Page 5, 18th October 1974

18th October 1974
Page 5
Page 5, 18th October 1974 — Catholic social movement appeal

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Catholic social movement appeal

I am writing to you in hopes of getting some assistance in a project that I am doing in reference to the whole Catholic Social Movement which took place during the early half of this century.

I am a Catholic priest, a member of the Sacred Heart University faculty and Director of the Office of Cultural Affairs at the university, lecturing in sociology. anthropology and the art of the book.

It seems to me that here in the United States our students, and even some of the elders, are totally unaware of the tremendous movement within the English Church during the 20's, 30's and 40's, a movement which affected all parts of the world within the social life and the artistic development of the book as a work of art.

I refer particularly to such people as Eric Gill, Desmond Chute, David Jones, Hilary Pepler, Walter Shewring, Edward Johnston, Philip Hagreen and Thomas Derrick, and the whole Ditchling movement.

Within this attempt to share such knowledge with my students and peers, I am working on several projects relating to the philosophy and art of Eric Gill, Philip Hagreen and Thomas Derrick.

I would like to locate and obtain through purchase any and all materials relating to these men — items such as periodicals like The Game, The Cross and Plough, Pax, etc; letters from them, drawings and prints by them, hooks by or about them, and all material, even ephemera pertaining to the Saint'Dominic Press.

They would enable me to complete these projects for publication, and enable me to share such philosophy and work through exhibitions and class lecturing,

It seems to me that many of our students, at least on the college level, have ideas similar to this movement within the Church, but there is need for substance for such ideas to mature and last. I believe that these men of the Ditchling experiment and reality can give such substance.

If you can assist me in this project, through your paper by way of a letter to the editor or through an advertisement to call attention to this need of assistance, I shall be very grateful. I do have to rely upon the public media for this help, since most of the people mentioned above are dead, and those who assisted them are unknown to me.

I can be reached at the address below if inquiries are forthcoming. In any case I shall be anxious to obtain through purchase whatever becomes available in reference to Ditchling, the men connected with it and the publications of the Saint Dominic Press.

(Fr) William J. Fletcher Sacred Heart University, Office of Cultural Affairs, 5229 Park Avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut.

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