Page 2, 18th February 1955

18th February 1955
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Page 2, 18th February 1955 — GRAMMAR SCHOOLS

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Organisations: Grammar School, High Court
People: Ty
Locations: Bristol, Plymouth


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Sir, Catholic Schoolmaster's query "Where are the Catholic Grammar Schools?" might well come from many a Catholic lad who, having qualified for a grammar school place, finds himself in a non-Catholic grammar school--the destination of most of his kind, unless his parents live near a Catholic day grammar school or can afford the apparently ever-rising fees of Catholic boarding schools; though these try to meet cases of haidship and offer reduced terms to Seholarship winners. this helps. but a few.

In vast six-county S.W. England (Clifton-Plymouth dioceses) there are but two grant-aided boys' Catholic grammar day schools. and evert these interes" only boys in or near Bristol or Plymouth. My own school like every Wiltshire county grammar school-1MS its small quota of Catholic boys, good likeable lads who woula be an asset to any Catholic school but whom circumstances have forced into State schools. often without a Catholic master to helts them.

Throughout England great efforts

are being made to provide new Catholic schools primary and seconda Ty modern. No doubt diocesan authorities are doing their best. but the questioo remains "What of the Catholie grammar school host of the vast country areas and small towns, the cream of our primary schools?" Cannot at least one secondary modern Catholic school per county become comprehensive secondary Catholic-with grammar and modern scho ml places? And why are Catholic boys so much less fortunate than their sisters in the provision of Catholic grammar schools'? Clifton diocese has at least 24 Convent grammat schools.

Catholics pay twice over for education. Some pay thrice: I shall soon he of this quaint. unenviable class if my son inconsiderately qualifies foi grammar entrance. I shall pay rates for state schools. want to continue supporting diocesan effort for Catholic schools (mostly primary and secondary modern) and endeavour to nay junior's path thraupli a Catholic secondary boardiog school Recently a Catholic parent vainly attempted to challenge this "Alice in Wonderland" setting through High Court ruling. and though some L.E. authorities are enlightened and heInful the transfer of grants to Catholic independent schools (which nearly all Catholic boarding schools are) remains quite exceptional.

Meanwhile through no fault of theirs. many of our best Catholic lads must forego Catholic education

when they most need it, and manse if not most. Catholic grammar school masters must spend their days in non-Catholic schools.

11. H. Itridgeman. Grammar School master, Wilts. 1 Timbrell Street.

Trowbridge. Wilts.

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