Page 11, 18th June 1937

18th June 1937
Page 11
Page 11, 18th June 1937 — News From The Country

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350 clients of Teresa Higginson made their annual pilgrimage to her grave at Neston on Saturday. Mgr. J. O'Brien (Vice-Postulator of the Cause) expressed the hope that soon the Pope would sign the commission.


The Archdiocese of Liverpool contributed £5,953 to the Association of the Propagation of the Faith during 1936. This was the highest contribution from any diocese. Salford came second with £3.012.


26,000 CHILDREN LOOKED AFTER in the last 50 years is the proud record of the Our Lady of Lourdes House, Didsbury, which is run by the Salford Rescue Society. The Bishop of Salford and the Lord Mayor of Manchester spoke at the garden fete organised in its aid on Sunday.



Chorley Town Council have agreed upon the full grant of 75 per cent. towards the

cost of a new Catholic senior school. It will cost about £30,000.



Work has commenced on clearing the site for a new church in Preston for the parish of the Sacred Heart. Another (the ninth) parish in Preston will shortly be inaugurated at St. Teresa's, Fishwick agreement under which heavy penalties are exacted. and the total cessation Of supplies threatened, if they were found trading with cut-price firms. The scheme has worked.

" You can take it from me," said our informer,"that any firm selling under the fixed price to-day is dealing in bankrupt stock only."

Secret Mark The manufacturers have a staff of inspectors at work calling on cut-price shops. Every packet of cigarettes has a secret mark denoting the region in which the packet is marketed and the wholesale house responsible for its distribution.

A Dodge Which Doesn't Pay

All sorts of dodges have been tried to put the inspectors off the scent. Cut-price firms have been known to purchase packets in the ordinary way from other retailers, and even from automatic machines, and then retail them over their own counters. Obviously that meant trading at a loss, though it brought innocent traders under suspicion for a time.

Chocolates A Different Problem

The chocolate firms have been impressed by the success of the tobacco firms' scheme, and recently drew up a scheme on similar lines.

It failed. All the leading manufacturers would not fall into line. Also, the Tobacco Trust is in a stronger position to control raw material and supplies than the chocolates' and sweets' manufacturers.

It is interesting to learn, by the way, that the retailers' profit on cigarettes and tobacco is 18 per cent., and on chocolates and sweets 33 per cent.


A Booklet for June

As a companion to his Little Book of the Blessed Eucharist, published a few years ago, Mr. Brian O'Higgins, of Dublin, sends forth The Little Book of the Sacred Heart. This booklet, in all but the universal appeal of its subject matter, is one hundred per cent. Irish : Irish piety has written the prayer-poem on every page; Irish art has inspired the tracery, in colours, which forms the page-by-page adornment; Irish artistry has made the drawings and has beautifully hand written the text; and lastly, Irish printers have done their part well. The little book costs, like its predece,ssor, a shilling.

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