Page 10, 18th November 1983

18th November 1983
Page 10
Page 10, 18th November 1983 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: DieMeSan Senate of Prlests, Lourdes School, St Mary's College_ Wrexham Mairegement Committee Merseyside Council for Voluntary Servers Liverpool, Catholic Police Guild, Diecesan Chapter, Tneadayt BCC Assembly, Rosary School, Cardinal Newman School, Thomasi Mare School, pm_ There:ter Senate of Prieels, Attends AGM Brixton Deanery Pastoral Council, C. Sr Stephen's School, National Council, Place Pa-Se:eel Centre, BM Assembly, Social Sermare Advent Service, London Colony, Sacred Heart Primary School, Students Union, Maryvala Pastorai Centre, King Comprehonswe School, Senate, Emmanuel Church, Governors Standing Committee, Lambeth Borough Caning Week Service, Bishops' Committee, Diocesan Schools Association, Senate Of Priests, Vicariate Administrative Council, SchOOIS Commission, Sheffield CTP, p.m Thurriday Central Landon Area Assembly, Catholic Children's Society, AlliSaints College, Catholic Teachers Association, Livereeel University, La Sainte Union Convent School, Worcester College, New Code Symposium Al Gregorian University, Rome, Chaplaincy Centre, King Church


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M = Mass, V = Visitation, C = Confirmation, 0 = Ordination.

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Bishops Engagements

C Mass. 0 Ordination.

Visitation, Cerdlnal Hume, Archbishop 01 Westminster. Friday: Servile Parish Retreat. London Colney Saturday: 25th Anniversary M, St Gregory'e, South Ruislip, 5 30 due Sunday: National Council for Lay Apostolate London Cal ney Preaches at Worcester College, Oxford. 6 p.m. Monday: Meets Moderator et the Crevice of Scotland, 4 p.m. Tuesday: Senate, 10a re Bishop's Meeting. 5 pm Wednaeday: Creince of Diocesan Affairs Thursday: e ndlord Si Martin Trust, Lareberh Palace, 17 nonn M and C, Penlicu, TOO pur.

Archbishep SOWee of Southwark. Friday. Bishopet Conference. •rcnbis hop's Hausa. Westminster. Saturday: M tor deceasen members al the Knights of the Hely Sepulthre Cathearal, 10 15 am. Mender 171 to Mark centenary of Se Anthony's &Pool, Dulwich, SI Thomas Mere Charch, DelWleh, 7 p in, Tuesday. Departs for Horne, visits English Celleee sine Beda Coliege etc. until November 27th, 12.25 p.m.

Archbishop Couva de Mendes 01 BirMinghem. Friday: COMECE Camminee Meeting, L usemboure Sunday: Altande Ode Sunday Mass, Si Chae'e Cathedral, 10.30 arr. M to Kettle University Students_ Tuesday: C_ $S Georue & Teresa, Dorridge,

p Wedeesday: Episcopal C at Etienne Hannigan, Pro.Cathedral, Wrextiam. Weeineaday/Thereday, V. Milton Abbey, Stalts

Archbishop ward at Cardiff. Sunday CBC Radio. ti p m WerIntesdey. Episcopal C of BishopEleel James H-annigare 11 a m. Thurecley: Minute M tor parents. pupils and stall Cardinal Newman School, Prthlyuridd, 8 p.m Archbishop Werieck of Liverpool. Friday: Attenne Infeetimion at Archbishop of York, York Minster. Sunday: Solemn hi al brutal the King Metreeel Ran Cathedral Evening Prayer and Presentation of Churieters Metropolitan Cathadrei, 3 p rt. Tuesday: Moeller) of Governleg Com/1111de. Ushaw Ccelege, 1110 cm. Wedneeday: EpleeePal 0 Ot 13,Shrlp HanAltin ht fylen,00St Niery's Cathedral, vereenern, 11 a m Honorary Freedom Ceremony tor Mr Hebert PalSleY. Students Union, Livereeel University. 4.30 is at thursday: Meeting of Merseyside Eniermiee Faium Panel, Archteshep's Houee. 2 pee.

Bishop Alexander at Geffen. Friday Vises St George's Primary School Warminster_ Gelebratee M. 10.30 a.m. Attends Bestel Catholic Players Umehrehert reoricert Ye:feria Roams, Bristol, 720 m Sunday: V and C Si George's. Warminster. Preacilee at all M anti aeml nisters the Sacrament of C. 5.30 p.m. Mondey: Consecrates Christ the King Church, Fillwood Broadway, Berrie'. 7.30 pen. Tuesday: 'inducts. Fr_ J_ Blacker as parish Priest, St Edmund's, Caine. 7 30 p to wednesdey, Attends Episcopal 0 at BMW-Fleet or Monevia, SI Notary's Cathedral, Wrevham, 11 ant M for Catholic Police Guild, OHM Cathedral, 7.30 p.m. Thursday: Inducts Fr Michael English at Parish Priest, Si Peter's, Glerucester, 7.30 per Bishop Brewer. Auxiliary for Shrewsbury. Saturday: Presides sr Meeting of Justice anci Peace and Christian Unity Commissions, Si Celundeee. Cheeter, 12 4 p.rui Wednesday: Attends Bishops' Committee ice the English Colleges. Reale Blehem Burke. Auelliery ter Salford. Friday: Begins Clayton V. Sunday: V. Si Willibrorde.Ciayton. C 3 p.m, Wedneeday: Apostleehlp of the Sea Commuselen Anufee House, Hull. 2 p.m. Thursday SchoolsCommission, IPSO um.

Bishop Clark of East Anglia. Sunday: V, SI Mary Magdalen pariah, Ipswich. Monday V. Sr Mary Magdalen, Ipswich!. Wednesday/Thursday: Schools and Council Committee Meetings, PorIngland.

Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary let Birmingham. Monday: V, St lames, Parkf rade Teesdale Colton Celine GC:mm(11'5 Meeting. Cathedral Heuee. 17 a m. M 8. C. SI Teresa, Peer Ileid, 7.30 sum Wednesday: BetscoPel 0 or Bishop Hannigan, Pro. Cathedral. Wrexham. Of & C. Sr Stephen's School, Bireengham, 7_30 pen Bishop Anthony Emory, Bishop of Portsmouth. Friday: Bishop's Conferartce, tonclun. Sunday: St ,j.ohnts Cathedral, Portemouth Diocesan Youth M. 4 pen. Tuesday: Our Lady of Walsingraine Portchester G M. 7 p m Wridnesdey: Bishop's Heuse, Portsmoule CathedralCrtapter Meeting, 11 am_ Thursday: Park Place Pastoral Centre Mreistry 10 Pneets Programme Canyeearren Day. 10 a.m.

Bishop Foley of Lancaster. Friday: Meeting to alb:mete funds te Poor Missions. Bishop's House, 11 It m Union at certain Mothers 70th Anniversary Dinner. Morecambe. 7.3e p.m Suralay:C, Sr Francis at Aselsi. Hambleton. 11 a.m. Tuesday: M, Our Lady of Lourdes School, Carnforth, 2 p.m_ Weideeester Coencil of priests, Chaplaincy Centre, 11 am. Trim-seer Finance Meeting, Brshop's House, 10.45 a re Seale Sehant and housenoune, Pilling erre Harehielen, 2 30 pm B ishop Gray of Shrewsbury. Friday: Chief Concelebrant at a M to mark the clueing of the pariah misston at Our Lady's, Leasuwe, 7.30 p.m. Saturday: Chief Coeceiebrant at Thankegiving M For anniversary or Golden Jubilee Of Opening of St Winetrule's, Lymm Suntley, V and C, St Agnaa, West Kirby. Wednesday: Attends 0 01 new Bishop 01 Menevia. Wrexham. am. Chief Concelebrant al a M la bless and uiricially open Bishop Ohallener Boys'

Bishop Germane Auxiliary far Westminster. Fridey: Meeting of Deans' grOup, Pepe John Hazen 11 a.m. Irish Chaplaincy, Camden lawn. 4 p no Meets cardirmandi, Wynelde House, 6 y.nrr. Sunday: Confirmation, ToIllogton park, 10_30 Si Induction Of p.p. Kilburn West, 6.30 p m Monday: GOA Meeting, 5 pm_ There:ter Senate of Prieels. Archbishop's Heim!, 10 30 a m Wednesday: Episcopal 0 of Bishop Cl Weaves, Wrexham, 71 p.m. Gem iftcates distribution, Maria Fidel's Set1001. 7_30 pre Thursday Tails, Central London Polytechnic, 12 neon M La Sainte Union Convent School, 7.33 Pm.

B iehop Harris 01 Middlesbrough. Friday! Enthronement dl Archbishop or York, York Minster. Sunday: M, Holy haste Of Mary Chure h. Middlesbrough. 920 and 11.30 a.m. Monday: Attends 150th Anniversary celebrations, Si Jain the Evangelist Churce, En-Mem-ed. TuesdayTherreday Carrot: Law Conference, the Grange. Anipteloi Bishop Harvey, Auxiliary for Westminster. Friday-. C. SI George. Sudbury. 5.30 p.m. Saturday/Sunday: Paster:al Visit, Mary Immaculate and St Peter, New Bernal. Tuesday: Senate Of Priests, Demise OF Westminster. Wednesday: Episcopal 0, Bishop tot Monevia Bathes, Henderson, Aueleary Ise Southwark. Friday, Centenary Anniversary Si, St Anthony's SCI.1.)1, Dulwich. 10.15 urn Saturday: Allende Catholic Methodist Study Day, Barnes, 10.30 a m. Holy Souls M, St Patrick's Ceurch, Waterloo, 230 p.m. Monday: BM Assembly, London, 3 p m Attends AGM Brixton Deanery Pastoral Council. 0 p m Tneadayt BCC Assembly. London Wednesday: BCC Aasembly AddniSatee UtIC Meth% City Temple, 12 30 rem Thutestay: tutrodureis HearetrauherreMeelilr CatecheticaiCentre,Tooling Bee, 11 a.m.

Bishop Hitchan, Auxiliary for Lixerpool. Monday:

C Anselma, Charley, 7.30 . Tuesday: V. Our Lady's. Fleelleed, SI Helene St Cuthbeas Smear School. 4,45 per Social Sermare Advent Service. Catholic Chaplaincy, MI Pleasant Wednesday: Ordiriatran OF Bishop ot Manama, St Mary's College_ Wrexham Mairegement Committee Merseyside Council for Voluntary Servers Liverpool. U. St ,t0seph's, Brimscall, 7.30 p.m Thuredar CAFOD,

L:aner athop Holland ot Satfoni.Saturday Conlesslans. Mulberry Street, Manchester, 11 are. Sunday: Polish church, Botton 17 noon Thursday: SchOOIS Commission. 10.3:0 a rn

Bishop Jukes, Auxiliery tor Southwark_ Friday: Allende Hierarchy Meeting Saturdsy/Sundar Othcial V 10 Birchinglon Parish Tuesday: C, Cl Inanition, It p.m Wednesday: C, at St Seceder s. Haresgate. 730 pm Thursday: G at Silt ingbourne.

Berhop Konstant, Auxiliary tar Westminster, SAlteday! Si Edmund's House Asseciathen. Cambridge, I I a rn Si, Shepherder Ekreh,6 p.m. Sunday: C. Ogle Street, 11 am. C. Westminster Cathedral, 5.30 pee 'Tuesday Senate re Priests, Arnhhilishoh's House, 10 a nn Viedlleaday: C. Mosel New Town. 7_30 p.m Thurriday Central Landon Area Assembly, Cathedral Conference Centre, 10 atti. • 3 p.rn Meeting J & P Group, St Francle, Patter's" Lane. 8 P.m, Bishop Lindsay al Hexham and Newcastle. Friday: Enthronement n1 Archbishop at York, York Minster_ 2_30 p.m_ Saturday. 0 inte the Priesthoo0 of Fr Paul Marriott at St Mary's, Tynemoutie 3 pee. Sunday: C. at SI Bedeee Bedlingion, 130 p.m. Monday-. DedicalIon of Church and New Attar, SI Matthewis. Jarrow_ Tuesday: Governors Standing Committee Meeting, Bellew Collins, 11 n0 a_m Bishop MeCedia, Auxiliary lor Bluningh.m.

USunndaiyersr. C. SI Benedict. Athersione. 11 45 am C, Our Cady of Fatima, Quinton, E30 p.m Monday DOOM ity Chaplaincy, 6_15 pin_ Tuesday, Cotton College Governors Ntheltng. Cathedral House, 11 am. Wednesday: V 8 C, Our lady, Worcester. Thursdar V of Schools 8 Parish. SI Paler's. Leamington Sea.

Blettep McGuinneee oF Nottinghem. Friday. Distribution 01 Prizes, S1 Berle's Schenk, Scunthorpe Sunder G Of Joseph's, teicester, 3 p m Tuesday: C, SI Edward, Leicester, 7 erl. Wednesday: East Mielands Church Loaders Meeting Afternoon. Centenary Si, Our Lady and SI Joseph. Matlock, 7 p rn. Thursday-. Sacred Heart Primary School, Leicaeler,10.30 am.

Bishop MOMatien af Brentwood. Friday: Conceleerates Memorial Requiem M. SI Halarra, Ongar_ 710 p or 5:reorder meeting or Gallow Trustees. Stock. 6.30 p.m. Sunday: V. Assumphoo 01 Our Lady, Mahlon Tueeday. Meeting oath EducatIon C4,111.0161 House, Breetwood, 4 p.m. Wednesday. Cenosiebrates hi or Bishop Casey's 70th Rirthday.CI15a511 Crinvera. 12 neon Thursday: V.

Corpus Christi, Coilier How

Biehao Mahon, Auxiliary for Westminster. Freely: Irish Gerdes, Camden Tewn, 10.30 am. Saturday. AGM, SF Edmund's House, Cambridge Sunday C. ISIeeorth. 12 noon_ Seses Family Group Meeeng, Gumley Houee, 2_15 p.m C. Hanwell, 3 p m. Monday: Bishops Meeting of COO, Archisisheas House 5 pm, Tuesday: DieMeSan Senate of Prlests. Archbishop's House, Wednesday: V3115 Oar Lady Cl the Rosary School, Steines, rein Ecumentcal Clergy Fraternal, StaineS, 12_ Thursday: M. Volenteer Miseranery Movement, London Colony, 12 neon,

BLOM Materiey of Hallam. Friday: ershee'S Conference at Westminster Se'reety C at Arshern, Tusaday. Meeting or Lettere Governors_ Thursday: Meeting of Governors OF triney and AlliSaints College, Learte Requiem Mass for Sheffield CTP al Saint Theresrea. 7 e.m

Bishop Mullin', Auxiliary Ion Cardie Saturday: Anm, S1 Edmunds House. Gembridem Monday: Ysgiel Gyfun Rhydierin /pontypridd Welsh Schoch 12 15, Tuesday: Deanery Marlene. 11.30 are Wednesday CAnsecratien et Bishop Hannigan et Wrexham (laterite-M. 11.20 a.m. Thursday: All Hallows Cellege, DahillO

Bishop IllurpbrO'Connor at Arundel and Brighton. Saltpetre: al006r.triel Paatiirtd COlvOdil fkussoat. at Cardinal Newman School, Hove Sunder Preaches at

Eveneeng. H erSIDierpril et College. P.m. MundayrTuesdar Meeting of th.os arid Cw-,61 of Priests. Maryvala Pastorai Centre, Bf7131 key. 6.30 p.m.

Bishop James O'Brien. Auxiliary Ire wesimirisied. Saturday: M fen deceased Teachers. Herta Catholic Teachers Association, at Marychurch, Hatfield, 10 0 en Sunday: V, Cl Most Holy Neelearerer, Sawbridgewarth. Monday%rises et Angela?, Stevenage. 9.30 urn. Tuesday: Westminster Senate OF Priests al Arentenhop's House 10.30 anti Wednesday CDA at Archeishop's Hoese, 10 am. Visits Alen Hall. 4 p.m. Thursday:GAFODCorrinilltes Meet ing, 2.15

Bishop It O'Brien. Aueitiary 10r MIddleshnsugh. Monday, Give Holy Tear at Burnaby Wednesday: EpieceeelConsecertion al the Bishop-elect of Meneva at Wresnsm

Bishop O'Connor, Auxiliary For Liverpoel Priday C, St Anthony's, Unclean. isle on Men Sunday: V et John me Evangelist Kirkdele Misriday: V cominned C. St Oswaids. Aehten Makereeld, 7.30 p.m. Tuesday: G. Bleaeed Englise Martyrs Haydere, 730 It rn 1Wrire. d„..neuadai: 703ornripl.Smaten of lee Apostolale or Me Sea. Anchor Novae, Hull. Thuntiday: C. Our Lady

Bishop Rim:Mame, Auxiliary tor Liverpool. Feder Day at Christ the King Comprehonswe School. Southport. Sunday: V. St Marie's, Southpuri. Monday: V cOnlinuad. Monday/Thursday: Llk41 Course.

Bishop %isthmus MI Plymouth, FrIdey: hi 8 Flelligleua Profession, Scierder Abbey. Loon. Cornwall. 730 p.m. Sunday: M. St August Inas Church. SI Aoritail, Cornwall, ft 15 am_ C, 3 p.m. Tuesday: Si with Diecesan Chapter. Cathedral Pienouth, It am. Diocesan Schools Association Meeting, Cathedral Home, P 30 p no Bishop Swindiehurat, Auxiliary tel Helhem and Neweestio. Friday. Enthorminen1 of Archbishop OF Yank, Yolk Mirtette, 2.30 dui. Sunday C, al St Joseph's, Newton Aycliffe, 3 pee. Tuesday: Governors Standing Committee Meeting, teshaw College, 11.30 am. Weeirmsdey Aeenes New Code Symposium Al Gregorian University, Rome until 1/th Der.erneer Bishop Thomas of Northampton. FridreaSunday: V. SI Clarefe, Ayleebury. Monday: Re•Opening SI Joireptes, Aviesoury,8 par. Tuesday: aerate el Priests Wednesday. Episcopal re, Menevia e lrTrPr'1'11114;iVSeuAlark.TSaiu"a y:

G.ateearepo n.11 . ValBanes.SundayVaridC G.ateearepo n.11 . ValBanes.SundayVaridC

at earners, 10.30 a.m. Meets Confirmance at Wallington. 4 p.m. Lambeth Borough Caning Week Service at St Matthias Chums, 7.30 p to Monday: Visits St Oseluncre Primary Scheel at Barnes and opens new hell, 12 Merin Tuesdays V al Kingston WadIrandaye.V,at Kingston. Chairs Meeting el Catholic Children's Society at Puriey. 2.30 p.m. Attends CeellIcate Evenleu at the Thomasi Mare School, Purley, B per. Thursday-. Vises Serge Fidelis Junior and Senior ecnnois in Upper Norwnotl, Bishop Walmsley, Bishop of the Forces. Friday/Sishaday: Attends 'Vicariate Administrative Council, Farnborough, 11 a m Thursday: Ministry to Priests Convocation Day. Pans Place Pa-Se:eel Centre:, wiceham. o a.m.

Bishop Wheeler at Leeds. Friday: Hierarchy Meeting, WesIminster. Saturday! Attends Bradford Area Pastoral Council Sundays 1st Martyrs. Bradford. Cline M. 11 is rt.. Academic. M. Emmanuel Church, Leeds. 6 30 p.m. Tueeday: Senate ot Pripet*, Wood Hall, Wednesday: Leeson School Si, 10 a.m. Thursday: enverners Meeting, Trinity and Ali Saints, Horslorth, 11 am

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