gerusalemme Liberate. He was summoned by the Pope to be crowned Poet laureate, but died on the way to Rome.)

PTT: Saturday. 8.30. "Asmoclele"-Five

Act Play (Francois Maurice). Meunier, who is a member of the Academie. stands in the first rank of living French novelists. A religious interest is seldom entirely absent from his work. Here the 'villain of the piece is a " spoiled priest," the girl Manuel* has " smothered " a vocation. Monday. 5.0-5.30, Talk by the Rev. Fr. Delos.

tiveaseorato: Sunday, 11.30 a.m., Sermon by Pore Florand : The Liberty of the Children of God. Friday (also on Rennes and Nice), R.30, " The Creation " (Haydn) ; "Banquet " (Larmanjat)-Cantata for Soprano, Tenor. Choir and Orchestra (first performance); and "Jeanne d'Arc " (Roland Manuel)-Cantata (first performance), by the National Orchestra. Raugel Choir, and Soloists (relayed from Paris).

RADIO-BORDEAUX : Sunday, 11.4.5 a.m., Ave Maria (Gounod); Sermon; Largo (Handel).

Ramo-Lem+ : Sunday, 12.0 noon, Address by the Abbe Sage, Professor of the Faculty of Catholic Literature and Sacred Song. Monday, 9.20-10.0 p.m.. Organ Recital from the Cathedral of Saint-Jean. (The Cathedral, begun in the 12th century. is one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in France.) RADIO-NORMANDIE: Sunday, 12.25 p.m.. Sermon on the Passion by Pr. Lancielle, 0.F.M.

RADIO-MEDITF.RRANEE: Sunday. 7.30 p.m., Talk by Fr. Bernard ; Ordered Charity.

MONTE CENERI : Friday, 7.30 p.m.. Talk : SL Charles Boer° moo in Switzerland. (The fourth centenary of the Saint's birth is being 'celebrated this year.) Sorriois:Sunday, 6.30 p.m., Lecture-Recital: Organ Music prior to the 18th century; 7.0 p.m., Sermon.

Vixen: Monday, 2.15-2.10 p.m., Talk with Readings: Gertrud von to Fort, a modern Hymn-Writer. (Gertrud von le Fort is not a hymn writer in the bad sense with which the usual sugar and water of our hymnals has invested the word. The hymns referred to here are doubtless her elymnen an die Kirche-wonderful pieces of literature which, published in 1924, long defied translation. But the impossible has recently been achieved by Messrs. Sheer{ and Ward, who have also published this author'e " Pope from the Ghetto" and " Veil of Veronica "). In Germany Gertrud von Is Fort, who is a Bavarian baroness in her own right, is most appreciated for her "Filitnne71 (In DeUtSChland." In recent years she hue revealed herself as a constructive thinker in "Die ewige Frau," a profound study of the feminist question). Wednesday, 11.25 a.m., Talk : Pascal's signitieunc.e for our day.

Remo-Tomoutis: Sunday, 11.48 a.m., Sermon and Sacred Musk'.

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