Page 13, 18th June 1937

18th June 1937
Page 13
Page 13, 18th June 1937 — : CHILDREN'S CATHOLIC HERALD :

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Locations: Saint George's, London


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John McDonald, age i i years. Dear Sir Here is my entry for the Competition entitled " What I did on Coronation Day " 1 awoke at 8.15 a.m. washed and dressed myself by 8.45 am. On having my breakfast I ran on a few messages to a few shops which happened to be open luckily. 1 then went to 9.45 Mass with the Te Deum and short Benediction after. After aiding the altar for I am an Altar Boy I hurried home to listen in to the Coronation Service on the wireless. As I listened I thought how wonderful it was to hear the Coronation as well as the Peers and Peeressess us! 18o miles away from London. At a quarter to two I went in to my dinner and ate a good one. A quarter of an hour later a friend called and asked me to play cricket. 1 obliged him and played till 5.45 returning for my tea. I then listened to the Empire Broadcast the speech by Stanley Baldwin and the Speech by his Majesty the King and Coronation Party on the national programme. At teno' clock I went to bed after a very happy day My name is John McDonald and my age is 11 years John F. Stephen, age 8.

Dear Editor, We had a procssion, and there were prizes for the best dressed-up people. Later on, there were sports, but when there had been only three races it began pour with rain, so we had to stop.

We had a Scots flag a Saint George's flag a Saint Andrew's flag and a Union Jack on our house.

Paul. Clevelly, age 12.

Dear Children's Catholic Herald Editor, In our village there was a procession of decorated carts and cars which were very pretty. They were covered with gaily-coloured flowers and flags. I saw very well. Then I listened in. It was very beautiful. At night there was a huge bonfire and people sang songs very late.

I hope you had a nice time on Coronation day to.

Georgina O'Sullivan, age 7.

Deer Mr Editer, On corolation day mother woke us up and said we must be quik and get up or we coud not see the percession. So we took things to eat and a man in front lost his hat and 1 coud see lotts of solders and pleesemen and it was the corolation.

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