Page 4, 18th February 1983

18th February 1983
Page 4
Page 4, 18th February 1983 — Points I

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Points I

THERESA NEUMANN the stigmatist from Konnersreuth. Germany, said "Definitely, definitely it was the rosaries of the Austrian people which purchased them freedom from Russian domination. She spoke these words shortly before her death. Austria was a special jewel to be kept under Russian domination because of its great oil wells and strategic location in central Europe. On the anniversary of the first apparition of Our Lady of Fatima wonder of wonders Russia agreed to the impossible. Austria regained full independence. This happened on May 13, 1955. The rosary miracle was repeated in Chile and Brazil. If a sufficient number of catholics and protestants say the Fatima rosary and try and live the message we could throw away our nuclear deterrent.

Elken Weller Kent.

HOW SEEMINGLY tardy the promotion of the cause of John Henry Cardinal Newman appears to be. Reading his writings one might have supposed his late Eminence to be the embodiment of holiness during his lifetime.

James Goldsbury Nottingham.

WITH REFERENCE to 'Catholic Woman" January 14, the Catholic Womens League do more than have a cup of tea and a chat.

Our section numbers about 20 members of which about 10 are able

to take an active role. We have Mass before our monthly meeting which consists of reports from our area and branch, spiritual advice from our parish priest and discuss ideas for fund-raising for various charities and generally give the parish priest any effort we can. We have representatives on the NSPCC committee, the Girls Welfare, collectors for the "Life" organisation, members run our "Over 60" club, give advice in the Citizens Advice Bureau, make tea at the local "Cheshire" home, support the WRVS in the hospital canteen, support the "Visually Handicapped" etc., etc., plus visiting the sick and elderly. church cleaning and flower arranging and this is only one small section.

Miss Ann Isherwood Plymouth.

CONGRATULATIONS to John Carden who condemns the Modernist wrecking of the Church in no uncertain terms. His assertions reflect the opinions of the silent majority who suffer rather than be dubbed traditionalists or trouble makers.

Moira McDonald Luton.

I READ with interest the interview with the Rev Michael Bourdeaux, of Keston College, Feb 11. How often we forget those who suffer persecution for the faith and how cosy it is for us to underestimate the valuable support we can give to those living their faith in Communist countries simply by making it known that we do not forget them. Please continue your interesting articles concerning our fellow Catholics in Poland, Lithuania, Czechoslovakia

and the rest of Eastern Europe so that we do not let them slip from our prayers.

Christopher D Wood Oxford.

HARTS "Christian doctrine" emphasizes the evil of sin. To murder or even to threaten to murder the innocent is a grave offence against the law of God. We are earnestly urged to avoid the dangerous occasions of sin. "If your hand offend thee, cut it off". This high standard of moral behaviour is stressed in the confessional and the pulpit.

The concept of nuclear deterrence involves a willingness to murder the innocent. Men are trained to press the button if and when the government gives the order to do so.

Yet our spiritual leaders inform us the nuclear deterrent is morally acceptable. Some say morally tolerable. Cardinal John J Krol of Philadelphia states that deterrence .is an'evil which must be tolerated in certain circumstances, but can never be passively accepted.

An example of compromise, expedizncy, sophistry, casuistry. sitting on the fence.

I J O'Connor London N12.

I AM trying to trace my sisters: Susanna and Geneveive Hall, native of Castleshane, Monaghan. They were last known to reside (several years ago) at Lancaster Road Rathmines, Dublin. Would anyone who knows of their whereabouts get in touch with me please.

Finbarr Hall 7 Howard Road, Shirley, Southampton, SO1 5BB.

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