Page 8, 18th February 1983

18th February 1983
Page 8
Page 8, 18th February 1983 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: High School, Justice and Peace Committee, Ralph Shonvin School, Catholic Weems' Guild, Catholic Youth Service Council, BishOp's Council, Administration Board, St Augusteses School, M. St Michael's College, Fraociscan Study Centre, Schools Commission, UphollarN Northern Institute, Executive Committee, Bishop's Committee for Europe, Catholic High School, National Mission Council Steering Committee, Imperial College, National Commission of Bishops and RellgieuS, Notre Dame College, Meeting, Cnrises and Nolte Dame College, Ecumenical Service, Halifax High School, Challenger Club, SI Mary's College, Rotary Club, Lenten Stat.:es M. Cardinal Heenan School, Blabop's Council, Senate of Pi, Church of the Holy Ghost, RACD Centre, Liverponi Parish Church, SI EtiMund Campion Primary School, Tueeder National Council for Bishops


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Bishops Engagements

Keywords: Religion / Belief

C — Confirmative: NI — Mass. 0 — Ordination. V — Visitation.

Archbishop Bosven crl Southwark: — FridayThursday: Away or Peru

Archbishop Cower de Meryl°. ol Birmingham: — Saturday.Sundar V, SS Anne and Patrick Chelmsley VVood. Wedneadey: M and preaches at St Augusteses School. Reddlten. Thursday: Getden Juollee M Im Fr Gem ge Brewster. Stafford Convent. I 1 am Archbishop Warlock of Liverpool: — Frkley: Gives Lenten Sermon, Liverponi Parish Church. 1 pm. Wednesday: Gersten Rotary Club Exrubition, St John Allneed Scheol. Governor, Meeting, Cnrises and Nolte Dame College. 45m.30 p

Bishop Alexander of ClIttors — Friday: "Canter. bery Belies", Downend, Bristol, 7.30 pm. Sunday: V. SI Aldhelm's Parish. Cralcompion. Preaches at 8 am Messes 9 30 am Tuesday: Administers the Sacra meet of C, Sr Edmund's Parish, Calms, 7.30 pm Wecineaday: Council DI Priests' meeting, Newman Hail westbury on Trym, 11 am Thursday, Adrrunisiers the Sacrament of C at St Dunstan's Pariah, isnyrtsn:im, 7 30 pro.

Bishop Brewer, Norther? of Shrewsbury: — Tues. day: Meeting of BishOp's Council, Birkenhead Wednesday: Visits Catholic High School, Flomiley PreSides al Deanery Lenten M. Our Lady end si Christopher, fiornhey Ihunsday: Attends Meriting ot Venation* (Admit leo, Shrewsbury

Bishop Burke, Auxelsry of Word: — Saturday: M at Si James'. Pendleton. Sallord, 12 moo. Tueeder National Council for Bishops and Religious, St Edward's Convent, HarwOOd Avenue. London, 11 am. Wednesday: Lenten Station M. Thornleieh College. Bolton. 7.30 pm. Thursday: Schools Cernmission, 10 30 am Lark. Station M Si

Joseph's. Reddish, Spm

Blehop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham: — Sunday: SVP Festival Meeting, Hob, Trinity, alIVIOn (150th Ar1111.11sary of Foureation of SUP branch). Tuesday: M dnd C, SI Juseph'a. Wolverhampton, 7,30 pm Thursday. GOIden Jubilee M for Fr George Brewster. Stafford Ccovent, 11 am. M and C, Si Mary's. Old Fallings Wolverhampton, 7.30 pre.

'Mop Emery at Portsmouth: — Friday: Abing. don. Celebrate Centenary M. Vale of While Horse Deanery, Sunday: Our Lady of the Rosary North Hinasey. C and re 11 10 arn Si Edmand AbIngdOn, C and 14 3.30 pin Tuesday, London meeting of NCBR 11 am Plater Crellege, Oxford, Goverisore nuestIng, 5.45 pm. Portsmouth. 800th metal% el Portsmouth Catenian ASSOCiallO/1 Thursday. East Berkshire Celebrate Centenary M Ease Borkseire Deanery, BishOp Foley ol Lancaeleu -Friday: Meeting for Church Leaders Bishop's House Blackburn, 230 pnr. Saturday: C. St Mary of the Angels. 13011on-le. &rods, 6 30 pm Sender V. Si Mary Of the Angels Bolton•leSands, 9 411 air, Tuesday Ai tends Oke:ocan Clergy In-Service, UphollarN Northern Institute Wednesday: Clergy Day id thinnileclIon, The Shrine, BlaLkpool, 11 am Thursday, Finance meeting. Bishop's House. 110.45 drli Deanery Station M, St Mary's. Morecambe. 7 30 unr

Bishop Gray, Bishop at Shrewsbury: — Friday. Celebrates M al St Margaret Ward. Timperley

Sunday: V. Si Anno's Fciiry Monday. V cord Lunch engagement of Merseysids C., d.inly Council 01110e5 Tuesday: Merarng with Administration Board, Curial 01 ices, Birkenhead Wednesday: Mnuttri with Clergy at Si Alphonsus Deanery and Is Principal Concelebrant at Lenten Station AA, SI John's, Haswell, 5 pnr Thursdey. Moeller,: smith vocatione Conterenr,e learn, The Cour, o

Shrewsbury, 11 am Bishop Horns of Middlesbrough: — Friday: Meets with Blabop's Council, Filshop't House, Middiee brough, 10.30 am Saturday: Attends meeting ofFire elhicSCurnmission, Lundors, 10 am B ishop Haney, Bishop in North London. Friday: Senior Citizens, Kensal Rise. 6 per SaturdaySunday: Pastoral Ulan St George, Sudbury. Tuesday: Mooting 01 Executive Committee, Catholic Weems' Guild, 1.30 pm Wednesday. Allen Hall Astruelalloa, 7.30 pm.

B ishop Henderson, Auxiliary al Southwark: — fr1.dip: Continuation of V at Bexley, 9.30-980 pm Saturday: Begins V at St Joseph's. Greenvvrch, 8.30 pro. Sunday: V at St Jewel-Ye Greenwich, 8.30 am 6,30 pro. Monday: Continuation el V at Greeneach Tuesday: M arid C. Hayes, Kent. 7.30 fres. Wednesday; Cenducte and Preaches at the Ecumenical Service. Gafford, pm Thureday. M and C al Si Joseph a. Bromley. 7 30 pry

B ishop Hilehin, Audilary at Uverpool: — Friday

Meeting velln Students and Stall. Hely Cruet; High School, Charley. 10 all. Northwest Eetemeeical Church Leaders. Bishop's House, Blackburn, 2.30 pill Tuesday: Consultancy meeting, Londe'', Thursidey. EUU:liOnIG{41 meeting with Bishop issashal I, Crosby Bialsop Holland or Salford: — Friday: north West Church Lueders, Blevatbure, 2.30 pin Saturday. Reception catenian CIrcle No I Midland Hotel, Manchester 1751h Anniversary 01 Foundation). 7.30 pm Tuesday: Lenten Station, Corpus Christi. Hoilinwood, 8 pm Wednesday: Lenten Station. St Hugh at Lincren. Stretford, 8 pm Thursday: Schools Commission, 10 30 am. GMC Ecumenical Council Presiclentc. Marn.hustur, 12 noon

Bishop Jukes. Auxiliary of Southwark: — Saha day. Attends Religious Sisters' Day at Fraociscan Study Centre, Canterbury Sunday: Visits Catechists at West Marling Mimdar. Speaks al Catholic Clergy Group Meeting at Canterbury. Tuesdar C at Hereden parish, 7 30 prn. Wednesday: C at Seronoeks parish, 8 pm Thursday: C al Gillingham parish.

Bishop konatent, Bishop in Central Loudon: -Sunday: M. Parsons Orion, 10 are Monday-Thursday; Community Retreat. Mount St Bernard's Abbey Bishop MeCartia, Auxiliary of Birmingham, — Fri. day; Catholic Acacciallen of Young Adel's, Rye St Anthony. Oxford Sunday, M at Holy Trinity, Sutton Gold' ield, 10 15 am Monday: Formal reopening of St Anne's, Streetty, 7.30 pin Tuesday: V schoehl and sick, St Margaret Mary. Perry Commun. 9.30 arn. M end C. Sacred Heart. Aston, 7.30 pm. Thursday: Golden Jubilee M tor Fr George Brewster, Stalford Coopivsetwn tp Loam Wetness at Nottingham— Friday: Nottingham -.Meeting of Schools Commission, St Paurs. 2 pm. Satuniar Derby — Presents Prizes. Ralph Shonvin School. IS pen. Sunday: Nottingham — V and C, Our Lady and St Edward. 3 pin, Monday: Nottingham — Catholic Youth Service Council Executive Meeting. Derby — Station M, St George and All Soldier Saints, Nonnenlon, 8 pin. Tuesday: Nottingham — Visits SI Edward's Primary School Ma at IS am Leicester — Station M, et John Bosco. Ewen Monsen 8 7111 Wednesday: Nottingham — Visits SI EtiMund Campion Primary School. West Bridgford Cfeethorpes Station M. Corpus Christi, a pm. Thursday. Nottrngharn — Diocesan Liturgy Day Cathedral Nottingham — Station M, Si Twee& Aspley. 8 01 Bishop McMahon ol Brentwood— Friday: Mooting with prieSta and concelebrates Deanery MI and CCATInliti,10,1., Parish Sisters. Our Lady ot

Fatima, Florio*, 8 pm. Saturday: Addresses Gomposere Group, Challenger Club. London, 2 poi. Suncley: Geiebrales 0, SS Mary and Edward, Silvertown 11 am Tuesday: Meeting with priests and eoncelebratee Deanery M, St ThOlnas ot Canterbuty, Grays. 8 pro Wednesday: V. Blessed Sacrament, Chelmsford Thursday: Meeting with priests and concelebrates Deanery la, Holy Family, Dagenham, 7 30 pm

Bishop Mahon. Bishop In Will London: — Friday, National Mission Council Steering Committee meeting, farm Street. Justice and Peace Committee meehne. Wham. 7.30 Pm. Sallurday: Area Jostle° and Peace meeting, 8 pm. Sunday: kr fur Rile or Christian Initlatron, Hanwell, 11 ans. VI311.5 Onninean Studenta Hosts 1, Portland Rise, 3 pin. Tuesday: Students' NI, Imperial College, 1E30 pm. Wednesday; GaliernOr'S meeting, SI Mary's College. Wednesday. Thursday: Ministry to Priesta' meeting

Bishop O'Connor, Aualliery of Liverpool: — Sunday.Monday: V. Our Lady Queen ril Paeot, Lithertand Bishop Murphy O'Connor 01 Arundel and Brighton: — Friday: Meeting el Bishop's Committee for Europe. London, 3 pm. Monday: Steeling ot Sussex Church Leaders. Hove. Tuesday: Meeting ol Ecumerrical Music Study Group, Shaul nglOn Thursday, Redhill 00011010 V Bishop Kevin O'Brien, Bishop in Middlesbrough: — Friday: Meeting of the bisnop s Council at Middlesbrough Tweeter Clergy Day at Rec011ectIon Si Endsleigh Convent. Hull.

bishop Pearson, Bishop In Cumbria: — Friday: Clergy Day of Recollection, WiglOn. Sunday: C and V. Our Lady ol Lourdes. Carnforth, 3.30 pm. Tumidly: National Commission of Bishops and RellgieuS. Convent of Mercy. Hammond Avenue, London. Thursday, Finance meeting, Lancaster. 10.45am, B1101Up Rawslhorne. Auxiliary al Liverpool: -Sunday: Adult roil-nation interim, Christ's and Notre Dame College, 2.30 oil. Tuesday: Secondary Scheel Reorganisation in. e•r,,,, SI Helens, I 0 am.

Wednesday: Lre, • .• .dy Christ's and Notre Dame Concur 4£.

Bishop Restlear.o. of Plymouth: — %ituroay n. with Auxiliaries orthe Apostolate, Plymouth. a am Pastoral visit tr rt.,set Sunday: V and M, Church of the Holy Ghost a-ki Si Edwiud M, Swanage, al 10 30 am. C 3 pm.

Bishop TM nun, Bishop ol Northampton: — Friday. VocaliLec weekend at Princes Risborough. Salurday.Sunday: V. Newport Patrol! Tuesday: Senate of Pi leans. Poet CI, Course. Wednesder Thomas More Bedford -PTA, 7.30 pm Owlet*, Liturgy Corni,iibaion, Northampten. Gateman Clergy night, Norlher,Iplan.

ElishOp Tripp, Auxiliary at Southwark: Sunday:

Preaches at Methodisi Addiscombe, 1030 am. Tuesday-Wednesday: V to Soda Ion

Bishop Walmaley. Bishop of the Fortes: — Friday. Sunder. Vicersele Patin,: al meeting, RACD Centre, Bagarsol Bishop Ward of Mewls. — Saturday: Visit Catholic students Cl Aberystwyth University. Sunday: Stuuonta H Tuesday: Deanery meeting and Center' Station M. Wrexham. Wednesday: Deanery meeting and Lenten Station AA, Holywell Thursday, Deanery melee; and Lenten Station Pvi, Ethyl

Bishop Wheeler oll Leeds: — Friday: Halifax High School, 10 30 ark Sunder V and C. ml martyrs, :13rEelfere, Monday: Lenten Station M, Holy Family 'Scheel. Kaighley 10 30 am Tuesday: Lenten Stat.:es M. Cardinal Heenan School. Leeds. 10 15 am Wednesday: Lanky, station M. St Michael's College, Leeds. 10.30 din Thuradsy: Governors meeting. Trinity and All Sainte 11 alit

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