Page 20, 18th October 1935

18th October 1935
Page 20
Page 20, 18th October 1935 — Mgr. Hinsley's Address

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Mgr. Hinsley's Address

(Coniinned from page 1.) this ease and in the case of any war where morals are involved, he has a right arid a duty to lay dotvn the law. with the object of Ivarning those whom " the cap fits."

The I.eague of Nations might have indicated the person whom the cap fitted months ago, but actually only a week after the actual aggression which has now taken place did they decide who it was whom the cap fitted.

Before that verdict of the League was given the Pope could not in decency have stigmatised either one side or the other as the wrongdoers. One can imagine, nay, we know, how he would have been blamed if he had done any such thing.

PSALM 67 But on several occasions he has laid down the law, he has condemned aggression, he has branded that self-defence which is a pretext for guilty aggrandisement, he has laid down the limits of desired expansion. He could not more pointedly have alluded to the present conflict.

Look up for yourselves the scriptural context of that denunciation of his " Scatter the nations which want war"; and remember that his words were a direct answer to the bellicose utterances of the present peace-breaker.

Then we should read in an accurate and unbowdlerised report his poignant description of the evils of war—the destruction of life and property, the ruin of souls, which are the effect of war: war made him shudder with horror.

UNJUST WAR A war of conquest is clearly an unjust war, unimaginably sad and horrible: it did not bear thinking of. If there really were the need for expansion and the necessity of defending the security of frontiers, there existed other means thcm war to settle such difficulties. Expansion and self-defence are limited by justice, and to over-pass the limits is criminal.

The full text of our Holy Father's discourses of July 28 and August 27 on the questions of peace and war may be read in the original text or in authentic and complete translations published in Catholic papers: other reports are not always trustworthy.

Reasonable men, and Catholics in particular, will understand the delicate and most difficult position of the Pope. Hot-headed, war-scared minds will not, 1 know, listen to reason, or use a balanced judgment on any course he may take: unlike our King. who " can do no wrong," the Pope in their estimation can do nothing right. He must always be in the wrong.

CHOICE OF TWO EVILS Our Holy Father's choice is between two evils. Either he must seem to condone what the world regards as .a monstrous injustice and a violation of international compacts and treaties, or he can denounce a neighbour as a law-breaker.

He will never condone injustice. If. on the other hand, he denounces his neighbour as a breaker of treaties and a brigand, he will put a grievous burden on the consciences of such of the subjects of his neighbour as believe that neighbour to be in the right, and he will risk active reprisals—in fact. he will introduce additional cause for conflict and violence.

Remember that for years the slavepress of Italy has forced the government view, or rather the fascist party view, on its subjects, and Italians, generally speaking. consequently know no other

view. The nation as a whole may be reckoned in good faith, if the nation as a whole has been educated to clamour against England and every other people who oppose it and everyone who condemns the present action as aggression.

THE GOOD IN FASCISM It is easy to say fiat familia mat cnelam: "Let justice be done though the heavens crash." But no man, least of all the Pope, can contemplate the crashing of the heavens with equanimity. which in principle I do not approve— goes under, nothing twri save Italy from. chaos—God's cause goes under with it.

My dear children and my dear friends, I feel that I have spoken much from a natural point of view. Now to each soul to whom as a pastor and shepherd of souls I am responsible I want to insist. as I have insisted before, that peace. the peace of Christ in the Kingdom of Christ, is the concern of each individual. The Kingdom of God is within you.

Each single one of us must surrender to the Prince of Peace the throne which is his by right in our heart. Jesus Christ gave us on the eve of his passion this his last message: " My peace I leave you. my peace I give unto you; not as the world giveth peace so I. give peace unto

you. Let not your hearts be troubled and let them not be at' a d. I have over(Mlle the world."


The world says, " Blessed are the moneymakers and the wealthor landgrabbers." We hold to the word of our

Lord. Blessed are the poor in spirit. for theirs is the Kingdom of God.

We must have no truce in ourselves or with the world outside us in the struggle against selfishness and greed and avarice. There is the root of all evil, as the Apostle of the Gentiles proclaims. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God. The world admires the self-assertion of so-called strong characters who love strife and the glory of domination. But blessed are the meek, for they shall possess the land.

The final victory over the world and the supreme reward are for those who, in lowliness. love and serve their country and all their brethren of every race and colour. Whatever storms rage around us, we may enjoy within us the peace of Christ if, as St. Paul says, " this mind he in you which is in Christ Jesus." And the mind of Christ is expressed in his words: " Learn of me, for I urn meek and humble of heart."

Jesus our Lord could have asked his Father for legions of angels to overpower the free will of his enemies—Jews and Romans. He proclaimed the truth. and the truth must prevail, though he be dragged bound before Arms and Caiphas and Pilate and be condemned I?) jeering cmd crucifixion.

Sympathy For The Pope

"Whatever our ecclesiastical opinions may be, our sympathy is with his Holiness the Pope at this time." said the Bishop of Coventry speaking at Leamington Spa last week when he referred to the haloAbyssinian question.

It was a little humiliating, he said, that the first nation to be judged by the council of the League of Nations as an aggressor and one which had broken its pledged word was a nation wherein Christianity had been established from the beginning.

On the other hand, they knew how mighty had been the propaganda and influences to which the Italian people had been subjected. They also knew the great difficulties which confronted the Church in that country.


The Dutch Red Cross is to send an ambulance-hospital to Ethiopia. According to an interview granted to the press by Jonkheer Beelaerts van Blokland, secretary of the central committee of the D.R.C., many physicians and nurses have already offered their services.

The ambulance-hospital, states our Dutch correspondent, will contain wards for observation and operations, special wards for patients suspected of having contracted contagious disease, and all necessary equipment.

The Queen and Princess Juliana have already generously subscribed, and their example is being followed everywhere.

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