Page 4, 18th March 1949

18th March 1949
Page 4
Page 4, 18th March 1949 — CATHOLICWORKERS' NOTEBOOK

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People: Knight, St. Gregory
Locations: Gloucester


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Gloucester has sent a leaflet issued by shop stewards at the Gloster Aircraft factory at which they answer the statement of Harry. Poilitt, made on March 2, declaring that in the event of war with the Soviet Union, Communists would organise strikes and set up a Council of Attion in defence of the Soviets.

The Gloster workers' statement says: " Following the publication by press and radio of the outburst, reproduced below, by the general secretary of the Communist Party, we the undersigned workers at the Gloster Aircraft Co., feel it necessary to clarify our positions as persons associated through our industrial relations with members of the Cornmenist Party.

,.As loyal citizens of the British Commonwealth--loyal trade unionists—members of the British Labour Party and staunch defenders of the British Constitution and Parliamentary Democracy, we affirm our faith in the British way of life and publicly disassociate ourselves from any suggestion, by inference or otherwise, that we are in any way sympathetic to the sentiments expressed below."

The statement is signed by nine shop stewards and union officials The factory employs over 2,000 workers. excluding the administrative staff.

The Communists are fond of speaking in the name of thousands of workers in the factories whom they in no way represent. But these nine shop stewards have made it clear that when Pollitt blusters about what "the workers of Britain would do in the event of war with Russia he speaks for the Communists alone.

DISRUPTION Tlatest T.U.C. pamphlet, The Tactics of Disruption, which was issued this week, is a document well-worth getting hold of and studying.

The General Council of the T.U.C. state in the pamphlet that they desire every trade unionist and every Communist Party member of a trade union to know that the leaders of the Communist Party have never re garded the Trade Union Movement as a means of organising workers for either the protection of those workers, or to improve their standard of living.

The Council declared: "The socalled 'Intellectuals' of the COMrnunist Party regard trade unions as being instruments for the development of 'mass struggle' to be used as a means of securing political power. Once political power is achieved, the independence of the unions is snatched away." Another part of the pamphlet gives examples of inaccuracies in the Daily Worker concerning Trades Councils which were alleged to have refused to sign the T.U.C. antiCommunist pledge. There are quite a numbet of points on this matter which could be brought up at Trades Council and union branch meetings.

The Communist Party claims that a large proportion of the workers arc against the T.U.C. policy on Communism, but facts given in the pamphlet diSprove this. Only one affiliated union, the Civil Service Union, has requested the General Council to withdraw their statement.

Another pointer to the feeling of the workers is in the fact that the first pamphlet issuea by the T.U.C. on

Trade Unions and Communism." under the title of Defend Democracy, has been reprinted seven times and the eighth impression is now being sold.

1 have heard of some union branches which conveniently forget to order such pamphlets for their members. The latest T.U.C. document Is most important and should be read by all workers. Make sure your branch has copies always available. If they haven't. look into it.

N.U.T. CONFERENCE THE annual conference of the A National Union of Teachers will take place at Margate during Easter week. There will be the usual reunion of Catholic delegates, and those wishing to attend should notify Miss F. McCabe, Lourdes House, Bilston, Staffs, or Mr. Knight. Headmaster, St. Gregory's School, Salmisstone Grange, Margate, as soon aa

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