Page 10, 18th October 1974

18th October 1974
Page 10
Page 10, 18th October 1974 — Charterhouse Chronicle

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People: Mgr Karol Zielenski, Raymond Ciatisey, Guy Sawyer, Philip O'Connell, Peter Day, Godfrey Wilson, Kevin Moran, Patrick Carroll, Edward Riordan, David Roderick, Reginald Crook, Penzance, Brian Laycock, Nguyen Van Thieu, John Kearney, Thomas Gardner, Paul, Patrick Browne, Edward Matthews, Saigon, Frank Sheed, Maisie Ward, Philip Rogers, Joan Morris, Joseph Gibbons, Edmund Corridors, Richard FltzGibbon, Colin Whetting, George Stack, Peter O'Reilly, Michael Tuck, Geoffrey Webb, Catholic, B. Davis, John Woods, Jeremiah Dillon, John Delaney, Matthew Kennelly, John Et O'Sullivan, James Overton, Alexander Groves, Kerry Fr Dermot Clifford, Jeremy Davies, Andrew Morley, Michael Shaw, Henry Turner, Fr N. Fitzgerald, Michael Mannelly, Launceston, John Helm, George Fonseca, Seamus McGeoghan, Francis Weide


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Sheed's story

Frank Sheed's latest book "The Church and I" has just hecn.oublished in New York by Doubleday. No doubt it will he published here shortly. Meanwhile, 1 think readers might like to hear a few. of Frank's comments on the work.

"John Delaney of Doubleday's wanted me to write my autobiography but I said I wouldn't do that but I would write about my relationship with the church, What it has meant to nit over the years. What it means to me now.

"Four-fifths of the book deals with what I've seen all over the world, starting with my beginnings in Australia. The last fifth is a kind of summation what I make of it all.

"From the age of eight until I was 14. though I was a baptised Catholic, my father insisted that I should attend Methodist services twice on Sundays. At dinner we were thoroughly exposed to the teachings of Marx and it was only when my father took his annual two-weeks holiday that we were able to go to the Catholic Church. Then we went to Mass and Communion every day."

On his first trip to London he became an enthusiastic member of the Catholic Evidence Guild and fell in love with one of its leading lights Maisie Ward, He proposed to her on August 15. 1924. and they were mapried two years later. So started that great alliance Sheed and Ward, Catholic hook publishers, Frank is now 77.

By post

I learn that since they first announced their correspondence courses in theology last May the Redemptorist Fathers at Hawkstone Hall, near Shrewsbury, have enrolled more than 100 students. The first five-day residential session will be held on November 29,

Some 500 enrolment forms have been despatched in recent weeks, and several dioceses have approached .Hawkstone with a view to using their Foundation Course in Pastoral Theology as the basis of their clergy -in-service training programme during the coming year.

The director, Fr Christopher 'Harris, said; "Approaches have been made from many different sides, from discussion groups who want to form self-help groups and study the courses together, to HM Prison Service who have found the correspondence course method suited to the needs of certain people serving sentences," Most surprising has been the big demand for information from overseas, especially from the English-speaking parts of the world including parts of the United States, Ghana, Rhodesia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, West Bengal and Zambia.

A new course, ' specifically designed for Religious, is being launched this month. It will be followed next year by one on adult catechetics for those with no previous theological training.

Serving Poles

With the agreement uf Cardinal Heenan, Cardinal Wyszynski, Primate of Poland, has appointed Mgr Karol Zielenski as National Director and Vicar-Delegate for Poles in England and Wales.

Mgr Zielenski studied for the priesthood at Up Holland and the Institut Catholique in Paris and was ordained in 1945 at the Polish Seminary in Paris. He studied Church history at the Gregorian University in Rome. He has pastoral experience in both England and France.

He succeeds Mgr Ladislaus StaniszeWski, who resigned after 36 years of service.

Mgr Staniszewski came to London in 1938 to look after the then small community of Poles in Britain. Within a year the war considerably increased the site of the Polish community here and today it numbers more than 100,000 and has 115 priests working in 70 pastoral centres.

Women's role

Joan Morris, author of "Against Nature and God" flew to Rome on Wednesday to Join a group of women front various European countries and the United States who wish to discuss the role of women in the Church with members of the Synod. I understand that she hopes to raise the question of the ordination of women.

"We have already submitted various petitions but we hope that our personal presence in Rome during the last two weeks of the Synod will give added emphasis to our case." Rome she also plans to meet members of the Commission which is discussing "Women in Society" and the Theological Commission studying the place of "Women in the Church."

Through the Apostolic Delegation she has received "a quite complimentary" letter from Pope Paul about her book which examines historically the ease for women priests.

Cost of war

Hundreds, of thousands of abandoned children, many deaf, blind or mentally handicapped, were called to mind by a visitor to the Catholic Herald from South Vietnam this week.

Fr Canut Nguyen Thai 1-loath was sent to Europe last year by the Archbishop of Saigon to learn how the many maimed by war could be reeducated.

After working for a year in Belgium with the blind and those suffering from hearing and speech defects, he has prepared a system of braille for the Vietnamese, which he has submitted to the World Braille Council and UNESCO.

Fr Canut comes from North Vietnam, where his family still live and his sister was killed and his father gravely injured in an American bombing raid before the United States troops were withdrawn.

He would like, when he returns, to train others to help all those handicapped by war injuries in both North and South Vietnam, but when asked about the political situation said: "Politics are nothing to do with me."

While the Catholic hierarchy remains apolitical, Catholic priests and laity, who make up about 10 per cent of the population of South Vietnam, have been demonstrating against the regime, accusing it of corruption.

The Vietnamese President, Nguyen Van Thieu, is a Catholic and has to date been fully suppoi Led by the Catholic minority, a large proportion of whom are members of the influential middle class, Fr Canut said there were about 300,000 abandoned children in Vietnam, a number of them fathered by American troops who had now returned home.

About two million out of a

population of 18 million could be classed as homeless, and there was an almost total lack of experts able to retrain those suffering from various forms of handicap.

Next month Fr Canut goes to stay with the Brothers Hospitallers of St John of God at St Raphael's, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, where he will study care of the mentally handicapped.

As his funds are running low, he is hopeful a British charity vk ill help him continue his work.


Parish priests: canon Reginald Crook to All Saints, London Coiney; Fr-Juseph Murray to Much Hadharn. Mar Alexander Groves to Tottenham, Fr Philip Rogers to Bareham Wood: Fr John 0, 0 Neill to Marylebone; Fr Godfrey Wilson to Waltham Cross; Fr Peter O'Reilly to Stoke Newington; Fr John Kearney to Wapping; F, Geoffrey Webb to Hatfield; Fr Kannth Damn to Twickenham. Fr George Fonseca to Hartwell: Fr Thomas Gardner to Rickmansworth; Fr Berried Lavin to Welwyn Garden City East: Fr John Helm to Upper Holloway; Fr Edward Matthews to St Joseph's College. Mill Hill: Fr Derrnot McGrath to Kenton: Fr Andrew Morley to Cathedral: Fr Michael Tuck to Holloway: Fr Peter Day to Spanish Place; Fr John Woods to Garston; Fr Kevin Moran to Hemel Hernpated East; Fr Francis Weide to Acton test. Fr David Roderick to London University Chaplaincy: Fr Henry Turner to All Saints, • St Edmund-s College; Fr Colin Whetting to St Charles' Square; Tr Brian Laycock to London Airport: Fr Seamus McGeoghan to Wembley: Fr Richard FltzGibbon to Kenya, Africa: Fr George Stack to Strawberry Hill for further studies, Fr Eamon O'Brien to Corpus

Christi College for further studies, Fr Michael Mannelly to Somers Town. Newly ordained: Fr James Overton to West Green; Fr Jeremy Davies to Cathedral; Fr Philip. Cross to Kensington, Our Lady of Victories; Fr Raymond Ciatisey to White City: Fr Joseph Gibbons to Burnt Oak: Fr Guy Sawyer to Ashford; Fr Patrick Browne to Edmonton; Fr Matthew Kennelly to Cricklawood; Fr Patrick Carroll to Acton: Fr Michael Shaw to Kingsland: Fr Hughes to Humerton.

Fr E. Matthews will be lecturing at St Eamends and Corpus Christi Collage and will also be chaplain al Firichley Catholic High School. Fr J. Woods will be school chaplain at St Michael's. Garston and Fr K. Moran at the John F. Kennedy School.


Parish priests: J, Feeley. St Lawrence, Old Trafford, to St Bernadette, Whitefield, Fr N. Fitzgerald, assistant at St Merle, Bury. to St Lawrence. Old Trafford.

Assistant priests: Fr D. Clinch, from turther studies, to St Mary, Mulberry Street, Manchester; Fr J. Cribben, St Gregory, Farnworth, to Sacred Heart, Accrington: Fr J. 'McLaughlin, Sacred Heart. Actrington. to St Gregory. tereworth,


Parish wines: Canon Jeremiah Dillon to Kilgarven. Curates: Fr Edward Riordan to Our Lady and St Brendan's, Tialee: Fr Edmund Corridors to Baltylongford; Fr „Mho Kennelly to Killarney; Fr John Et O'Sullivan to St John's Tralee

Fr Philip O'Connell to be Chaplain at Tarbert Comprehensive School and Arca Catechist for North Kerry

Fr Dermot Clifford . to be. Diocesan Secretary.


Perish priests: Rev M. Molloy, Wimborne, retirement at Wyke Regis; Rev M. Ryan, Budleigh Salterton, retirement in Ireland: Rev. C. Twohig, Upper Parkstone, Broodstone; Rev J. Day. Broadstone, Wimbornu, Rev T. Horsfield, Sherborne, Sidmouth; Rev A. Gilby, Launceston, Newton Abbot: Rev T. Hunt, Marnhull, Upper Parkstone: Rev B. Davis, Bishop's Secretary, Launceston: Rev J. Bolland, St Peter's. Plymoth, Marnhull: Rev E. McGivern, Bideford. Sherborne; Rev J. Hanrahan, Cathedral, Etudieigh Salterton.

Assistant priests: Rev M. Murphy, Poole 151 Mary's), Ensbury Park; Rev W. Kieiy, Ensbury Park, Bideford; Rev L Costello, Poole (St Mary's), Kenya Mission; Rev M McGowan, Falmouth, Penzance; Rev A. Cornish, Sacred Heart, Exeter, Poole 1St Mary's); Rev P. Chrystal, Penzance, Bishop's Secretary; Rev M. Howard, newly ordained. Sacred Heart, Exeter; Rev E. Hayes, newly ordained, Cathedral; Rev T. O'Donovan. newly ordained, St. Peter's, Plymouth.

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