Page 7, 18th June 1954

18th June 1954
Page 7
Page 7, 18th June 1954 — New priests for Britain and Ireland

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People: John Gibbons (Edinburgh), D. Daly, Ernest Thomas Bassett, James O'Brien, John William Harden, Michael Winter, John Sheehy, Alfred Florio, Gerald Coates, Gerald Collins, Anthony Abbotts, John Beirne, Philip Mathias, John O'Callaghan (Brentwood), Peter Barbyer, John Wynne, Edmund Daly, Edward Holmes, Oswald Charleton, Henry Hill, Michael Lane, P. Murphy, John Castelli, Edgar Dunn, Edward Bell, Michael Lace, Reilly Molloy, Casimir Zalewski, John Norton, Alexander Fraser, Anthony Sacre (Westminster), J. O'Byrne, John McCormack, John McDonald (Westminster), Peter Haynes, John Cunningham (Aberdeen), Peter Guy, Martin McGagh, Gordon Simmons, Ballieston, Harold Hamill, Adrian Arrowsmith, Patrick Chick, John Harden (Brentwood), Francis Rorhla (Westminster), Roderic McDermott, Thomas Mulv, John Davies, Stanislaus Roman, John Curtis, John Galvin, John Maxwell, Austin Klein (Dunkeld), John Sullivan, W. Doyle, M. T. Larkin, Bernard Thom, Ronald Bustin, Peter Bentley, Philip O'Mara (Nottingham), Anthony Quinn, John Sweeney, Ellis-Deacons, Benedict Bryning, Patrick Lyons, Hugh Molloy, Roger Lesser (Ajmer), Richard Veal, John Gualzatta, Anthony Llewhellin (Portsmouth), Preston Park, John Berry, David Konstant, Ronald Duggan, Raymond Evans, Terence McLean-Wilson, D. Murphy, Christopher Laughton-Mathews, Leonard Turner, Peter McKeesick (Edinburgh), Bruno Rowswell Bro, Patrick Temp


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New priests for Britain and Ireland

SDCTEEN students from St. Edmund's College, Ware, were ordained on Saturday; 13 of them for the Westminster Diocese were ordained by Cardinal Griffin in Westminster Cathedral.

Among 105 students to the priesthood who have recently been ordained in six Irish colleges are at least 32 who will work in England, Wales and Scotland.

Fr. John William Harden, ordained by Bishop Beck at Chelmsford, was probably the first priest to he ordained in the town since the Reformation.

For the first time in four years a newly ordained member of the Nottingham Cathedral parish said his first Mass in the Cathedral on Sunday. He is Fr. Ronald Bustin and his ordination took place at Upholland College the previous day.

Nottinghem.-Bishop Ellis on Sunday ordained the following to the priesthood in Nottingham Cathedral : Fr. John Berry and Fr. John Sullivan.

Holy Ghost Fathers.-The following students of St. Joseph's College, Upton Hall, Newark, have been ordained by Bishop Ellis-Deacons: The Revv. John Beirne. Edward Holmes, Martin McGagh, Stanislaus Roman and John Wynne. Subdeaeon: The Rev. Peter Haynes, C.S.Sp.

English College, Lisbon.-On Saturday Fr. Gerald Collins was ordained to the priesthood. He will work in the Nottingham diocese.

St. Edmund's College, Ware.-in Westminster Cathedral on Saturday Cardinal Griffin ordained the following priests: The Revv. Ernest Thomas Bassett, David Konstant, Patrick Lyons, Adrian Arrowsmith, Harold Hamill, Cathal McGonagle. John Galvin, Alfred Florio. John Norton, John Sweeney, Raymond Evans. James O'Brien, Christopher Laughton-Mathews. (All for the Westminster diocese.) At St. Brigid's, Ballieston, Bishop Walsh conferred the priesthood on the Rev. Peter McKeesick (Edinburgh).

On the same day the following were ordained at St. Edmund's College by Archbishop Myers-Diaconate: The Rev. Peter Bentley (Cong. Orate) Subdiaconate : The Revv. John Gibbons (Edinburgh), Anthony Sacre (Westminster), Francis Rorhla (Westminster), Austin Klein (Dunkeld), Alan Bode (Westminster), Philip O'Mara (Nottingham), Roger Lesser (Ajmer), Anthony Llewhellin (Portsmouth), John McDonald (Westminster), John Cunningham (Aberdeen).

On the same day at the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Chelmsford, Essex, Bishop Beck conferred the priesthood on the Rev. John Harden (Brentwood) and the suhdiaconate on the Rev. John O'Callaghan (Brentwood).

The following students recently ordained in Ireland will work in dioceses in England, in Wales or Scotland:

St. Patrick's College, Carlow.-The Revv. M. Daily, J. J. Sullivan. S. P. Dillon. W. O'Connor, D. Daly (Salford), A Briscoe (Clifton). J. O'Byrne (Plymouth), M. Kenny (subdiaconate) (Southwark). Three priests and four suhdeacons were ordained for the Scottish dioceses of Motherwell, Paisley and Edinburgh.

St. Kieran's College, Kilkenny.-The Revv. W. Doyle (Shrewsbury), W, Bennett. D. O'Brien, P. O'Connor, R.. Cass, J. F. Brady, W. O'Gorman, D. O'Connor, J. R. Conaty, P. Magner (Hexham and Newcastle), M. Scanlan, D. Murphy (Lancaster), P. Murphy (Leeds), P. Kerrisk (Cardiff). Two priests were ordained to work in Paisley. ope for Glasgow and one for Motherwell.

St. Patrick's College,Thurles.-The Rev. M. T. Larkin (Clifton), and two priests for Paisley.

St. Peter's College, Wexford.-The Revs,, C. Mullaney, C. Haverty, J. Costellee, two priests for Edinburgh, one for Glasgow and one for Motherwell.

Birmingham.-The following for the Birmingham diocese were ordained by Bishop Quinn at Cavan on Saturday : The Rem Philip O'Reilly and Hugh Molloy.

Southwark.Bishop Cowderoy of Southwark has conferred the following orders. At St. John's Seminary, Wonersh. on Ember Saturday. Priesthood: The Revv. Michael Lace. Philip Mathias, Roderic McDermott, Thomas Mulv e y, Richard Veal, Bernard Thom, Gerald Coates. Michael Lane, John Maxwell, John McCormack, Ronald Duggan, John Castelli, Leonard Turner. Alexander Fraser, Gordon Simmons. Diaconate : Bro. John Davies, Bro. Bruno Rowswell Bro. Benedict Bryning, Bro. Raymund Hewlett. 0.F.M.. Cap. Subdiaconate : Edward Bell, 'Dominic !Mulhern, Peter Barbyer, Terence McLean-Wilson, Edmund Daly. Anthony Abbotts, Philip de Putron, Michael Winter, Oswald Charleton, John Gualzatta, Peter Guy, Edgar Dunn, Anthony Quinn.

At St. Mary's, Preston Park. on Trinity Sunday : Priesthood: The Revv. Patrick Temp, Patrick Chick. John Sheehy, Casimir Zalewski. Ord. Carth. Diaconate: The Rev. Edward Bell.

At St. John the Baptist's, Purley, on the Feast of Corpus Christi: Priesthood: The Revv. John Curtis, Henry Hill.

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