Page 12, 18th October 1936

18th October 1936
Page 12
Page 12, 18th October 1936 — BLACKPOOL.—Mrs. Wilson, Clyde House, 82, Topping Street, N.S. Bed-breakfast 3/6.

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BLACKPOOL.—Mrs. Wilson, Clyde House, 82, Topping Street, N.S. Bed-breakfast 3/6.

Board 6/6. Minutc church. Central to all parts. Highly recommended by the Civil Service. Near bus. rail and sea. Garage. Phone Blackpool 899. BLACKPOOL.—"Enville,'' Private Hotel. 286, North Promenade. Board Residence, 9/day. Highly Recommended. Lawn. Facing Sea. Garage at rear. Nr. Church.—Dredge (Late Kidderminster).

BLACKPOOL.-11, Withriell Road, S.S. Public and Private apartments. Sea View. Nr. Church. Recommended.—Mrs. G. Heffron.

BLACKPOOL : Mrs. Stansfield, "Heather Dene," Warbreck Hill Road (adjoining North Promenade), Board-Residence, 7/6 day. Ideal position. Near Church. Select. Book early.

BLACKPOOL :43a, Waterloo Road, SS. Comfortable Aparts., board optional. B. & 13. Good cooking. A.clioming Prom. 1 minute Pier. South Station and garage. Moderate terms. Recommended.—Miss Wood.

BLACKPOOL : Close Church and Sea ; Bed and Attendance, 3/two persons; August 4/-: Full Board 6/6.—Kelly, 74, Topping Street. •

BLACKPOOL : Novell° Private Hotel. 11, Homby Rd. Modernised. H. & C. bedreoins. Central heating. Electric lift in all floors. Tariff 7/6 daily.—Phone 2134.

BLACKPOOL : Mrs. F. Bell, 51, Talbot Road. Comfortable Aparts., Board-Residence. B. andB. Sep. tables. H. & C. water. 1 mm; Church, Station. and Sea. Terms moderate. Highly recomthended.

BLACKPOOL : REVILUS Private Hotel, N. Promenade. H. and C. water and &a view • all rooms. Ideal position, nearest N. pier. Est. 1887. "Fel. 768.E. H. Jones.

BOGNOR REGIS ("Hinchliffe," Albert Road).

Glorious sands, beautiful sunshine. Select BoardResidence, Close Sea, Pier, shops, amusements. Bathing from house. Sunny lounge and balcony with sea view. Midday dinner. Separate tables. Billiards, games, whist, Bridge. Varied menus. Personal supervision. From 50/inc.

CLIFTONVILLE ("Sandown," Millmead Avenue).— Homely Board-Residence, Sea and Country. May, 30/June 35%,July and August' 42/-; Bed-Breakfast 21/-. —Mrs. Weston.

CORNWALL (Penzance) : 3, Albert Terrace, Board Residence ; Bed and Breakfast. Home-made cooking. Every comfort. Pleasantly situated. 4 mins. Station, Sea. Suit friends or married couples. Overlooks Bay and St. Michael's Mount. Book early. Terms moderate.—j. Dowrick.

CORNWALL : Penlee Hotel, Fowey. Best position, sea frout ; Dieting if required.—Mrs. Jordan.

DUBLIN, Eastwood Hote1,91/92 Lower Leeson Street —Select, very central, excellent cuisine ; from 7/6 daily, full board. Next door to St. Vincent Hospital and St. Stephen's Green Park. Phone: 61756.—Prop.: Mr. and Mrs. W. Cumming.

EASTBOURNE : Overlooking pier. Separate tables. -terms from 2 guinees weekly.—""Plappisbough," Colonhade,cardEr Phone 3248: • • r c • FOlikEStliN ( miles): Brd.-Res. at country-touse.

Private car to Sea daily. no charge.—"Ashurst," Crete Road West. Folkestone.

HARROGATE : SPA HOTEL (R.A.C.), King's Road, Adjoining Baths. H. and C. water all bedrooms. From 10/6.

LLANDUDNO : "Lhvyn," 40, Mostyn Avenue. Corn fortable Public or Private Apartments. Board-Residence. Bed and Breakfast. Home comforts. Separate tables. 1 min. Sea. Central for buses, post office, tennis and bowling-green. 1 min. garage. Personal supervision. Highly recommended.—For terms apply, Mrs. Davies.

LLANDUDNO : Gordon House, 11, Charlton Street, Board-Residence or Bed and Breakfast. 3 mins. Prom.. Station. Church. Prop., Miss Rcdpath. Recommended.

LLANDUDNO "Belgrave," Church Walks. Public Apart; nents and Bed and Breakfast. Ni. Church. One nun. from Pier. Happy Valley, and Sea. Mrs E. Gregson.

LLANDUDNO: Glenormes, Promenade. Private

Hotel and Boarding Establishment. Centre of Prom., Facing Sea. Excellent cuisine. Picnics and excursions arranged. Evening entertainments. Bathing from House. Absolutely Up-to-date. H. & C. running water all Bedrooms, Private Garage. Terms moderate. Phone 6643. Mrs. E. Paddock. . .

LLANDUDNO : Rothessy Private Hotel. Opposite Pier Dance Room. H. & C. Water. English Produce. Sep. tables. Nr. Church. Personal Supervision. Recommended. Phone 68-14. C. H. Crawford'.


South Parade. Finest position. Facing Pier. Central to all Amusements. H. & C. Water in Bedrooms. Nr. Church and Golf. B.C. Recommended AA Tariff on application. Phone 6468. Mrs. A. Noonan.

LLANDUDNO Hawarden Private Hotel. Facing Sea. Central Promenade. Separate tables. Nr. Amusements. Highly recommended. Under personal supervision—Mrs. Jones, Proprietress.

LLANDUDNO : Claremont,Penrhyn Crescent. High class Boarding Establishment. Centre of Grand Prom. Nr. Golf and Tennis. Bathing from house. I min. garage. Excellent Cuisine. Late dinner. Good English cooking, Every comfort assured. Moderate terms. Highly recommended. Tel. 6379.—Miss F. Howell.

LLANDUDNO : "Glyn Vale," Victoria Street. Con'tfortable Apartments and Board-Residence. Full Board 7/6, August 8/6, 8 mins. from Church and 1 min. Sea. Highly recommended.—Mrs. A. Hall.

LLANDUDNO : "Englefield," Queen's Road. Com fortable. Board-Residence 7/6 per day. Tennis Courts, Garage. 1 min. Sea. Central for amusements. Highly recommended. Apply for tariff.—William Day. TeL 6603.

LLANDUDNO : "Meifod" Private Hotel, Abbey Rd. Facing south, nr. Pier, both shores, three Golf Links and Church. H. & C. all bedrooms. Terms mod. Recommended.—Miss Phillips.

LLANFAIRF : "Avondale." Apartments or Board-Residence. Every comfort. Lock-up garages. 1 min. Sea and Station. Also furnished bungalow with attendance. Highly recommended. Very moderate.— Nightingale.

MORECAMBE : Rydal Mount, 170, Heysham Road. Select Board-Residence, 8/6 inclusive. Sep. tables. furnished modern, personally supervised. Near Church and garage. 1 mm. Sea. Highly recommended.—Pearson. NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE : bnperial Hotel. Jesmond Road. Pleasant and convenient situation. Appointed A.A., R.A.C. Modem Garage and Lock-ups. Running hot and cold water and gas fires in bedrooms. Terms from 11/6 per day. Telephone Jesmond 343. Telegrams : 'Luxe." pARis in 15 min.—Private Villa with all mod. com fort, from 245 frs. per week. Spl. garden and excurs.—Dardel, 41. r. Corot, Ville d'Avray. S. & o. pENMAENMAWR : Mrs. Hilton, "Fodwen." Board

or Apartments. Bed and Breakfast. Close to Shops, Station. Central. Highly recommended. 3 mins. R.C. Church. Good cooking.

RHYL : Mrs. Gill, Roselea, 25 and 27, Seabank Road. Homely Apartments and Board ; near Church, Sea and Amusements ; Board-Residence.

RHYL : Hampton House, 143, Wellington Road.

Homely Apartments, fcw doors from Church. 1 mm. Sea and 5 mins. Station.—Mrs. C. H. Williams. RHYL: Mrs. M. Hanlon. "Memphis," North Avenue. Comfortable Apartments, Board-Residence, BedBreakfast, modern conveniences. Well recommended. R.C. Near Church, J mm. Sea, Central.

RHYL ; EMPIRE HOTEL, 24, Bodfor St. Full Board-Residence from 2 guineas; good beds; good table ; Bed and Breakfast.—Tel. 644.

RHYL : MONICA PRIVATE HOTEL Board-Res: B. and B, ; Bed-Sit. rooms; facing Sea : mod terms. Phone : 495.—Miss Evans. .

RHYL : Mrs. Johns, 2, East Parade. Homely Aparts. Board-Residence. B. & B. Ni. Church. Facing Sea. Central amusements. Bathroom. H. & C. water. Special terms for travellers.—Tel. 594.

RHYL : Robinson & Mumford, 44, Bedford Street, Board-Residence and Apartments. Bed and Breakfact. Children welcome. Late of Oldham. Under Personal Supervision ; near Church one min. Sea, Central to all amusementsHome comforts. highly recommended.

RHYL: Mrs. Simon, Belle Vue, 30, Crescent Road. Public and Private Apartments, and Bed and Breakfast. All Modem Conveniences. 1 min. Sea. Nr. Church. Central to all amuseinents. Highly recommended.


Under personal supervision ; facing open-air baths, tennis and bowling greens. Hot, and cold water in all bedrooms. Telephone : 101. Telegrams : "Flaselden. Rhyl." RHYL :„BAttertop "Road. Superior Public or Private

Apartnients. maid optional. Bed and Breakfast. Pleasantly situated or. Church and Sta. Highly recommended.—Mrs. W. S. Moore.

L ; ‘'"Stolib H

iridge," I I, Edward Henry St. i

RI IY ghly

recommended. Public and Private Aparts.' Bed and Breakfast. Comfortable and moderate. Facing Sea. Nr. Church, Tennis Courts, etc. Central to amusements. Under erpersonal supervision.—Mesdarnes Dunkley and Beasley. RHYL : "Lynda," East Parade. Highly recommended. Private and Public Aparts. Facing Sea. Ni. Bowling Green and Swimming Baths. Garage 1 min. Golf 5 mins. Mod terms. Phone 788.—Mrs. Valentine, Proprietress (late of Blackpool).

RHYL : Vyrnwy, 44, Sandringham Ave. Comfortable Apartments, Board-Residence and Bed and Breakfast. Nr. Church and Sea and Central to all amusements. Highly recommended—Mrs. Roberts.

REnn.: Sefton House, 41, West Parade. Recom mended Aparts. B. & B. Facing Sea. Central. Terms vent mod—Mrs. N. Jones (late of Prestatyn). SCARBOROUGH : Mac's Boarding House, Nicholas Cliff. Facing Sea and Spa. Home from home. H. and C. all bedrooms. Terms moderate. Tariff.—Mrs. Smith.

SOUTHPORT: " Rose Lea," 44, Talbot Street, Board-Residence optional. Nit. Church, Lord Street and Prom. Mrs. Muntord.


bacconist." Specialist in Civility and Service. Choice variety of Fancy Goods and Cigars. Agent for all the leading Briars. 577. 1.&■11.1 Street.

ST. LEONARDS : Cliff House. Minute Sea, Bridge Club. Farm Produce Lowest inclusive terms,— Ph. 849.

S. DEVON : Guest House. Good table. Good pesition near Moors. River Dart ; fishing ; 10 minutes from the Bueldast Abbey main road buses.—Apply Mrs. Barber, Eurzeleigh House, lluckfastleigh.

TORQUAY : Kilburn Hall, Torwood Gardens. Sunny, sheltered position, central, minute Sea. H. and C. all bedrooms, central heating. Excellent cuisine. From 42/-.—Phone 3432.

TORQUAY : Dean Prior, Hotel Meadfoot. Glorious position, overlooking Thatcher Rock. First-class, modern, Moderate.—Tel. 3927. Mrs. E:. M. Searle.

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