Page 6, 18th October 1940

18th October 1940
Page 6
Page 6, 18th October 1940 — LONDON'S AIR RAIDS Find an echo in China

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LONDON'S AIR RAIDS Find an echo in China

London is not the only capital city which at present is suffering severe air bombardment. Catholic institutions, churches, convents are being destroyed in an even more devastating attack in Chungking, the capital of new China. Only last week it was announced that the last vestiges of the Chinese Air Force are believed to have been wiped out when twenty-seven Chinese fighters were shot down in a thirty-minute air duel over Chungking.

EGGS OF DEATH A special despatch from a Catholic News Agency correspondent in Chungking describes the havoc of almost unopposed air raids.

When bombers bomb. all humanity suffers. And the eggs of death laid by winged shadows marked with the emblem of the Land of the Rising SW( are no exceptions. They level a Catholic university with the same ruthlessness as they would a supply depot.

Chitrches and convents are smashed into shapeless wrecks; all men and the things they build must suffer when the gods of war hurl their thunder.

Since the Japanese resumed their aerial bombardments of the city late in April. Catholic institutions of learning, including universities, have been destroyed and professors and students have been killed.

The cathedral and the churches of the Sacred Heart, St. Paul, St. Teresa and St. Joseph (the last-named was bombed on July 9) have all beets demolished, together with the convents attached to them.

CATHOLIC DAILY BOMBED The residence of Bishop Louis Gabriel Jantzen, Vicar Apostolic of Chungking, and the residence of Bishop Paul Yu-Pin, Vicar Apostolic of Nanking, who is at present in this city, both have been damaged. housands of Chinese civilians are reported to have been killed.

A particularly heavy blow for Bishop Yu-Pin was the damage which the air raids caused to the plant where his newspaper, The Catholic Daily, is printed. Since his return to China, Bishop Yu-Pin has thrown himself wholeheartedly into Catholic war relief work and Catholic press work.

His work with the Catholic press has been rendered extremely difficult by the conditions under which...he has had to labour, but he has expressed his determination, in the face of all obstacles, to maintain the Catholic paper. He says it is important to spread Catholic doctiine among his fellow countryislets in these hard times.

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