Page 8, 18th March 1983

18th March 1983
Page 8
Page 8, 18th March 1983 — C Confitmalion. M Mass. 0 -Ordination.

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Organisations: Westminster, All Saints Church, Via!lb School, Upper School, London Thunder El Salvador Memorial Service, Visits St Mary's Primary School, National Mission Council, Council of Clergy Continued, Schools Commission, Sutton Deanery Staten Service, Clergy Continues Ecumenical Service, Lady and St Michael's Church, SI Charles Church, Senate, SI Joseph's School, Primary School, Catholic Child Welfare Council, Amnesty, St Catherine's Primary School, Allende Legion of Mary Acres, Dey, Review Committee, Priests' Council, Holy Rood Church, SI Catherine's College, Methodist Church, Chairs Property and Frame* Committee, Upholland College, Guild of Catholic Doctors, WIshaw College, Administrative Council, Attends Welfare Committee, St Joseph's School, Hierarchy Standing Committee, Prison Training College, Council of Clergy, Lenten Service, Committee of Hierarchy, Council of Waisingham, York Pastoral Council, Area Pastoral Council, Sacred Heart School, Chaplains Standing Committee, Memorial Service for Arch, CAMberwell Deanery Station Service, St Stephan's Pastoral Centre, Bishop's Standing Committee, Merseyside Council of Voluntary Services, Working Party, pm. .Thuradayi Council, St Edward's College, Ina Committee, Bishop's Standing Commutes and Review Committee, VValsinghon Council, Bishops Conference Standing Committee, St Joseph's Church, Chaplaincy Centre, St Andrew Bortoes Polish Church, Fisherinure School, pm. St Joseph's College, BCC Assembly, St Vincent's School


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C Confitmalion. M Mass. 0 -Ordination.

V Visitation.

Archbishop Bowen of Southwark: Saturday: Covenanters' M, Cathedral, and AGM, 3 pre. Monday. Bishop's Standing Committee, Westminster Tuesday: Sutton Deanery Staten Service. North Cheam, 730 pm. Thursday: CAMberwell Deanery Station Service, Peckham Rye, B pm.

Archbishop Couve de Mutettle of Binningharn:

M for School centenary, immaculate Conception, Bernier, 7 pre Saturday, M and opens St Joseph's Hostel, , 3 Anton, 10.30 are. Association Dey. Cotton co Archbishop Worlook of Liverpool: Friday: Northern Church Leaders' Consultation, Scarce] Hoene. vorkshlre. Saturday: SI Joseph's Roast Coy Celebrations, Upholland College. Sunday: Celebrates

M. Mare:owl High School Silver Jubilee, Metropolitan Cathedral, 3 pm. Monday: Meeting a Bishop's Standing Commutes and Review Committee, Archbishop'e House, Westminster, 11.30 am. Tuesday: Meeting of Diocesan Financial Secretaries, Archbishop's House, Westminster, 11 ant Solemn Opening of St Basil's and All Saints Church, Hough Green, Widnes, 8 pm. Wednesday Council 01 Clergy, Loyola Hall, Rainhill, 10 am. Meeting of Northern Sector Team, The Friary, Fox Street. B pm. Thursday: Council of Clergy Continued, Loyola Hall, Rainhill. Memorial Service for Arch. bishop Romero, Metropolitan Cathedral, 7.30 pm B ishop Alexander Of Clifton: Walley Silver Jubilee Celebrations. Our Lady of the MiesiOne. Chew Magna. V and C, St Mary's, Swindon, Preaches AS St Marra Swindon. 7.30 pm Sunday: V and C, St Mary's, Swindon. Preaches Ms, 8, 10 30 am, 12 noon and 530 pm. C M, 3 prn. Tuesday, Interviews Candreates for the Priesthood and the Permanent Diaconate at Cathedral Clergy House, 10 on Wednesday Visits St Mary's Primary School, Swindon. 9.30 am. emits St Catherine's Primary School, Swindon_ Thursday: Attends meeline of Diocesan Schools Commlssen at Cathedral Clergy House, Clifton, 10.30 am. C Leeriest:M.2 30 pm. C Holy Rood Church. Sw miler,, 7.30 Pm.

Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury: SisturdaySundey: Gives Eight Day Retreat lo Auxiliaries of the Apostolate. Lourdes.

B ishop Burke, Auxitiary of Southwark: Friday: Speaks to confirmands. St Joseph's. Sallow Saturday: C and First Communions, Good shooheid Convent, Blackleg, 10.30 am Sunday: C, SI Joseph, Salford, 3 pm. Tuesday Deanery Conference, 10.30 am, Lenten Station, St Gregory. Farnworth, 7.30 pm Wednesday: Youth Commieslon. 2.15 pm Lenten Station. St Aiphonsus, Old Trafford, 7 30 rem Thursday: Schools Commiselon, 10.30 am Bishop Clerk of East Anglia: Sunday: V, St WednesdayThuraday: Schools and Council Meetings, While HOuse, PorIngland.

Bishop Chug, Auxiliary of Birmingham: Sun• day: m and C. Si John, Alton, 3 DM. Wednesday: Meeting of VValsinghon Council.

Blehop Emery of Portsmouth: Friday: St Joseph's, Maidenhead, C M, 7 pre Saturday: St Mary's Convent, Ascot. C M. 3 pm. Sunday: Milford. orsSea, C M, 10.30 urn. Ow Lady of Queen of Peace, Southborne, C M.3.30 pm. Tuesday: Centenary M for Bournemouth Deanery to Bournemouth Wednesday Centenary M for Alderehot Deanery, 1.30 pm Thursday! St Edward's, Windsor, Consecration of Al tar. 7 pm.

Illshep Foley Of Lemmata% Saturday: InalituSeri ul Acolytes, MG? Convent, Lancaster. 10.30 are. Sunday: V, Holy Family, Blackpool, 11 em C, 3 pm. Tuesday Via!lb School end Heusebound. Working. ton, 11 am. Wednesday: Meeting for School Chaplains and RE Stalls, Chaplaincy Centre. Lancaster, II am Deanery Station M, St Bernadette's, Lancaster. 7.30 pm. Thursday: Finance Meeting, Bishop's House, 10.45 am. Deanery Station M, Christ the King, Biackpool, 7.30 pm.

Bishop Gray, Bishop of Shrewsbury: Friday; Attends Church Leaders' Meeting Seargi II, York. Saturday: Vocations Conference St Joseph's, Maipas, 10.30 am. Tuesday Meets with Chaplains and Heads 01 HE at Curial Offices. Birkenhead Meets with the Clergy of St Themes More Deanery and is Principal Coneelebrant at Station M, St Edward's, Runcorn, 5 pm. Wednesday: Confers Sacrament 01 C, St Agnes. West Kirby, 7.30 pm. Thursday: Attends Clergy Conference, St rotary's Deanery.

Bishop Galavant, Bishop In East London: Fri. day. Islington and Camden Deanery Meeting, 1 t are Sunday: M, Tollington Park. a pee M, Copenhagen St. 6,30 pm. Monday: Parish meeting. Eden Grove, El pm. Tuesday: Meelmg, Parish Catechelles teem, 10 am. Thursday: Meeting, Parisi' Pastoral Assistants (Camden). B pm Bishop Harris of Middlesbrough: Endsy: Allende Ecumenical Consultation Northern Church Leaders, Scargiii. Saturday: Meets with York Pastoral Council, English Martyrs Hall, York, 10.30 am. Monday: Hierarchy Standing Committee, London, Tuesday: Lectures at Prison Training College, Wekalield, 8 pm. Wednesday: Attends meeting 01 Local Radio Advisory Council Chairmen. Pebble Miii, 11 OM. Thursday Chairs Property and Frame* Committee meeting, Bishop's House

Bishop Hervey, Bishop In North London: Friday: Meeting, Barnet Deanery, 10.30 are. Enfield LEP Meeting, 7.30 pm Saturday.Sunday: Pastoral Visit, St Sebastian and St Pancras, Kingsbury Green. Sunday: Legion of Mary Atlas, Barnet, Haringey and Enfield Curia at St Mary's. East Finchtey. 3 pm. Mender Area Education Cornmasien Meeting. 730 pm. Tuesday: Meeting of Church Leaders: 10,30 ant Thursday. M, St Mary's, Ponders End, 7.30 Pni.

Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark: Pdday: Bexley Deanery Lenten Station Of Our Lady of the Rosary, Black feu, B pm. Saturday: Conducts Ecumenical Study Day at Darenth for the Old Bexley Inter Church Lay Group Sunday: Bexley Deanery Lenten Station at Ghost Church Dewy, Eltham, 3 pm. Monday.Thuredey: Attends BCC Assembly, St Andrews. File.

Bishop Villohln, Auxiliary Of Liverpool: Friday: M, Fisherinure School, Widnes, 2.30 pm G. St Peter and Paul, Kirkby, 7.30 Pm. Serail,: V, St Patrick's, St Helens. Tuesday: V continued, St Patrick's, St Helens Opening of St Basil's and All Saints Church, Hough Green, Widnes. B pm. Wednesday: Council of Clergy, Loyola Hall. ltarnisill Merseyside Council of Voluntary Services, Dale Street, 5 pm. C. St Basil's, Hough Green, Widnes. Thursday: Council at Clergy continued, Loyola Hall, Rainhill. C, Sr Michael's. Detre Hall Bishop Holland et Salford: Saturday: Diocesan Covenant Scheme AGM, St Bernadette's Some! Centre, Whitelield 3 pm. Sunday: C, St Cuthbert's. WithIngton, 3 pm WednesdayLenten Station, St Edward, Rusholme, li pm Thursday Schools Commission, 10,30 am,

Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary at Southwark: Friday: V, Dover. Saturday: V. Dover Ordinatrons, Canterbury,

12 noon. Mender V. Dover. Monday: Deans' Meeting, West Melling. 11 am. Tuesday: Holds Day or Retreat at West Mailing for CWL U001,11 hronr,O) Leads

Prayers at Passover Meal ai Luegport Hall, Canterbury. Thursday: C. Hartley Meets priests of Basildon Deanery and Concelebrates Deanery Mass, Fit Basil's, Basildon, 8 prr.

Bishop Koastant, Bishop In Central London: Saturday Social and Pastoral Action Workshop, St Marys Priory, Fulham Road, 10 am. Sunday: la, St Andrew Bortoes Polish Church. 12 rave, Tuesday; Deanery Meeting. Bayswater. 11.30 am. Profession, Carmelite Convent. St Charles Square. 2.30 Pet Wednesday: CRAC Meeting, 11 am Thursday; CRAG Meeting. II am. Area Pastoral Council, St Vincent's School. Westminster. 7 pm.

Bishop McCarlie, Auxiliary of glrmingham. Saki urdey; Ouarterly Meeting, CWL, Westminster, 10.30 am. Sunday: tit and C, Habberley, 10 am. M and C. St Mary, Harborne. 3 pm Monday: Standing Committee of Hierarchy, Weelmineler, 11.30 are. Tuesday V and C, St Ambrose, Kladerminater. Wednesday: Cerebra bon of Opening of Church at Shlpston on.stour, 7.30 Pm.

Bishop McGuinness of Nottingham: Friday Vises All Saints Upper School, Mansfield. Sunday: V and C, Si Patrick's, Forest Town, Mansfield. 3 pm Monthly Station IA, Mankworth, 13 pet Tuesday: Chapter Meeting, Cathedral. Station NI, Market Harborough Wednesday: Council of Waisingham. Shrine Meeting, Walsineham. Station M, SS Peter and Paul. Lincoln, B pm. Thursday: Visits St Joseph', School, Merton. Station M, Sacred Heart, Carlton, 8 pm,

Bishop McMahon of Brentwood: Friday: Blesses SI Joseph's School, South Woodharn Ferrara 2 pm. Meets Priests of Havering Deanery and Concelebrates Deanery M. Corpus Chnstr, Collier Row, B pm. Saturday: AddreaSes AGM of induelcial Chaplains. Chelmsford, 2 pm. Sunday: NI and C, St John the Evangelist and SI Erconwald 11-15 am, Monday: Meeting of Review Committee, Archbishop's House. Westminster. 2 pm. Tuesday: Meets Priests at Newham Deanery and Concelebrates M, St Anne's. Custom House, 7.30 pm Bishop Mahon, Bishop in West London; Satur. day: Area Pastoral teener!, Ruislip, 2 30 pm. St Joseph's College, Mill Hill Sunder C, Osterley, 6.30 pm. Monday: NI for Union or Cathollc Mothers, West minster Cathedral. B pm. Tr/steer Church Leaders' Moon ng, Willeeden, B pm. Sliver Juniee Celebration, St Rapheel's Convent, HIlhouturr M Allen Hall. 5 30 pm. Wednesday: Ealing C,orenuttee for Cretatians and Jews, Srs of Sion. Thursday: National Mission Council, 23 Kensington Square, 10.30 am.

B ishop O'Connor, Auxiliary of Liverpool; Friday: Governors' Meeting. St Edward's College, 4 ant. Deanery Meeting, St Pala X Hall, Widnes, 8 pre. Sunday: V. Our Lady Star of the Sea, Seatore Main Celebrant at annual Mass far Guild of Catholic Doctors, St Joseph's Church, Brundellsands, 830 pm. Moodily: V continues. Mass and Confirmation and Bane Merenti Award, Camper; School Tuesday: CocczfnicrrnilaollforreCalermgypioLnoSycohiao0H1,.71130. kaprnn. Wednesday: Deanery, S pm. .Thuradayi Council of Clergy Continues Ecumenical Service on anniversary of Assassination of Archbishop Romero. Metropolitan Cathedral Bishop Murphy O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton: Sueday: V, Witytaidge Deanery. V, Molsey Parish. Monday: Bishops Conference Standing Committee, Westminster Speaks to Sixth Formers, Sacred Heart School. Woldingham. Thursday. V, Cathedral Deaner./ B ishop O'Bden, Bishop In FiertIcedshire: Fd day: Hats Catholic Secondary School Heads' 'nearing, 7.30 pm. Confirmation, St Michael's, Garston. Saturday: C at SS Alvan and Srephen, St Albans. Sunday: V, SS Alban and Stephen, St Albans Tuesday: Grose Hill Sponsoring Body at Grove Hill Wednesday: Amnesty Campaign, County Hell. London Thunder El Salvador Memorial Service at SI James, Piccadilly. 7 pm.

Bishop Kevin O'Brian, Auxiliary of Middlesbrough: Friday: Attend Parish Sale of Work, St Charles, Hull. Sunday: Conducts Lenten Service. SI Charles Church, Hull. Monday: Give Holy Hour at St Joseph's Church, Hull. Wednesday: Talk on SI Luke's Gramm, St Stephan's Pastoral Centre, Hull. Thursday Attends Property and Finance Meeting, Middies

brodd ughugieh.. bl,torna.. 6.30 Attends Welfare Committee Meeting, M

Bishop Pearson, Bishop in Cumbria Friday: M tor St Joseph's School. Workington. in Our Lady and St Michael's Church. Sunday: C and V, St Jnhn Vienne" Biackpool. Tuesday Deanery Staten NI, St Gregory's, Workington, 7.30 pie Thursday F 'fleece Meeting, Lancaster, 10 45 arn Bishop Rawithorna, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Sue day: Douglas. IoM Tuesday: hilervIeWs. SI Catherine's College Wednesday: Council of Clergy,

Loyola Hen, 10 am to 4 pm. Deanery Mass, Sacred Heart, Warne-akin; 730 pre. Thursday: Council of Clergy. le arn toe pm.

Blehop Restlesux of PlyMouth: Friday: NA and C, St Joel:retie House, Plymouth, 5 pm Sunday V ann M. Our Lady of the Assumption, Tavlstock. 9.30 ant C, 3 pm

Bishop Swindlehurst. Auxiliary of Mesterei and Newcastle! Friday: Attends Northern Church Leaders_ Consultation, Starve Sunder V and C, SI Hilda'S, Suneeriand Tuesday: C at St Joseph's Blytear, 7 pm, Wednesday Attends Priests of RecOL laUti011, WIshaw College. Consecrates New Altar, Si Benedict's, Sunderland, 7 pm.

Bishop Thomas of Northampton; Saturday: Attends Meeting of Working Party, Westminster Sunday: V, St Brendan's, Cnrby. Tuesday: Valladolid Rotuma Saturday

Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary at Southwark: Fri. day: Maeda Meeting of Catholic Child Welfare Council, 9.15 am. Attends East Sheen Deanery Lenten Station al East Sheer!, 8 pre, Saturday-Sun day V and C at Chearn. Sunday; Allende Legion of Mary Acres at Merton, 7.30 pm. Monday: Addresses Lenten Groups at the Methodist Church, Putney. 8 pm. Tuesday: Attends Primary Weals Head Teachers' Conference, Allinglon, 6 pm. Wednes. day: Celebrates M at Wimbledon South far St Mary's Primary School Centenary Celebrations. C at Mortlake, 8 pm. Thursday: V at Croydon South.

Bishop 'Nelms*, Bishop of the Facade Sun day: V, RAF Blggin Hill. Tuesday: Senate cr I Chaplains Standing Committee Meeting, Farnborough. Wed Meaty: Administrative Council Meeting, Lendon

Bishop Ward of Saturday: JiMiiee Celebrations, M SI Anselm's, Birkenhead, 12 noon Sunday. M, Corwin), St Edward's College, Liverpool, Prizegiving, 3 pm, at Philharmonic Hall. Tuesday: Priests' Council Meeting. Wrexham, 10.30 air'. Thursday: Addresses Snr Sisters ol Charily. Uphollancl, to 30 are Bishep Wheeler ef Leeds: Friday: Attends Church Leaders' Meeting Saturday M, Weed Hall. for KM Flatfeet, 12 hoe, Sundiy: V and C, SI Patrick's, Bradford Monday: Lenten Station M, St Bede's. Bradford, 10.30 am, Tuesday Lenten Station M and C, SI Joseph's, Braden:I. 10.30 am Wednesday: Steer Ina Committee. Eitolts, 7 pm, Thursday Finance Meeting. Cerra, 11 am, Attends Peri presence of 1 ffe Witness', St Patock*s Viand

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