Page 8, 18th May 1984

18th May 1984
Page 8
Page 8, 18th May 1984 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: Catholic Transport Guild, High School, LOurdeS School, Council of Diocesan Al, Methodist Service, St Georges PanSh Church, Diocesan Pastoral Council, Youth Commission, St Thomas More School, Wickham Report Day Ministry, Clapham College, Diocesan Schools Commission, Stephenson Trust, Macclesfield Council of Churches, Tutlidey Diocesan Senate, Newman School, Park Place Pastoral Centre, Senate, Place Pastoral Centre Wickham Resler Day Ministry, Victanes Church, pm. Tuesdry Senate of PriellS, M. Sacred Heart High School, TleraedsyMtichy Ministry, Mary's College, MCTA School, Wigan Upholland Normem Institute, Senate of Priests, Church Service, Visite St Gregory's Primary School Preston, Allen Hall Management Committee, Lady and St Palecti'a Church, Catholm Women's League, St Brendan's Sixth Form College, M. Gourley House School


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0 = Ordination: M = 'mass ; V Visitation:

Page 8 from 12th July 1985

Bishops Engagements

0= Ordination, C e Csmarmation. V a Visitationt M e Mose.

Cardinal Hume, Archbishop at Westminster Seedily SA: Parbole, Lancashire 12 pm Monday: Visit Chelsea Flower Show am. YOung Peoples M, Catheatei 214 pm. Tuesdey. Senate. Wednesday Council of Diocesan Al fans 10 arn. Sliver Jubilee M of F, Brown. MI liwall pm Thunder Mmtelni 10 Maestri team meeting, London Coiney Friday Ministry of vests team meeting. London Coiney am, Natiorat Pilgrimage to Lourdes Om Saturday: National Pilgrimage to Lourdes Archereaesp Bowen 01 Soulthwork Sunday: C. Member,. 3 prat Tuesday C, Tanterdee 7 30 pm. Thursday C, Pens Wood. 7.30 p mlaturcley Golden Jubiree M for Fr John Byrne, Archbishop's House. 12 noon. Golden Jubilee M for Mgr Hugh Hunl, New Maiden, 6 pm Archbishop twee de aturritie of BInnInghan Senday: V&C. Holy Family, Small Heath. Monday. Centenial M. Si Anne's, Birmingham 730 pm Tuesday C, SI Osburd's. Coventry 6.30 pm Wednesday: M for Little Sisters of the Poor. St Joseph's Home. Mediocre 11 ern Saturday:Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes bogies Archbishop Ward of Cardiff Sunday: V&C, Ynysha. am. Wednesday V&C, Belmont 7 30 pm. Thursday: Chapter meeting, Cathedral Hall 11 30 am FridayiSaturday wow% Manorial Pilgrimage el Lourdes Archbishop Weelock of Liverpool Sunday: United Service of Macclesfield Council of Churches. St Georges PanSh Church. Macclesfield. Mender M for Catholm Women's League. Our Lady's Wavernee Tuesdey: Warrington Deanery Commit 8 pm. Wednesday 25th Anniversary of Our Lady 01 Victanes Church. Kensington, London Thursday Celebrates M for Silver Jubilee of Fr Bernard Benson. St John Fisher, Widnes. Friday-Tuesday 29111 May Ecumenical Youth Pilgrimage to Iona.

Ilishap Alexander el Clifton Sunder Celebrates M at Chnee Cathedral for Catholic Transport Guild 11 am iftsits St Thomas More School, Bristol. Capon Day. Tursadey Administers Sacrament of C at 51

Patrick's. Redfield 730 pm Wednesday Carlton Calh011e DrOcesan Trustees meeting. Leigh Woods, Bristol II am Conceit at St Brendan's Sixth Form College. Brlstol 7.30 pm Thursday Celebrate* Met St Joseph s School. Bridgwater on occasion of Alexander Elnant Day 11 am C at St John the Baptist. Trowbedge 730 pm_ Friday: Visrts Our Lady of LOurdeS School, Kingswood 10.30 am. C. SI George's, Taunton 7.30 pm. Seer-shy: M on occasion 01 Golden and Platinum Jubilee of two Sisters of Chanty of St Louts at Morehead 11 am C at Our Lady of Lourdes. Kingswood 230 pm.

Bishop Brewer (Cesdenor of 'Ancestor) Sunday: V. Coast lee %.,,,J.Car,ste Wednesday: Church Service. Lancaster Priory 11 am Ceremonial Hanging of lee Shield. Lancaster Castle 12 noon C, St Joseph's Seascaie Comp-la Thursday: Visite St Gregory's Primary School Preston 10 am Friday: Meeting 01 Stephenson 'rustees. Dadding Green Celebrates Silver Jubilee M and oteaches al St Eleds6 Carlisle 7 pm. Saturday: V. SI Gregory's, Preston

B ishop Geoffrey Burke.Auciiisry for Salford -Sunday: V, 11 am. Sacred meart. Denial. Oldham 3 pm Thursday: C. Si John the Baptist. Burnley 730 pen. Frklay. Youth Commission 2.15 pm, &Mader Interviews candidates for priesthood. Cathedral House, Salford 10.30 am B lebs* Clark of Fail Anglia Saturday! Cathedral Centenary Concert, SI John's. Norwich F rim

B ishop Cleary, Auditory tor Birmingham Sunday MSC. Cotton Cal/ege 10.15 am Tuesday: Meeting. Ladies of Charily: Dudley 3 pm. MISC. SI Edward's. Seth, Park 7.30 pm Thursday MAC. Corpus Chnsti, Stechford 730 pm. Friday Concelebrates At Si Augustine School Peddler) 11 am misc. SS Peter & Paul, Pype Reyes 730 pm. Saturday Diocesan Pegrinnage to Lourdea bevel'

Itishop Anthony Emery of Partamarth Sunder Meter Gardens. Bournemouth Celebrate M 10 30 am Atreus] Conference of the Caienian Assocrellon. Tuesday: Park Place Pastoral Centre, Wickham Report Day Ministry lo Priests Programme 9 am. C. M. Our Lady & SI Edmund. Alienation 7 pm. Wednesday: Peek Place Pastoral Centre Wickham Resler Day Ministry to Priests Programme 9 ale

Thursday: C. M, Immaculate COnCeption, Stubbinglon. Hants. 7,30 pm Friday: N. St John's Cathedral, Portsmouth Catholic Children's SOPtely Good Shepherd 11 am, C, M, St Joseph's. Tilefme. Reading 7 pm

Bishop Foley of Lanamer Sunday V&C. St Bede S. Carlisle 11 501-3 pm. Wednesday Visits School Housebound. St Bede's. Centel* 2 pm. Thursday: Conference Day on Unemployment, University Chaplaincy, Lancaster II am Friday Stephenson Trust Meeting, Dodding Green 2.30 pm Saturday Diocesan Pastoral Council, University Chaplaincy, Lancaster 11 am •

B ishop Gray of Shrewsbury Sunday: Atlende tristaitation Of Bisbee of Ferns. Monday: Attends olhcial opening of Chapel of tinily. St Peter's. Chester. Wednesday: C, St Wilf rids. Northwich 7 pm Thursday: M. Seat° House, Bollington. 12 noon. C. Si Gabriel's. Alsaper 7.30 pm Friday: Attends Christian Education Seminar, Curial Offices 10 30 am Saturday: Attends meetieg of Religious Sisters, SI Joseph's, Melees 11 am, Bishop Csanolli, Auellary tor Wastrelester Sunday: M. Bunhill Rev, 1030. Monday MCTA School children's M. Cathedral 2.t5. Meet Contirmendi. Hackney 7. Meet Conf irmandi, Claplon B. Tuesday Senate 01 Priests, Archbishop's House 10.30 Haverstock Hill 7 30. Wednesday CDA. ArehbiShop's House 10, Silver Jubilee PA, Mgr Ralph Brown 5,30 Thursday: Veit scnools, Eden Grove am Plenary Team meeting. London Cotney 4. Feder Plenary Team meeting, London Coiney am Pr W Brown's Golden Jubilee Pk, Minoan 7.30 Saturday: Meeting & talk, BCC am M. Eden 3rOre 7 B ishop Hannigan of Mooed. Sunday Pilgrimage to Shone of Our Lady of the Taper. Cardigan Thursdayfgaturday Welsh National Pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Bishop Nerrey. Auxiliary For Wesisninsher Seeder. C. St Broomwald. Wembley Preston Wien 12 noon Mendel: Council meeting, Crusade of Rescue 5.30 pre Tutlidey Diocesan Senate 10.30 am. Wednesday: CO* 10 am. Thunder M. Bishop Douglass School. Finehley 9 am. Fraley C. The Most Precious Blond St Edmund. XL. Edmonton 7 pm Saturday, Presides at PA, Oratory 11 ant lashop Nendition. Aurelian, fw Southwark Sunday. MAC, Herne hill 11.30 am Mender: Children's M. Westminster Cathedral 2 15 pm Tuesday: Meeting at Clapham College 10-12 noon. M&C. Sidcup 730 pm WOednosday BCC Standing corrirniiiee on Evangeharn 11-4 pm KBC Deceased ?Members M. 51 George's Cathedra! 730 pm_ Thursday MAC, Lea 7.30 MT Friday: 0 to the Priesthood. Menet-9h 11 am

B ishop Jukes, Auxiliary For Southwark Sunday. Cerebrates Min Podree Isle 01 Skye

Bishop Kelly of Salford Sunday: V&C. St Anne, Oldham Tuesday: St Gablees Hell Management Committee, Victoria Park 2.30 pm Allen Hall Management Committee. Fallotefield 4 pm St John Vianney Special School Concert. Meehan Mersey 1 15 pm M ana Meeting Diocesan Catholic Teachers' AssoclanOn, SI Clare'S, Biackley 7;30 pm Thursday C, SI Mary. Burnley 7.30 pm Friday: Youth Commission 2.15 pm Saturday: Interviews care:MOMS tar Pnesthoors, Cathedral House. Salford 10.30 am.

Bishop Konalanil, Auxiliary or Westminster Sunday: M. Orford University Chaplaincy 1t am Monday M. Gourley House School 1 pm. Tuesdry Senate of PriellS, Cathedral Conference Centre 10 am Parish Renewal, White City S pm. Wertneedey:CDA Meeling, Archbishop's Koine 10 am. Jubilee PA, Our Lady of Victories 6.30 ern Thursday M. Sacred Heart High School 9.30 am. Heythrop Governors emehrig 4.30 prh. Friday Ministry to Priests. Team meeting 9 am Saturday: C, St Charles Square 6 per Bishop Lindsay of Plesham and Newcastle Sunday: V&C Our Lady and St Cuthbert's, Prudhoe 330 Pre Isenday to Friday: rhsits 1005 Seminanes Saturday: Diocesan Ecumenical Commission Mosting of Prayer tar Christian Unity Fenham, Newcastle arson Tyne 2 one Sainday-. C. St Morey'', lietibum 3 30 pm Blahap McMahon of Bremwood -Sunday Preaches at 500th Anniversary Service, St Mary*. Long meitorn Wednesday: V. SI Teresa's. Leeden. Thursday Meeting of Senate of Priests, Brentwood 2.30 pm, M. CoeCeiebtalee Silver Jubilee. Sacred Heart, Southend-oniSee 7.30 orn. Friday: Leads diocesan pitglimage to Lourdes B ishop Mahon, Auxiliary for Westmiester Away from diocese until June 9 B ishop Moverley of Menem Sunday Civic NI for new Chairman of County CounCtl at Sain Bece s Rotherham 11 am Thursday: Receives Good Shepherd collection Imm diocesan schools at Cathedral 2 pm. Friday: interviews for prospective church students 10 am Saturday May Bali at Moun! Saint Mary's College 8 pm governors, a Tuesday: Ttt sainting course for future prospective

Bishop Mu11MO, Are. Bishop in Swansea Sunday. V Our Lady and St Palecti'a Church. Maesteg ail oay

Alban s School, Pontypool 730 pre Thursday: Meeting al the Diocesan Schools Commission 2 pin. Friday: Welsh national paprunage to Lourdes. Saturday Welsh national elighmage le Lourdes.

Bishop Murphy O'Connor of Arundel & Brighton Solidly: V. 110Ibricprl parish am Weybridge Deanery C. Arundel Cathedral 3 pm Tuesday: Meeengs with Deans A DPC Chairman, Crawley 7.30 pm M at conclusion of Youth Leaders' Course. Sayers Common 0 pm. Thunders Meeting sr Board of Clergy Review. London Om Solurder Allende Spaeth Day. Prior Park, Bath.

W allop J O'Brien, Auxiliary for Westminster Sunday: V, St Richards Tender Westminster Senate of Priests 10 30 am Wednesday CDA. archbishops Mouse 10 em Methodist Service, SI Albans Abbey 8 pin TleraedsyMtichy Ministry to Priests Teern at All Stints Pattoral Centre Seheday. Young, People's meeting at St Michael's Convent London Coiney Bishop K. O'Brien, Ayainary for afiddteabnaugh Sunday: C at SI Jospeh's, Scarborough 10.30 am thandsyC at St Anna's, Eaten 7.30 pm Timidity C at SI William's, DOnManehawe 7 pm Wednesday: Receive GOod Shepherd Collection at St Charles lash . Thursday Attends installatton of Mayor and tunch at the Guildhall, Hull. C atOur Lady Of Lourdes and St Peter Chanel, Mull 7.30 pm Friday: C at St Anthony's, Beeston, Leeds. Saturday:Gem two laiks to the Sisters of the Diocese at Thicken Priory, York lashop Rawstliorne, Auxiliary lee Livarpoot Sunday: C. SI Oswald's COppul 10.30 Om Catechists' Course. Chriel'S & Notre Dame Collage 2.30 pm Mender' C. SI Patrick's, Wigan 7 per. Tuesday John Paul II Tryst meeting. London 4 pm Thursday: Leavers' M, St Wiltrag's. High School. Leherland 7 pm Fraley LPIstate.v„ 0011 or Newman School, Wigan Upholland Normem Institute 11 am. C, St Cuthbert's, Pemberton 7 30 Pm. Saturday: Deanery OMPere. menitng 2.30 pm. SRO Convent Hope Street Bishop Restieaux of Plymouth Sunday V&M, Our Lady and St Ignatius. Ghldeock 11 am, C. 330 pm Thursday. Jubilee M Sf Joseph's Weymouth 7 pm Mature Swindleawsi. Auelliery for Hetham Sunday, V&C. ,e .,,Srl0ssrnunds. Gate rote Monday: Voids Irish Seminaries .,,Srl0ssrnunds. Gate rote Monday: Voids Irish Seminaries Biala" Thomas el Northampton Sunday: V, Princes Flistkorough Monday-Wednesday: Study Conference_ atm attends Silver Jungle. Thursday. Our Lady Help of Christians. Lulon Centenary it-rider C. Corby St (,131reinotarnde'ssiarn Saturday. V MIllOn Keynes. Our Lady Mew Tripp, Autitiary for Southwark Sunday: C a' MeryrrIp..01 School. Ning9fOrl 11 am Ceiporates Multicultural la and preaches ai St George's Cathedral 4 pm Tuesday: V. St Veronica's School Water/nth Attends AGM of Croydon Deanery Pastoral Council Wednemtey Attends Meeting of Cainolic Chderen's Sorely Celebrates M and preaches at Father Atan Wright's Jubilee, Vauxhall 67.e3LoonmdseTyhucrada,....yrs .Vieseltts,gStotMDiciochee.tan School. Crynrrosslon 6 30 pm. Satunier. Preaches at Silva, Jubilee M or Father Miphael Clifton al Colliers Wood 6 pm

. •

Bishop Wannslay. Bishop of the lore., Sendayrwedneactsy Continues V. 1 Dielsionai Area West Germany until 21 May, Thunder Attends RN Chaplain's Dinner, Wimbledon 8 pm FerilayrUturrtimii Ationcts 26th International Military Pilgrimage Lourdes until 28 May

Bishop Wheelie of Leeds Sunder Diocesan Peerellage to Lourdes. Saturday interviews Church Students 10 am

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