Page 9, 18th June 1982

18th June 1982
Page 9
Page 9, 18th June 1982 — Bishops Engagements

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Bishops Engagements

Cardinal Hume, Archbishop of Westminster:

Friday-Wednanaday: American Conference of Bishops In-Service at St John's. Coliegeville. Min nesote. USA.

Archbishop Warlock Of Livered:A: Fdday: Appointment of Ecumenicai Officer, Liverpool Cathedral, 10,30am. Saturdays Interviews candidetem for the priesthood, Curial office* Sunday: Visitation end confirmation, SS Peter and Pout Mawdsey. Monday: Law corer., sleeting. Methodiet, Centre, sm, Tuesdey: Visits Primary achool, Mewdeley, 2.30prn, Wednesday: Thingwall Hall Training Centre. 11.45arn Mass, Diaconate Group. Archbishop's House, 6.30prn. CIIR meeting, St Katherine's College. 6.30ipm. Thursday: LIKE Meeting, St Katherina' Collage, dent. Admisrion tø candidacy permanent disconste, Sit Matthew.. Clubmoor. Bpro Archbishop Alexander of Clifton: Friday: La Retralte mass ef Thenksgivreg, Cilium Cathedral. 7.30pm. Saturdiry: Visitation, St Aldhelm'e Pariah, Malinesbury, 4pm. 22222 Visitation, Malmesbury.

M Barn, 9 15am and 10.30am Mass and con. Sensation 3.30pm. Monday: Attends Sherbouroe Caterilan Associetion Dinner, Yeovil, 8.15pm. Tuesday: Presents prices at SI. Thornes Mors Comprehensive School. Bristol. Sports Day. 17 noon. Mica. 2 15pm. Mess, St Joseph's Centenary, Eitidgwaler, 7.30pm. Wednesday: Attends Diocesan Council of Priests meeting, Newman Hell, Westbury-on-Trine, 11em. Maas and confirmation, St Auguatine's Church, Downend. 7.30Pm. Thinedey: Mass and dedicates St Bernard's Church. Shirehampton. 7pm_ Bithop Brower, Auxillary or Shrewsbury: Friday : Meeting of Telford Area interdenominational Committee. Telford. 10ani. Formal opening of Dehon House, pm. Baturda,r: First Conn',union Maas. Holy Family, Sale Moor. 150th anniversery celebrations of she Fouridatinn of the Cnrigregetluon of the Slaters of St Joseph of the Apparition, Our Lady. Rowdon Vale, 3prn. SaturdayMontley: Visitation and Confirmation. Sr Joseph, Sale Meader; Attends Secular Clergy Fund Luncheon. Ellesmere Port, Wednesday: Confirmation at the Cathedral, Shrewshury, 7pm. Thursday: Attends Northern Bishops Committee Meeting..

H ealewood Castle, North Yorks.

Bishop Surke, Auxiliary of Salford: Friday: Visiix Sr Joseph's, Heywood Sunday: CenfirrnatIon. St John's Cathedral. Salford, 11 ans

B lessed Secramert Procession, Manchester, 2 30ons.

B ishop Clark of East Anglia: Saturoay: Ordination to me priesthood. Our Lady Immaculate and Sr Ethedrede. Newmarket. 2pm. Sunday: Coefirmutions. St John's, Norwich. Installation ef Polish Mernerla I. MOnday-Tuericiey: Visitation and Confirmation. St Ertnendis School, Bury Si Edmunds Thureday: Confirmation, Sr Thomas of Centerbury, Brandon, Suffolk B ishop Cleary, Auldltary Of Birmingham: Sunday: Mete and confirmation, SI Edwardie, Sally Park, Birmingham 3p.m. Mast. and confirmation. St Patrick s, Wolvethempton. Bern Monday: Mass and confirmation, Cniptre Christi, Wedresfield. Tern. Tuesday: Mass and confirmation, St Paters. °Ipswich, 7pm. Wednesday, Mass and Confirmation, Holy Trinity Bilston, Elprn. Thursday: Mass and Confirmation, Sr John she Baptist. Cheirnsiey Weed B lithe, Emery of Portsmouth: Friday: Confirmation, St Joseph's, Tilahurst, Reading. 7pm Saturday: Governors meeting. Plater Collage. OduiP Sunday: Confirmation. Our Lady of Lourdes nun St Bernadette. Panghouree Rusks. 11 15ern. Wedrusday: Opening of New Craft Wing. St Peter's School, BerumeMeLlth. Thunder Council ol Priests meeting. Park Place, Pastoral centre, Wickham. Confirmation St Joseph's. Maidenhead, 7pm.

B ishop Foley of Lancaster: Friday: Mace for Cm-rummy of Founder of the Congregation of Sisters of The Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Chigwall Convent, [son,. 1 fern. Sunday: Visitation. Sr Margaret Mary_ Carlisle. 113.30ern Confirmation 3pm. Monday: Diecesen Clergy Retreat, Brettergh Hie: Kendal.

B ishop Gram or Northampton: SaturdaySunday: Visit:mine and Confirmation. Olney Monday: Confirmation, St Gregory's, Northampton. Tuesday: Confirmation, Garrerdie Crete. Wednesday: Jubilee celebration, Sr Brambles. Corby..Thureder Conlienation, Stopsley.

B ishop Gray, of Shrewsbury: Friday: Attends the opening of Dehon House. Diocesan Youth Centre, Hooton. Wham, 7pm. Saturday; Macs with the Children of All Saints Parish, Telford. 10.308m. Sunday: Attends Civic Service, Parish Church, Sandbech, 3pm. Wednesday: Mass, St Fraeuia, Chester, 7.30pm_ Thursday: Confirmation, St Mary's. Crewe, 7prn.

B ishop Ouarxiiii, Bishop in East London: Saturday: Laity Comrniasinn. am. Sunday: 5.30pro, Mondey: Provincial Assembly, Brothers of St John of God. Tuesday: Car le mation, Clues Road, 7.30om Wednsaday: CLIA. 10am Confirmation, Oues Road. 7.30pm. Thursdiy: Here Street, bOtur B ishop H•rds of Middlesbrough: Frklay: Mass. Sacred Heart School, Rados', 9.30pm. Mass. Church, Middlesbrough, 7.30pm, elerinds Priestly Silva! Jubilee Celebration: .8c.rd.y ed H At lends Joseph's Church. Stekeeley, Bern. Tuesday: Ordains Rev Dasay, Sacred Heart Church, Middlesbrough. 7pm.

Bishop Hervey, Bishop In North London: Saturrlay-Sunday: Pastoral visit St Joseph, VYealdstons Monday: eatechetice meeting. St Joseph's, Hendon, 4pm. Ccrifiren1110n, St Joseph, Wealdstrase, 7 15pm Tuesday: Mass, St Ignatius primary echoed, Stamford Hill, a 30am. Confirmation, Sr Joseph, Wealdstone, 7.15pm. Wednesday: COA 10am. Thursday: Ordination, St Peter-in-Chains, Stroud Green. 7prn, B ishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark: Saturday: Guild of St Stephen Diocesan Pilgrimage and enrolment ceremony. Ayieslord, 11am. Sunday: Ordinetion to the Diaconate, with Mass, West Norwood. 12 noon. Mast end confirmation, EMI% 3pm. Visits the Scalatoini Fathers, Italian MiSSirso Reston, 7pm. Monday: Presides at Diocesan Finance meeting, 1 lam. Tiawday: Visits, Sr Patrick's School, Plunistead. 0.30ern-3pm. Mass 8nd confirmation. Lee. 7.30pm. Wednesday: Presides at iha Silver Jubilee Anniversary Mass, Plurnstead, 7.30pm. Thursday: Visits St Anthony's School, Dulwich, 9.30am to 3pm. Mess end confirmation. Sydenhem. 7.30timi B ishop Hitchan, Auxillery of Liverpool: Friday: Conaultation on Adult Christian Education, • Uphotiand Monday: Mass for the Knights of St Columba. 50th Annilversary, VVerrington, 7.30prn. Monday-Friday: Retreat. Uphoiland, B ishop Holland of Salford: Saturday: Rescue Snreety. Garden Party, Didebury. 3pm Sunday: Blessed Sacrament Procession, Crown Squere to Albert Square, Manchester, 2.30pm. Wtoe311:r:dayi English College, Trerelees. 'Medley Hall. 11.30sm. Thursday: Board of Adminietration,

BNhop Jukes, Auxiliary of Southwark:

S aturday: Ordination to Me priesthood, St Andrews', Thornton Heath. 11am. dddddd y: Ordinal:on. to tha permanent Diaconate. Chatham, 7.30prn Wedneodey: Chaira meeting, on Laborerr, En-in:eon Whsi Melling Thuraary: Confirmation. Stood, 7 30pre

Blahop Konstent, Bishop In Cannel London:

Friday: Chipanment of Catechetios, Notre Dame, Leirerl>00l. Saturday : ACE Consultation, Upholland. Monday: Visas Personia Green Parish. Tuesday: North Kensington Deanery. 11am. Confirmation. Fulham, Bpm. Wednesday: GOA Archbiehap'a House, 10am, Confirmations. Fulham, Bpm. lhurecley: Confirmation, litayswater, 7.30prn_

Bishop tindeay of Hasham end Newcastle:

Friday: Meeting of North East Ecumenical Group, Auckland Cantle, 2.30pre Saturday: Interviews Church Studenta. St Cuthheres Grammer School, Newcastle, 1pm, Sunday: Visitation and confirmation, St Mary's, Whittinghern, 3,30mm. Tuesday: Attends Deacon Course, Minsteracrea. Thuredey: Visitetion and confirmation, St Alden's. Seshouses. 7prn.

B ishop MoCartle, Auxiliary of Birmingham:

Sunday: Mass and confirmation. St Augustine. Coventry, I 2 noon. Service commemorating deceased of HMS Coventry, Coventry Cathedral, 3pm. Mass and confirmation. Christ the King, Coventry, 6pm. Monday: Visitation schools and sick, Guardian Angela. Castle Bromwic h, 9.30am, Tuesday: Visitation and Confirmation St Mary's, Warwick, 7.30pm. Wednesday: Visitation. St Augustine's, Solihull. Thursday: Visitation, Mother of God, Castle Bromwich. Mass And Confirmations, St Augustine. Solihull, 7.30eln• Ilishop McGuinness of Nottingham: Friday: Schools commissiort, St Paul's. Nottingham, 2pm. Seturdiry: Ordination of John McCay, London Colony, 12 noon. Sunday: Golden Jubilee Masa, Mgr Krayzanowski. Nottingham, It am. Pilgrimage, Rodsiey. pm Monday: Justice and Peace meeting, Sacred Heart, Rearsby.7,30pm, Tuesday: Visitation and confirmation, Lutterworth, 7pm Wednesday: Assocetion of Religious. Cathedral, 2.30pm. Thursday: Silver Jubilee of Our Lady's Primary school. Bidwell. Mass, I lam, Nottingham. Governors' Meeting, Tollerton 5.30pm, Mufti-Resist Concert, St Bernadette's School, Nottingham, 7.30prn.

B ishop McMahon of Ihnintwood: Friday: Mate, Centenary celebration Chigwell Convent, 1 tarn. Consecretee Church of the Holy Redeemer, Harold Hill, Bpm. Saturday: Attends Official opening of Church of the Holy Trinity, South Woodharn, Ferrara. 3pmSunday: Preaches at United Reformed Church. Ingetesione. 170th anniversary. Attends Service tor Mentally Handicapped. South Ockendon Hospital, 3pm. Tuesday: Preaches for Patronsl Facet Allen Hall, Chelsea. 12 noon. Attends Parish Council meeting. Stock, pen. Wednesday: Visitation and confirmation. St Joseph's. Chedwell-ST-Mary. Thuraday: Attends owletosi of Senate of Priests, Ursuline Convent, Brentwood, 2.30prn.

Bishop Mahon,. Bishop in Wad London: Friday: Celebrates centenary Mess, Sacred Heart Church, Teddington, 7.30pm. Saturday-Monday: Visitation, South Rulslie. Monday: Meets young people, Upper Thames Deanery, pm. Tuesday: Aree Senate of Priests, Ealing Abbey, 10.30am. Wednesday: Council of Diocesan Affairs, 10am, Mass, St Etheireda's, Ely Pler.e, 6.30em B ishop Moverley of Hallam: Frklay: Mass for simple profession, Carmelite Monastery, 3pm. fiturday: Interviews church students. Cathedral, 2.30em. Sunday: Diocesan Pilgrimage to Welsingiium Monday: Meeting of Finance Board. 10.30am. Tuesday: Patrionst Feast of St John Fisher School Mess, leandsworth, 11em Auditornotary conference. Whitlow Grange, 40m, INednescley: AGM of Rescue Society Trinity and All Saints College, Leeds, 7.30pm, Thureday: Governors' meeting at Trinity end All Saints College. 11am.

B ishop O'Connor, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Sunday: Confirmation, St Anne's. Overbite, Street, Liverpool, 11am to 5 30pm.

Bishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel and

B righton: Friday-Saturday: Laity Commission, London, Saturday-Sunday: Visitation. East Grinstead, Tuesday: Attends meeting of Chapter, Sorrietpun. am Wednesday: Attends meeting of Deanery Confirmation, Co-ardinators, Christian Education Centre, Crawley Thursday: Attends meeting of Council of Priests, Storrington, am.

B ishop O'Brien, Bishop in Hertfordshire: Friday: Confirmation, St Vincent's, Potters Hat, 7.30pm. Saturday: Dedication of Ecumenical chapel of .Christ the King, Symonds Green, Stevenage 2.30pm. Sunday: Visitation, Sacred Heart Church, Bushey Tuesday: Valladolid priest reunion at All Saints Pastoral Centre, 1.30prn. Herbs Area Ecumenical Commission, Farm Cottage, Bprn. Wednesday: CDA Archbishop's Howse, Thursday: Virus Holy Ghost Fathers, Rediett. Bpm,

B ishop Pearson, Bishop on Cumbria: Friday: Corilirmetion, St Gregory's Workington,

▪ 3Dpro. Selluedlly: Ordination of John Michael Walsh to priesthood, St Walburgee, Preston, 3pm.

S unday: Confirmetion, and visitation. Sr Monica's. Blackpool, 3pm. Tuesday: Visits St Bridgets School, Egremont, 11.15am. Thursday: Opens St John Bowie School club. Kendal, Elem,

Biahop Flaywahorna, Auxiliary of Liverpool:

Sunday: SPRED Mass, Christe and Notre Dame C.:triage, 3pm, Monday: Liverpool University Catholic Chaplaincy, 7.3Charn Tueaday: Confirmation. Our Lady Of Walsinghain, Netherton, 7 30em 'Wednesday: Confirmation, Our Latta of Walsingharn, Nethertnr, Thursday: Meeting, Haziewood Carrie, Yorks, Bishop Flestieaux, of Plymouth: Saturday: Attends esthetic VVorren's League, AGM and Mess. Sacred Heart and St Teresa, Palgroon, Devon, 12 noon. Sunday: 'Nikes per in anneal ptgrImage in honour of St Cuthbert Mayne, Launceston. Mass, 3pm.

B ishop SwIndiehUrat, Auxiliary of Hasham and Newcastle: Friday: Meeting of North East Ecumenical Group, Auckland Castle, 2.30pin Saturday: IrrlarSdeVirs church students, St Cuthbert's, Newcastle, 1pm. Sunday: Visitaikal and confirmation, St Mary's, Bishop Auckland, Trendily: Confirmation ad Mess_ St Beret s. Sunderland. Wednesday: Attends Deacons Course. Minsteracres. Thursday: Bishop's Meeting, Haziewood Castle. 1 iron.

Bishop TripP, Auxiliary of Southwark: Sunday: Orlin:hien at Birstell, Yorkshire, 3.30pm. Wsdnesdey: Assists at Mass for Sever Jubilee of Pov P A. McPolin, Lee, 7 30pm.

B ishop Walmsley, Bishop of the Forties: Friday: Visits RAF Cosford, Nr Wolverhampton, Sunder: Leads St Ralph Sherw ins Society Pilgrimage, Rodsley, Derby. Monday: Attends Army Chaplains Dinner, Ragshor. Surrey, 8pm Wednesday: Attends Army Chaplains Conference, Surrey Thursday: AN Chapleine Oineer, London, Berl.

B ishop Ward of Idenevla: Fridey: OnLnaiine r[l 0111 Dia-camels of Terence Cur, Verexharn Cathedral. 7.30pm Sunday: Confirmation, St Joseph's, Colwyn Bay.

Wednissideyr Confil St Mary's Cathedral, Wrexham, Thursday: Confirmation, Cennehia Quay.

Bishop Wheeler of Lerida: Saturday: Leeds Area Pastoral Council, St Petrick's, Leeds. 11am. AGM ol LICM. Sunday: Visitation end Confirmation. Pudsey, Monday: Confirmation, Sr Atiguetlrefe Leeds, 7_30pm Tuesday: Confirmation, ST Urban's. Leeds, 7.30prin. Wednesday: AGM Child Welfare Society, TrainingCollege, Horsforth, 7.30pm. Thursday: Ctmorriors' Meeting, TASC, 11am. Con firmation, Earby. 7.30pm.

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