Page 9, 18th June 1965

18th June 1965
Page 9
Page 9, 18th June 1965 — EPISCOPAL ENGAGEMENTS carotid neeaRn et WeefraInsters-Surislay: Visitation, Sudbury, Monday; Dinner

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EPISCOPAL ENGAGEMENTS carotid neeaRn et WeefraInsters-Surislay: Visitation, Sudbury, Monday; Dinner

7fueSescicauyi:ar 1C4s'i8c1VeaCt'Hminer MFausT,I, .6certe lin Try. Mel-nations. Tower Hill, 6.30 p.m. Thersday: Inaugural meeting, Salvation Army centenary celebrations, Albert Hall, 3 p.m, Aechhkhop ileek of LIverpool.-Sunday: Contrmation, St. Amon's, 4 om.; WI!, M. Austin's, 7 p.m, Monday: Attend. joint service of dedication of West Deem cemetery Chapel, 3 p.m.; confirmation, visitation., Holy 'Ulnae. 7 rana. Wednesday: Presides, meeting of Diocesan Schools' Commissioners, K.S.C. Club, London, 10.30 sits.: PresideS. C.E.C. executive meeting, K.5.C. Crab, London, 230 mm. Thursday: Conarmatlan. visitation, Bishup Eton, 7 o Whop Parker of Norteompton.-Sunday: Visitation. tonfera and Brandon, a.m.: oCoxrupourosuCboristtittancessiopninond .avvontfldr7e.asdtlarylo.., Chapter and pawi diocesan mecting.s. Northampton. Thursday: Confirmation, St. Frances Cabana Bedford. jam, ,

Bishop OM of Nottingham.-Sunday: Visitation, confirmation, Buxton. Tuesday:

Visitation. confirmation. All Saints. Glossop. Wednesday; Visitation, coal-imitation, Hasson, Thursday; Opens garden party, Dane Hills Old Peonies Home. Leicester; blesses and openg new pariah hell, Macs Monson Estate, Leicester.

Smaillnadid'a:s7iporA„noBninkuab.nin'Coer Corpus Crirldsldliellshrrecatshlo.7,

Bishop Pelil of Meneyist.-Sattadm: Prite-aiving, Recoil Consent. Sunday: visitation, confirmation, Bteeon. MondayThursday: F.S.A. conference. Hoddesdenluesday: Valladalid Association meeting. London,

ll Holland of Selford.-Sunday: Visitation, confirm al tun, Huly Saviour. Nelson. Monday: Visitation, St. Joseph's, Acetineton. Wednesday: Meeting. Diocesan Finanec Board. 19.45 a.111.1 present prizes, Ss. Joan Fisher and Thomas Mule School, Colne, 7.30 p.m. 'Thursday: Official opening f Si. Joseph the Worker. Mans, p.m. Bishop Restleatrxof Plyntordh.-Sunday: Corpus Christi procession, St. Boniface College, 3 p.m. Bishop Wall of Brentwoocl.-Sauday: Visitation. confirmation, Our Lady of Lourdes. LeIgh-on-Sea. 3 p.m. Tuesday: Visitation. confirmation, St. Thomas of Canterbury. Grays. 7.30 pan. Bishop Clinnlogbana of Hexttam and Newcastle,-Tuesday: Visitation, confirmation, West Auckland, 7 pan. Wednesday: Blesses, opens new church of Our Lady Queen or Peace, Penshaw, 11 a.m. Thursday: Visitation, confirmation, Witton Park, 7 masa Bishop Foley of Lancasiere-Fridase Confirmation, St. Maria COM 11. Preston, 7 p.m. Saturday: Lays foundation stone. St. Edward's School, Futwood, 3 p.m. Sunday: Visitation. 11 a.m.; confirMation, ciii.o.nuirrenotvaatiiouisl: uleircesssciodn, sa3c.p.mei;t. Tiu,reescis Preston. 7,30 p.m. Wednesday: Confirmation, Mirehouse, 6.30 p.m. 'Thursday: Ordination, Austin Friars, Carlisle. 11 a.m.: Freels Stations of the Cross, Alston, 6.3() tam. Mabee Gram of Sbrowshnry.-Suntlay: Visitation. confirmation, St. Augustine's, Latchford. Monday: Visitation. Latchford. inursdam Attends NMI meeting, Lyrnnt.

ORDINATIONS Al Wr,intinsier Cathedral: Revs'. Brendan Searle, Michael Garnett, fames Wootoughan. Philip rawerryhouse. George Ennis, Henry Carlin. Stephen Delanc. Kevin Moran, John CEOW/eY. Chlistopher Fullerton. 0 S.C. (by Cardinal Heenan).

At St. Edmund's College: Rev. Andrew Laverty, (by Bishop Craven).

At Up Holland: Rom P. Silbert, A. Grrffin, .3. Walsh. J.. Shennan, )3, Jackson, A. G. Reynolds (by Archbishop Beck for Liverpool Archdlocce). Revs. J. K. Kenny, P. G. Knowle, (by Bishop lialland ma Salford). Rey. I . I Men thy Bishop Foley of Lancaster), Res J. Madden AwrOcohla)Ishoty McQuaid of Dublin tor

(byBient d

At Douglas, I.O.M.: Rem Edwarvidi,„1-1haneal land (by Bishop Parker of Northampton). At SI. Aune's Cathedral, Leschis Revv, John Gott. David ArmItane,

so, Michael Kea Is Christopher 1 Is _acon

Nealol Josersh Taylor (by Bishop Dwaera

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