Page 5, 18th February 1949

18th February 1949
Page 5
Page 5, 18th February 1949 — STALIN'S SEVENTH DAY ADVENTISTS

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Organisations: Communist Party
Locations: Rome


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From a Special Correspondent


One of Rome's less thoughtful papers, // Messagero, informed its readers in suitably large headlines recently that the Communists had " founded a new Church:: Officials in Catholic Action hoped that it might be true and sent to Bologna, where this surprising development was supposed to have taken place, for confirmation.

The new Church turned out to be that of the not-so-new Seventh Day Adventists who have for years been trying to arouse a little theological heat among the Bolognese.

Recently the Adventists moved from their room above a music shop to a new, ground-floor chapel in the mansion that houses also the head quarters of the Communist Party.

The change has been occasioned not by any lessening of the Bolognese distaste for religious zeal, but by donations from Adventists abroad.


The proximity of chapel and party headquarters is not fortuitous. The Adventist pastor, Dr. Lippolis, is a Communist. and his sheep believe that Stalin will be on the side of the Elect at the Second Coming.

What the Communists think about him is not clear as no Bologna Communist will trust himself to comment on the Cristiana Chiesa Avventista now nestled embarrassingly under the Party wing.

It is certain, though, that the Party will not risk antagonising the large proportion of Catholics among its eight million voters for the sake of according any sort of official recognition to the resolutely plain chapel that neighbours its flaunting. propaganda-plastered, Bologna headquerten.

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