Page 7, 18th February 2000

18th February 2000
Page 7
Page 7, 18th February 2000 — Standing during the CanOn From Mr Serge Bosson

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Standing during the CanOn From Mr Serge Bosson

Sir, I totally disagree with Donald Withey (Jan 28) that standing during the Canon should be the preferred posture, even though Mr Withey seems to make a good case for it.

I believe that standing is not the most appropriate posture during the Canon because it does not express as much reverence and adoration as kneeling does; therefore kneeling should be the preferred posture.

We now have sadly in many churches and especially abroad, an attitude of "do what you like" during the entire Mass and not just the Eucharistic prayer, with people sitting, kneeling or standing, which is another reflection of the disunity and casual attitude to the liturgy of the Mass and to prayer generally. Yet posture should have some relationship with the type of prayer and worship which is being offered. But posture must always reflect and be specifically conducive in identifying and participating in the various parts of the liturgy.

It seems to me therefore perfectly right and reasonable that kneeling during the proclamation of the Eucharistic prayer is the most appropriate way of expressing love and reverence towards the True Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

Yours faithfully SERGE BOSSON Romford RM2

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