Page 11, 18th October 1936

18th October 1936
Page 11
Page 11, 18th October 1936 — TIIE "VENERABILE "

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We have received the following letter from Mgr. Canon Godfrey, rector of the " Venerabile" EngliSh College in Rome: he " Venerabile wiI7gjn, the new scholastic year with the larga,number of 80 students.

Three blows were competed for in England during the summer, and, in all, 18 new students ;will enter the college in October. The 10 vacant Stanley Burses were won by Messrs. Fahy (Leeds), and Pledger

cSouthwarlq. The Ralllitri NVA§ gained by Mr. O'Connell (Lancaster).

These Burses are the generous gifts of benefactors of the college. Bishop Stanley made provision by a trust for the foundation of Burses; and the Rankin Burse is the gift of the late Miss Elizabeth Rankin, who gave two burses to the college.

Thc Holy Father takes a deep, p&.

sonal interest in his pontifical colleges in Rome. He is anxious to see them flourish, and is always happy to hear from the rector of the " Venerabile " that the number of students from England is maintained, and particularly pleased to learn that the number is increased.

During thg 15.0 fAw veam Ole number of

English students has increased by ten; and in the last 25 years has been more than doubled in 1910 there were only 36. His Holiness has often expressed his joy at seeing the dioceses of all nations sending their representatives to study in his own city of Rome; and, during audiences given to the Crilleges. he has spoken with enthusiasm of the value of the Roman training and of hi own feelings of gratitude to God for having sent him to study in the city of the Popes.

" England in Rome"

It is, therefore, with great pleasure that

he sees henetaetors ;n ngland turning their thoughts to their national pontifical college in Ronne and helping on the good work, either by donations or by founding Burses for the education of priests.

The " Venerabile " has been sending priests to England since 1579. It numbers

tt BM nogstudents al tliP

Holy Father has recently granicti to the college a special feast, with proper Office and Mass, to be celebrated on Dec. 1, in

honour of Blessed Ralph Sherwin and Cornpanions.

Dec. I is the day on which there died at Tyburn, Ralph Sherwin, Protomartyr of

thc " frittlluml Campion of the Society of Jesu-s, und Alexander Briant, of Douay College. Three great strongholds of the Faith are thus united in joy

and thanksgiving on that day which henceforth will be celebrated with great solemnity in the pontifical college which His Holi

ness has deserillecl ac " England in Rome." The Martyrs' Association An effort has been made, since the last Jubilee Year in 1933, to promote devotion to our Blessed Martyrs of England and Wales, by the foundation of the Martyrs' Association. which has its centre in the Venerable English Coll,. Here is vener ated a picture of the Blessed Trinity with St. Thomas of Canterbury and St. Edmund. Before this picture the future martyrs prayed during their college days. Before this picture they sang the glad Te Deum, when news came that one of their number had laid down his life for Jesus Christ. And

before this same Ventre to-day

cessors keep their memory fresh, :and will sing High Mass and chant the Office of their martyred brethren.

The Martyrs' Associates pray in union with the " Venerabile " students every day. Two things only are required for membership, namely, to be enrolled, and to say the daily prayer, preferabli at mid-day, when prayers for England are said in the college in Rome. The prayer is short : a Glory be to the Father, followed by the invocation, "Blessed English Martyrs pray for us."

There is no subscription. The work of the association has been. supported by

thA VbItioiftry offorms of those clevotecl to the Martyrs' {AOC. And the work has never lacked funds. We wish to stir up devotion to our Martyrs and through them to obtain blessings for our country. News of favours granted through their intercession will be gratefully received, and all information concerning the Associa tion ,ohtained from —The Right Rev.

Mgr. W. Canon Ciodfrey, D.D., Ph.D., Rector, The Venerabile English College, 45, Via Monserrato, Rome, 116.

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