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18th May 2007
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Page 16, 18th May 2007 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Council of Priests, Tiustees and Finance Committee, Archbishop's Council, Bducanon Commission, St Patrick's School, Centre for Evangelisation, Bishop's Council, Board of Administration, Diocesan Finance Board, St Anne's on Sea Mon Visit Cathedral School, Holy Minify School, Diocesan Commission for Evangelisation, Bishops' Liaison Committee, Episcopal Council, St David's Primary School, Bradford South Divisional Police, Curial Office, St Dunstan's School, St Wilfrid's Church, Pastoral Centre, Diocesan Justice and Peace Commission, St Wdftid's School, General Assembly of the Chinch of Scotland, St Alban's Church, Chithen's Society, St John's Church, Passionisi Family Gump Movement, Centenary:of St Mary's School, Abbey School, Oscon College, RC Primary School, St Michael's RC Primacy School, Cardinal Hume Centre Board, Parish Church, Oxford University, Swansea University, Archbishop Romero Trust, Gillis Centre, Hale Village Mess Centre, St Helen's Church, St Peter's Church, King College, Motherwell Diocesan Union of Catholic Mothers, University of East Anglia, Child Protection Commission, College of Consultors, Oscott College, Liverpool Archiliocesae Centre, Bishops' Conference Liaison Committee


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May 20 to May 25

Cardituel Murphy-O'Connor (Westminster) Sun Thu: Gives retreat for Priests of the Archdiocese of Team. Knock, Ireland; celebrates Man of the Ascension, Westminster Cathedral, 1030am. Fri: Meets with Archbishop's Council. Archbishop's House, 930am.

Archbishop Kelly (Liverpool) Sun: Visitation Mass. Hale Village Mess Centre, 930am; Visitation Mass. St Ambrose, Spcke, 1 I am; Confirmation for the Leigh Pastoral Area, St Joseph. Leigh, 2pm. Mon Tue: Liaison meeting of the Bishops' Conferences of England and Wales, Scotland and Ireland, Liverpool Archdiocese"' Centre for Evangelisation. Wed: Ecumenical meeting. Liverpool Archdiocesan Cents for Evangelisation, 2pm. The: Meets with Prison Chaplains, Liverpool Archiliocesae Centre fur Evangelisation. 10.30am, Fri: Mass of Thanksgiving on the occasion of the Ruby Jubilee of Rev John Johnson, St Mary,

Wigan. 7pm. Sat: Mass with At of the Sick, St Joseph, Leigh, 2pm.

Archbishop McDonald (Southwark) Sun: Confirntations, Streatham, 5_30prn. More 12Sth Anniversary of Diocese of Portsmooth and Portsmouth Cathedral.6pm.Tue: Mass fen Jubiiarians of the Diocese foLlowed by Lunch, St George's Cathedral) Archbishop's House 12.30pm. Thu: Meetin,es,Archbishep's Home, pm, Cateniaas Clergy Dinner, evening. Sat: Interviews for Priesthood Applicants, Archbishop's House. am.

Archbishop Nichols (Birmingham) Sun: Confirmations. name, h am. Tue: Confirmations. St Patrick's, Coventry. 7pm. Wed: Council of Priests meeting, Oscon College, 1030aan. Thy: Mass for Petrone' Feast, Our Lady Help of Christians, Cowley, 7pm. Fri: Vise and Mass, Holy Minify School, Small. Heath, I line SAL Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Bishop Brant {Salford) Sun: Celebration of Confirmation. Our Lady of Grace. Prestwich, 1pm.Tue: Meeting of Bishop's Council. Wardley Hall, I I .30ane meeting of the Board of Administration. Wardley HalL2 pm' selebradon of Confirmation, St Joseph's. _Accrington, 7pm. Wed: Celebration of Confirmation, St Will:man:Ts. Clayton. 7pm. Thu: Celebration of Mass for the Oldham Year 6 Primary Schools, Safford Cathedral, 12.10pm: celebration of Confronatioa, St Charles. Swinton, 7pm. Sat: Diocesan Pilgrimage to Walsingham.

Bishop Budd (Ptymoub) Sun: Confirma tion. Cathedral, Confimmtion. our Lady of be Assumption. Torquay, pm. Tun: Mass and Celebrenons, St Rue's, Bonito°. 12pm. Wed: Tiustees and Finance Committee meeting. Bishop's House, 2pm; Confemation, Our Lady of Lourdes. Plimpton. iym Thu: Bishop's Council, Bishep's House. 2pm Fri Sat: Lourdes Diocesan Pilgrimage,

Bishop Burin il-IM Forms) San Blesses the "Costa Serenam Marseilles on behalf of the Apostleship of the Sea. Mon: Mass, St John's Cathedral for 125th anniversary of Diocese of Portsmouth. Tue: Episcopal Council. Farnborough. Wed Fri: General Assembly of the Chinch of Scotland, Edinburgh.

Bishop Coney (Arundel & Brighton) Sun: Mass for New Catholics, Amndel Cathedral.

Man Meat meeting, Thy: 50 Years Celebration. St Dunstan's School. Woking. Fri: Rethull Deanery Confirmations, Redbill.

Bishop Doyie (NI onhampten)Mon: Mass far 125th Anniversary of Portsmouth Cathedral, 6pm. Tee Colby and Kettering Clergy Deanery meeting, Bishop's House. 1 .30am; Confurnadons. St Thomas More. Toweester, 730pm. Wed: Staff meeting, Bishop's House. 930am: Confirmation, St Joseph's, Luton, 730pm. Thu: Tribunal Luncheon. 1pm. meetings. Bishop's House. pm: Bishop 's Council for Youth, Bishop's House, 7pm. Fri: Confirmations. Out Lady of Peace, Burnham, 730pm.

Bishop Dunn fllexham and Newcastle) Mon Sat: COPCA Conference. Rome.

Bishop Evers (East Anglia) Sun: Mass. St John's Cathedral. Nonvich, Liam; Mass. University of East Anglia, 6pm. Tue: Archbishop Romero Trust meeting, London, 3pm. We& Diocesan Day for Religious. Poriugland, 10.30am. Thu: Diocesan Schools Service COMMiStii011.Porvagland, 10.15am; Coe-limatthn Group Talk. Our Lady and English Martyrs, Cambridge, 530pm. Sat Mass, IENIP Wayland, 9arm Pre and Pan-Confummon Mass, St John's Cathedral. Norwich, 6pm.

Bishop Hendricks (Auxiliary in Southwark) SAW, Confum.suons, Wimbledon Park, 1030am; Confirmations , Clapham Common, 6pm. Mon: Croydon Deanery meeting. Coulsdon, 730pm. Tee; Jubilamans Mass and Lunch, St George's CathedralJArchbishop's House, 1230pm. Wed: Chithen's Society, Good Shepherd Liturgy,Aylesford. 1130am. Trm: Kingston Deanery meeting. New Malden, 8pra. Sat: Caefurnatione West Hill Wandsworth..530pm Bishop Hine (Auxiliary Bishop of Southwark) Sun: Celebrates Mass. Si Edward's Sheerness, 11.15am. Mon: Meeting with Passionisi Family Gump Movement, teelestan Square. 11.30am. Toe: lubilarians' Mass. Southwark Cathedral, 1230pm.

Bishop Hopes (Westminster, Sun: Confirmations, Hayes. 12pm; Confirmations. Our Lady of Mount Cannel and St Simon Stock, Kensingteu. 6pm. MOD: Engagement:, Archbishop's House. Tye: Engagements, Archbishop's House. Thu: Engageromes Archbishop's House: visit to the Rice Nagle Community, Twickenham. 4pm. Fri; Archbishop's Council meeting, ant: engagements. Archbishop's HMSO, pm; confirmations, Our Lady of Fatima, White City, 7pmSae Confirmations, Yearling, 3pm; confirmatioce. St Bernadette. Hillingdon, 6pm.

Bishop Kenney (Birmingham) Sun; Centh /nations, St Giegory, Oxford, 10.30arn. Moo: Confirmations, Ss Mary and John, Gravelly Hill. Birmingham, 730pm. Tee: School visit, Bicester, 2pm; Confirmations, Bicestur, 7pm. Wed: Cuenal of Peens gaining. Oscott College, 10am: Confirm= coos (Adults). Whitnash, 730pm. Thu: School visii„Caversham. 330pm: Confinuations, Caversliam, 7pm.

Bishop Lang (Clifton) Wed. Confirmation. Holy Rood, Swindon, 7pm. Thu: Confirmation for the Salisbury Deanery. St Gregory and the English Martyrs. Salisbury, 7.30pm.

Bishop Langley (Westminster) Sun: Celebrates CarifirmatiOn, St Mary's. Hampstead, 1130ani; celebrates Confirmation for dee Albanian Community, Holy Apostles , Pimlico, Spin. Mon:National Launch of Ten Ten Theatre, Soho Theatre, 6pm. Tue: Cardinal Hume Centre Board. 3-7 Arneway St, SW I, 3.30pm; meets with Confirmation Candidates of Tower Hamlets' Deanery, Poplar. 7,30pne Thu: CathAm Study Day, Vaughan House, 1030am -4prn; celebrates Cceefinnation, Our Lady of the Holy Souls, Kentish Town, 7pm. Fn: Archbishop's Council. Archbishop's House. 9.30am. celebrates Confirmation for the Travellers St Scholdwtica's, Clapton, 530pm. Sat Celebrates Tower Hamlets Deanery Coefomanon, SS Mary and Joseph, Poplar, 2pm; celebrates Confaumdon , St James's, Spanish Place, 6pm.

Bishop Lynch (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sun: Confirmations, Si Joseph's, Brortiley.Tue;

Blessing of Wickham Cain, West Wickham, Ham; Cenfirmations, Our Lady of Grace, csuri ion 730pm. Wed: Deans' meeting, Downham, I lam; meeting of Heacttenbers of the SouthEast area, Quist the King College, Lewisham, 230pm.Thu: Visit to St Patrick's School, Plumstead, 9.30am: Confirmations, Mattingham. 730pm. Fri: Confirmations, St Mary's, Clapham, 7.30pm, Sat Confirmations at the Latin American Community, 10am.

Bishop McGough (Birmingham) Sun: Confirmations, Burslem, ilium. Mon Wed: In Service Training for Clergy, Notlisig,liam. The Meeting with Civic Leaders, Stoke, 1230prm Good Shepherd Idass,Clayloa,7pea.

Bishop McMahon (Brentwood) Sun: Pastoral Visitation, Rayleigh. Tue Meetings/Interviews, Cathedral House. Thu: Meetingilliterviews, Cathedral House. Sat: Celebrates Dedication Mass on occasion of reopening of Diocesan Youth Retreat. House, Wale inghain House. Canvey ]gland, 12pne, wends the launch of the Diocesan Commission for Evangelisation. and Formation and inaugural Lecture of Fe Gerold Colima SJ., Cabedral House, 3pm.

Bishop McMahon (Notnngbani) Sties Dedication of the Clench of St Augustine Webster, Barton-upon-Humber, 1230pm. Moe Wed: Clergy Coefennem, Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick . Thu: Chapter meeting and mass, St Bamabas Cathedral. Fri: Vocations Selection. Rearsby. Confirmation. Christ the King, Alfreton. 7pm. Sat: CWL Mass. St Barnabas Cathedral, 12pm.

Bishop Malone (Liverpool) Moo Fri: Clergy Retreat, Salarsience.

Bishop Noble (Shrewsbury) Sun: Bishop's Pastoral Visitation, Our Lady and St Augustine's. Larehford. Tue: Trustees' meeting, Curial Offices, 9ain, Deans' mecums. Curial Offices. Ham; Confirmation, St Joseph's, Birkenhead with St Michael sod All Angels, 7pm. Wed: Confirmation. Our Lady's, Stockport, with St Margaret Ward and All Saita, 7pm. Thu: Chapter Mass, Cathedral, 12pm. Fri: St Hilary's Deanery Confirmation. St May's College. 7pm. Sat: Priestly Ordination of Rev Christopher Matthews, St Albans, Liscani, fpm.

Bishop O'Donoghne (Lancaster) Sun; Confirmation, Holy Family, Barrow. Clam: Confirmation Dalton in Farness, 3pm; Jubilee celebration. Our Lady. St Anne's on Sea Mon Visit Cathedral School, Lancaster, Candimation. Our Lady and St Edward, Pre_mon, 7pm. Tee: Confirmation. St Kendgern. Blackpoel, 7pm. Thu: Confirmetion. St !ohm the Baptise Mourne Abbey. Fir Jubilee celebrations, St Michael's, Mourne Abbey.

Bishop Pargeter (Birmingham) Tut: Visits Abbey School, tidings:5u, Confirmations, Ezdingtoe, 7pm. Wed: Council of Priests meeting, °scat. 11 am; visits St Wdftid's School, Castle Bromwich, 2pm; Confirmations, St Wilfrid's Church, Castle Bromwich, 7pm. Thu: Mess for KHS, Stratford, 12pm: Confirmations

for Priory SC-11001, Cathedral, 7pm. Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Bishop Rawsthorne lliallana) Sun Mass with Sheffield Deaf, Houlden Hall, 6.30pro. Mon; Confirmation. Our Lady and Si James. Worsbrough. 7pm. Wed: College of Consultors, Pastoral Come, 1 lam; Diocesan Justice and Peace Commission, Pastoral Centre. 7pm Bishop Roche (Leeds) Sum Mass. Oxford University Chaplaincy, Oxford. I 1 rm. Mon: Luncheon in honour oldie Lord Mayor of Lads,

Bishop's House . : Confirmation. St Patrick's, Huddersfield, 7 311pm. Deans' meeting. Hinsley Hall, 10ane Council of Priests, Hinsley Han, 2pm; meeting with Diocesan Finance Board end Trustee Directors, Henley Hall, 430pm. Thu, Official opening of Bradford South Divisional Police Headquarters, Bradford. 1030am, Confirmation, St Theresa's, Leeds. 7pm. Fri: vol. meeting, Bishop's House, Ifiam; Mass, 50111 Anniversary of the Parish of St Ached's, Harrogate. 7pm. Sae Mass. Golden Jubilee of Sister Joseph of St Bernard, Mt St Joseph's, Headingley. llama Mass for those received into the Catholic Chinch this Easter. Leeds Cightdral. 611111.

Bishop Stack (Westminster) Sun: Confirmation, St Hilda. Stevenage.11 am. Wed: Chairs Bducanon Commission meeting, 1_030am. Thu: Celebrates Mass for Bleat Catholic Head teachers, Our Lady of Willesden, I lam. Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting, 930am: Coafirma , Cheshunt. 7pm.

Bishop Wlllianss (Liverpool) Sum Visitation eouWlued, Corpus Chinn, Rainford. Tee: Visits Our Lady of Perpetual Succour RC Primary School. Widens, 1301m. Wed: Celebrates Mass, Carmelite Monastery, West Derby, Liverpool, lam; visits Holy Family RC Primary School, Cronton, 9.30am. Thu: Celebrates Mass, Carmelite Monastery. West Derby, Liverpool. 7ano; visits St Michael's RC Primacy School, Diana. Widnes, 9.30em; visits St John IH.sha RC Primary School, Widnes, 1.30pm. Fri: Celebrates Mass. Parish Church of Our Lady and St Nicholas, Liverpool. l 05pm. Sat: Ordination of Christopher Matthews, St Alban, Liscard, 1pm.

WALES Archbishop Smith (Cardiff) Stn: Confirmation, St Helen's Church, Caerphilly. Iliam. Men: Bishops' Conference Liaison Committee meeting, Liverpool, 4pm. Tue: Bishops' Conference Liaison meeting. Wed: Child Protection Commission meeting, Archbishop's House, Cardiff, 6pm. Thu. Confirmation, St Alban's Church, Cardiff. 7pm. Fri; Meeting with Baroness Cumberlege , London. 12pm. Sat: Public Lecture by Cardinal Stafford, Swansea University, 5.30pm.

Bishop Jabale (Meneen) Sun: Cardigan Annual Pilgrimage. Wed: Meetings, Curial Office. Thu, Diocesan Trustees Meeting.

Bishop Regan (Wrexham) Sun: National Pilgrimage. Om Lady of the Taper Shrine. Candigan, Mom Mission Wrexham, St John's Church, Rhosnes on. Sam 9ain; Clergy Retreat. Lareto, 6pm. Tue -Fri. Retreat. Sat Mass at Newtowu to celebrate Diamond Jubilee of parish and school, 12pm.

SCOTLAND Cardinal O'Brien (St Andrew 's & Edinburgh) Sun: Golden Jubilee Mass of Motherwell Diocesan Union of Catholic Mothers. Our Lady of Good Aid Cathedral, Motherwell, 3pm. Men: Nu= for meeting of Bishops' Liaison Committee. Liverpool. 12pm and overnight Wed: Centenary:of St Mary's School, Pulbeth, West Calder. 12pm; Moderator's Reeepuon, Parliament Hall, Edinburgh. Rpm The 70th Anniversary M235, St David's Primary School. Granton.Bilmbingli. 10.45am Fri: Meeting of Vicars General, St Bennet's, lam; meeting of Trustees of Archdiocese. Gillis Centre. 2pm; Centenary and Solemn Dedication of St Peter's Church. Edinburgh, 7pm.

This listing' was compiled by Gabriel Commaet' rations Ltd and also appears In the Universe and Catholic Times

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