Page 9, 18th June 1971

18th June 1971
Page 9
Page 9, 18th June 1971 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS I

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Organisations: Lancaster University, S.C. Club, Catholic Women's League, Newcastle Council of Christians and Jews, Justice and Peace Commission, Ushaw College, DiclIbury, Service of Reparation, Zambian Mission Fund, Council of Administration, A.G.M. Chaplaincy Fund, Richard's Church, East London Teachers Federation, Girls' School, Peace Commission, Notre College Of Education, Primary School, Mount Pleasant Training College, Valladolid Association, St. Bede's College, Diocesan Education Commission for Surrey, Peace Committee of Justice, Paul's Church, Parish Centre, Clergy Senate, Review Committee, Lady's Church, Society Garden Party, St. Mark's Secondary School, Lourdes Church, St. Winifred's Seccaidary School, Liturgical Commission, Guild of Blessed Sacrament Rally, University of East Anglia


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Cardina/ Heenan of WestminSterFriday: Otters Mass end presents Papal Award, Sacred Heart Conyent, Hammersmith, 2.30. Saturday: Says Mass for Puerl Cantores, 3 B ishop Guanellf, Auxiliary ol Westminster-Sunday: Celebrates Civic Mass, St. Ann's. Underwood Road 11. Mass and Confirmation, Cathedral, 5.30. Monday: Attends Centenary Celebrations, East London Teachers Federation, York Hall. E.2, 6. Tuesday: Man end Confirmation. Churah of Blessed Sacra. meet. Copenhagen Street. 7.30. Wednesday. Attends Meeting of Liturgical Commission. K S.C. Club, 5.

B ishop Mahan, Auxiliary of Westminster-Sunday: Confirmation, Wembley. 5. Tuesday: Guild of Blessed Sacrament Rally, Cathedral, 8. Wednesday: Council of Administration, 11. Confirmation, Yearling, 11,30 Thursday: Confirmation, Stroud Green. 7.15. Friday. Justice and Peace Meeting, Totteridge, 6.

Archbishop Dwyer of BirminghamSunday: Celebrates Mass. Parish Centre, Alvechurch. Worcester, 9.30. Attends Anti-Abortion Rally, Birmingham, 2.30. Mceutay: Mass and Confirmation, Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Yardley Wood, 7. Tuesday: Vises Sick and Schools, St. Anne's Parish. 10.30. Mass and Confirmation, St. Ambrose Barlow Church. Hall Green, 7. Thursday: Mass for Catholic Women's League at Shrine of St. 'John Wall. Worcester. 12. Attends Catholic Women's League Annual Luncheon. Guildhall. Worcester. Friday: Attends Meeting of Diocesan Trustees, 3.

Bishop Cleary. Auxiliary 01 Birmintsham-Friday: Visitation. Mass and Conhrmation. Our Lady's Church, Southern, 7. Sunday: Mass and Confirmation for Italian Children, St. Peter and Paul's Church. WolyerharrptOn. 12.30.

Archbishop Beck of LiverpoolFriday: Concelebration of Reparation in Cathedral, B. Sunday: Attends Rally for Brothels of the Assumption, Spode House. 12.30. Monday: Concelebrates Mass for St. John Rigby. St. Joseph's. WrightIngton, 7.30. Tuesday: Meeting of Governors of Notre College Of Education. Wednesday: Confirmation, Our Lady's. Fleet Lane, St. Helen's, p.m. Thursday: Attends ┬░inning of second Mersey Tunnel by Her Majesty the Queen.

Bishop Harris, Auxiliary of Liver

pool-Saturday: Attends interview Board for candidates tor the Priesthood, a.m. Attends Recital of Music at Cathedra/. 6. Sunday: Visitation, St. Ambrose. Speke. Monday: Attends Council of Administration. Tuesday: Visitation of schools and sick, St. Ambrose. Speke, a.m. Confirmations, St. Ambrose, Speke. P.m. Wednesday: Celebrates Mass. All Hallows Girls' School. Speke. 9.30. Attend, Mass at St Matthews, Liverpool, 11. Thursday: Concelebrates Mass, Mount Pleasant Training College. 3.

B ishop Gray. Auxiliary of LiverpoolSunday: Mass, St. Monica's Church, Bootie. 11. Leeds Blessed Sacrament Procession, 4. Celebrates Mass and preaches. 6-30. Tuesday: Visitation of schools and sick. St. Eiwabeth's, Littlerland, 10.30. Wednesday: Attends meeting 'Call to the North'. King's Manor, York, 11. Thursday: Attends function St. Winifred's Seccaidary School. Liverpool. 2.30. Friday: Celebrates Mass and Conhrmation, St. Ambrose's. Astley. 7.30,

Archbishop Cowderoy of SouthwarkSaturday: Mass for Knights of the Holy Sepulchre. Cathedral. 11. Sunday: Mass, Visitation and Confirmation. Cherlton, Folkestone, 3. Monday: Visitation and Confirmation. Margate. 7.30. Wednesday: Mass. Visitation and Confirmation at Cliftonville, 7. Thursday: Mass, Visitation and Confirmation at Farnborough. Kent, 7 30.

Bishop Warlock of PortsmouthSaturday: Mass In honour of St. Edmund Campion. Lyford Grange. Wantage, 4. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Chandler's Ford. Wednesday: Meeting of Review Committee, Westminster. Confirmation. Lymington. 7. Thursday: Opens new school. Andover. 3.30.

B ishop Grant of NorthamptonFriday: Attends Deanery Conference. Celina Saturday: Attends Meeting Of Peace Committee of Justice and Peace Commission. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. Marlow.

B ishop Clark, Auxiliary of Northampton-Sunday: Chaplaincy Mass, University of East Anglia, 10. C.W.L. Rally. Felixstowe Convent, 2.30. Wednesday: Commission Meetiog, Westminster, 10.

C.M.A.C. Meeting, Cambi Woe, p.m. Thursday: Confirmation. English Martyrs, Cambridge. Friday: CRCR/RC Meeting. Westminster, 11.30.

Bishop Ellis of Nottingham-Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. St. Bernadette's. Scunthorpe, 11. Tuesday:

Visitation a n d Confirmation. Crowle. 7. Wednesday. Visitation and Confirmation, Barton on Humber. 7. Thursday: Visitation and Confirmation, Market Rasen, 6.30.

B ishop Holland of Salford-Saturday: Rescue Society Garden Party, DiclIbury, 3. Sunday: Pontifical Sung Mass, Mayora Sunday. Salford Cathedral, 11. Confereme. Gresmarth University Hall of Residence, Victoria Park. 1. Monday: Profession, Carmelite Monastery, Kersal, 3.30 Tuesday: Requiem Mass, St. John's, Rochdale, 11. Valladolid Association, Midland Hotel, Manchester. 1. Blessing and opening, St. Mark's Secondary School. Didsbury. 7.30. Wednesday:

Begins Visitation, St. Joseph's, Accrington. 303.. FiTriec,uprstdioany: foarchHoo.mis Commission, MancheSter Town Hall, 12. May for Viateres Christi, St. Augustine's, Mans Chester, 7.30. Sunday: Visitation, 10.10. Confirmation.tshop R u d dSot hJcramseoP ' Cs .1 I: occnr-i n cistuonnd, a y3:.

Priestley Ordination of Rev. Michael Davies. Pro-Cathedral, 11.15.

B Ishop Restieaux of Plymouth-Sun day: Visitation and Confirmation. CreditOn, 3. Monday to Friday: Attends Clergy Retreat at Buckfast Abbey,

Bishop Lindsay, Auxiliary of Hexharn and Newcastle-Sunday: Preaches at broadcast Mass, St. James. Hebburn, 10.30. Visit and Confirmation. St. Cuthbert's HartleP001, 3.30. Monday: Attends Inaugural meeting of the Newcastle Council of Christians and Jews, 5. Wednesday: Meeting of Review Committee. Westminster, Thursday: Concelebrates Mass, Priory Of St. Mary and St, Oswin. Tynemouth, 7.

Bishop Wheeler of Leeds-Sunday: Visitation, Civic Sunday. and Confirmation, St. Joseph's Barnoldswick, Monday: A.G.M. Chaplaincy Fund committee, Leeds Chaplaincy, 7.30. Tuesday:,idMeastthaetwsc, Wednesday:o n cAe el tb'rlt┬░end Mass, Leeds C.W.L., St. Anne's Cathedral, 7.30. Thursday: Confirmation, Chickenley. Friday: Opening of St. Patrick's Primary School. Huddersfield.

Bishop Foley of Lancaster-Friday: Says Mass and Preaches for closing of the Novena Of Reparation at the Shrine. Blackpool, 7.30. Saturday: Attends Sale of Work, Zambian Mission Fund. 2. unsay: Visitation and Confirmation, SS. Peter and Paul. Savick, Preston, 71. Attends Service of Reparation. Cathedral, 3.30. Tuesday: Meeting of Deans. Lancaster, 11. Wednesday, Garden Fete, La Sagesse Convent. Blackpool, 2. Thursday: Clergy Senate Meeting, Chaplaincy. Lancaster University. 2. Visitation and Confirmation, St. William, PillIng, 7.

Bishop Bowen 01 Arundel and Brighton--Saturday: Opens Garden Fete, St. Christopher's Home, Walton-onThames, 2.30. Celebrates Mass. Horsham. Meets Parishioners, 6.30. Sunday: Celebrates Mass In presence of Mayor and Council. St. Richard's Church, Chichester, 9.30. Confirmation. St. Wilfrid's school, Crawley, 3.30. Monday: Meeting of Diocesan Education Commission for Surrey, 8. Tuesday: Celebrates Mass. Church of SS John Fisher and Thomae More, Bramley. Meets ParishionerS. 7.30. Thursday: Celebrates Mass and Presides at Day Of Recollection for housebound invalids at Bishop'S House. St. Joseph's Hall, StOrrington.


Fr. Peter Purcell, parish priest of St. Mary's, Haslingden, Lanes., since 1951, aged 70. He was born at Heywood, Lancs., and educated at St. Bede's College, Manchester; Ushaw College, Durham and the Grand Seminaire, Amiens. He was ordained in 1925 at St. Joseph's, Heywood.

After serving as curate in various parishes in the Salford diocese he was parish priest at St. Vincent's, Spotland from 1942 to 1949 and then for two years at St. Joseph's, Nelson, before going to St. Mary's. Ile was named Rural Dean in 1961, a post he held until his resignation in 1969.

Fr. BoIestaw Polak, chaplain to Polish Catholics in Rochdale and Oldham, aged 55. Ile was born in Poland, and taken prisoner by the Germans in 1939. He escaped to England via Rumania and France. and served with the Polish Forces before being released to study for the priesthood.

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