Page 13, 18th May 2007

18th May 2007
Page 13
Page 13, 18th May 2007 — On the wrong side

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Organisations: Catholic Church
People: David Lindsay
Locations: Durham


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On the wrong side

From Mr David Lindsay SIR — What are the Church and the unions doing, supporting an amnesty for illegal immigrants (Report, May 11)? The "free" movement of labour is inseparable from that of goods, services and capital. None of those "freedoms" can be contained within any legal framework, which is why those few who benefit from them materially want and welcome such "freedoms".

A new working class is being imported, which understands no English except commands, has no idea of workers' rights in this country, can be moved around at will because it has no attachment to any specific locality here, and can be deported if it steps out of line. The existing working class can then just be made to go hang, taking with it its unions, its minimum wage, its health and safety regulations, and the rest.

The Catholic Church, and the unions, should indeed be in the vanguard. On the other side.

Yours faithfully, DAVID LINDSAY Lanchester, Co Durham

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