Page 10, 18th October 1985

18th October 1985
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Page 10, 18th October 1985 — BISHOPS ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Kant Ecumenical Council, Moen% Council of Priests, Corpus Christi Church, Association of Calholic Clubs, Diocesan Pastoral Council, Conference Standing Committee, John Pad Centre, Ellehops' Standing Committee, Diocesan Handicapped Children's Society, %Wellesley Merle wIte Guild of Catholic Doctors, Bishops' Conference Standing Committee, Standing Committee of the Hierarchy, St Josephs School, Pansh Council, Senate, Consultative Council, St Philip Emes Church, Si Joseph's School, Si Augureinds Church, Precious Bleorl Church, SI Francis Leprosy Guild, St Thomas Mores Srnial Club, St Gregory's Comprehensive School, SS, Rotary Club, Parieh Centre, Nerlherii Brethren Fund, Comprehensive School, World Development Movement, ThursdayMeeting Si College, Saints College, Tursesy Committee, Council of Perms, King Church, College of Consultors, Hierarchy Standing Committee, Mnacre Centre, Council of Priests, Standing Committee, Si Augusline's School, Diocesan Youth Advisory Council, Council of Clergy, Sacred Heart Church, Ushaw College, BAG Scrotal Club, Diocesan Schools Commission, Cotton College, Catholic [email protected] Advisory Council, John Paul Centre, Si Mary's Convent School, Priests' Senate, Ecumenical Service, Senate of Priests, Tedder Vicariate Administrative Council, Kent Ecumenical Commission, Christian Unity Commission, Thurridey Council, Catholic Children's Society, Chaplain's Committee, Ecumenical Service for World Peace, Parish Church, Cleveland County Council, House of Commons, Diocesan Rescue Council, V SC


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V • visitation.

Cardinal Hume, Archbishop of Westminster Sunday Diocesan Pastoral Conference Monday: Bishops' Stentling Comeettee, Priests' Senate, London Coiney Tustortee: Petters Senate Wethjesday M to Bede Asso.ciation. M far SI Francis Leprosy Guild, WeilmInster Cathedral, 5.30pm. Thunder M. St Luke's, Pinner, 7.30pm Feder London Caledenian Dinner, 7DM. Sieurday: M, Our Lady ol Faeroe While City, 7pre Archbishop Bowen at Soethenek Sunday: G, Wandsworth East, fipm. Monday: Bishops' Conference Standing Committee meeting. Archbishop's House. Westminster. 11.30ani. Tusedey: SeuthWeet Deans' meeting, Marian Lorfge. Wimbledon. I t.30arn /May: Addiscombe Archbishop Courts de Murrill. ol Birmingham Sunday. V & C, St Joseph. Whitnsse Mondsy Standing Committee, Westminster Tuesday-Monday: French Hierarchy Meeting Lourdes.

Archbishop Were re Carrell sunday. V. St Mary. Dines POW'S. MendaY: Westminster, Standing

Committee el Bistems' Wednraiday: M. Centenary of Palish, Si mary, Flint, 7pm, Friday: M and Opening of St Philip Emes Church, Cradle, 7pm Saturday: • U. 150th Anniversere oi Dedicatee, er Church, Si Thome, of Herefere. Wembley film Archbishop Warlock of Liverpool Sunday: M wen disabled, Metropolitan Cathedral_ 3pm. Monday: Bishops' Conference Standing Committee. Archbishop's Heuee. WeslmInSter. 11.30am Tuesday Biehops' Conference Standing Committee 1continued), Archbishop's House, Westminster. en Brag:leading House frecoreIngi, 2 40pm. Apostolic Nunciature. Reception, fipm Wednesday: Lerichitime Salk, St James. Piccadilly. London, 'rpm Thurridey Council ot Clergy, Loyola Hall. Hairnet, 10am C, St Austin's, Grassendale, 7.30pre Friday: Council of Clergy (continued). Leyole Hall. gamete. Consecrarran of Cnurch and Anar. English Martyrs. Lltherland. 7_30prn. Bishop Alexander of Ciitton Sunday: V. St Dunstan's. Somerton. Preaches at all M. Aciministere the Sacrament i C at el Joseph's, sengeees 10.30am Monday; Rotary Club t once Meeting at Ashton Court Mansions. lorn Pore-Giving at St Gregory's Comprehensive School, Bath. 7.30pm Tuesday: BrIelol Easi Deanery Mooting at St Ambrose, t lam. Admiiiister% tee &Komi,' vi c oi Our Lady of the Rosary. Lawrence Weston, 7.30pm W06145'1.11: Council of Perms Meeting at Newman Hall, Westbury-on.Trym, item Celebrates Jubilee le 150 years) at St Dunstan s, Keynsham, 7 30prn

Thursday: Adminiders the sacrament C at Si Bernadette's, Whechurcis 30prn. Friday: afield BAG Scrotal Club, Southmeed, Bristol.

B ishop Brom Of Laitelitar Sender V & C, Si Joseph's. Blackpool. Wednesday Presides at Meeting of Moen% Council of Priests, Cathedral Hall. Lancaster, Item. Thursday: Presides at fa arici Reception for ell Petrels and Religious Jublierlana, for the Newly Ordained and the Newly Professed. The Cathedral, Lancaster, 11.30am Friday: Attends and Preachey. Si the Commissioning Of the Reverend John Turner as Eeumenical Officer lot Cumbria. Keswick, 7,48pre.Selardsy Celebrates the Annual M lor the Pruden Central Group 01 the Diocesan Handicapped Children's Society, SS Peter and Paul. Preston; 3pm.

Bishop Burke, Leathery far Salford Sunday V SC. SI Teresa, Little Lever I lam Tuesday: Senate or Primes, 10.30arn. Wednesday: V ut Si Thomas More. Aikringlon. Friday: V. Holy Trinity, BrIerlield

Bishop Clark of East Argils Sunday: V, Downhem Market Commissions Ministers of the eucherist and Cunfirms, Si Dominrc's, 7 30arn Preaches at Ecumenical Service for World Peace. Parish Church, Complesham. 6 30pm. Monday: Hierarchy Standing Committee, Archblehees's House. Weetielneler Tuesday: Diocesan Sick Clergy Fund AGM, Cambridge Wednesday C St, Our Lady of the Annunciation, Poringland, 7.30pm Thursday: CTS Meeting. London, Friday: Catenian Dinner, Norwich, 7.30ter. Saturday: V. Huntingenn parish

Bishop Cleery, Auditory or Birmingham Sunday M & C. Holy Name, Great Bee. 3pm Werineaday. Preaches at 'One World Week' Service, Si Overran, Stafford. 7.30pm. Friday Polytechnic Chaplaincy Trustees Mooting. 9.30am

Marne Gray ol Shrewsbury Sunder: V & C. St Margaret Ward, Sale. Monday: C, St Edward*. Runcorn. Tuesday: Deanery Conlerence Wednesday: Gives address to priests. thorneyoroft 14011, Maccieslield, 11am Thursday: Meeting regard%) Natural Family Planning, Si Laurence's, Birkerrimed Blshap Guarzelli, Auxiliary for Westminster Sunday: Westminster Youth Conference, London Gainey MondayiTuesdey: Senate of Priests 7%1.041-Friday: Senate of Priests. am. Bp & Pearl's Together week, London Colney, dere

B ishop Hannigan of Menovis Sundry: M in Honour St the Martyrdom of St Richard Gwyn, Lianldloes, 3pm. Tuesday Meeting at eishop's House. Leeds, 12 noon Wednesday: Centenary M, St Mary's Parish, Flint. Tem Friday V lo Parfet. Mission, Clueensferry, Tpm.

Bishop Harris of Middlesbrough Bentley: Chairman re Cleveland County Council* Civic ISI, Corpus Christi Church. Middlesbrough. 11am Monday. Meeting of Ellehops' Standing Committee, London, Tuesday Meets with York Deanery, St Margaret Cittheroves. York, 10.30am. %Wellesley Merle wIte Guild of Catholic Doctors. John Pad Centre, Middlesbrough, 7.30pm. Thursday Meets with Catholic [email protected] Advisory Council, John Paul Centre. mumieserough. 7pm. Saturday: 0 lo the Priesthood, Rev Michael Loughlin, Sacred Heart Church, Middlesbrough. 11.30am Malloy Haney, Auxiliary for Weermlneter Sunrnyi Dirnafian Youth Conlerence, London Colors), Cathedral. 5,30pm. Mondayeruesday: Diocesan Senate of Priests, London Colney, 4pm Wednesdey 14, Convent of Jews 8 Mary infants' School, Willesden Green, 0.115am. Friday) M, Missionary institute, 7 30pm. B ishop Henderson, Aurellare for Southwark SuncloylMondsy Commences Pestoral V. Clapham St Mary, 7.30am-8pm. Tursesy Committee tor Other Faiths Meeting, 39 Eccleslon Square. I 1 30-4.30. Reception to Mark the Seventh Anniversary 01 Palm John Paul 11's Election, Sens Thursday: Meets Studente for the Permanent Diacoirate Blackheath. 6-Ipm. Friday: Annual Dinner and Dance of the Association of Calholic Clubs, St Thomas Mores Srnial Club, Dulwich, Saturday Meeting of the Kent Ecumenical Commission, West Melling, 10-4pm .Bishop Kitchen, AusliMry tor Liverpool Sunday: V. XII Apostles, Leigh Mondry Youth Mess, SI Joseph's, Leigh. 7pm. Tuesday V, Schools XII Apostles, Leigh. C. XII Apostles, Leigh, 7.30pm Wednesday V, SI Mary's, Atilley. C. St Paul's, West Derby, 7.30pm. Thursday Council of Priests, Loyola Halt Reinhill C, Si Pare's, West Derby, 730pee Friday: Councli ol Priests, Lavoie Hail, Reinfrel, Saturday: V. Si Mary's. Astiey, 7pm

Bishop Jukes, Aualliary lot Southwark Sunday V to Waldersiade parish Tuesday Driver Deanery Meeting at Adesford. 11am C. at CrenbroOk. 8pm. Wednesday: V, Si Mary's Convent School, Folkestone, clans Thursday: C at Ashland. 7.30pm. FirldoeSaturday V to Toneridge parish. Seturday: Attends Kant Ecumenical Council Meeting.

B ishop Kelly of Salford Sunday V, St Mery's, Hendon all day. C, St Mary's. Harwich, 3pm, Tlesedels Maretinu of the Diocesan Senate of priests, 10 30am..Wedninclay: Meeting rif Ihe younger ;Nagy at the Convent of the Genies!. I laid Talk le Volunteers, Diocesan Rescue Council. 2.30pre Talk on Eucharist to people of Accrington, 7.30pm. Thursday. V. Si Augusline's School, Farnworth, 10.15am. Diocesan Schools Commission meeting, 2pm. C at St Joseph's, Bury. 7.30pm Friday: V ol Our Lady's Parish. Farnworth, until Sunday. 2pm. Saturday: V. Our Lady's Perish, Famworlh, art day. Bishop Kends:et of Lead. Sunday: C. St Clare's, Eiradlord, 10.30am Preaching, Ecumenical Service, Ripon, 6 30pm Monday: Standing Committee, ArchbIshop'S House, Westminster, 11 30am Tuesday: Trustees Mewling, Trinity and Si! Saints College. 12 noon. M, SI Patrick's, Leeds. 7.30pm, Wednesday: M, Si Mary's, Bradford, 7.30pm, ilniredetc U, St Petrick's, Huddersfield, 7.30pm Friday: Christian Unity Commission Meeting, Myddieton Lodge, 7.30pm. Satureley: Parish Contererne, Hebden Bridge. I 30pm Bishop Lindsey of Hexissm end Newcastle Sunday, V & C, Si Cuthbert's, Throkley. 3pm Tweed.. NOI them Brethren Fund Lunch, Durham, lyre. Friday. Meeting with Lourdes Chaplains, Rvenside Hall. Durham, noon B ishop McCente, Auxiliary for Birmingham Sunday Mission Sunday: la at or Ceade Cathedral, 10.30am. M & C, Our Lady, Worcester, 3pm Thursday: Diocesan Schools Commission, Diker., 11rim Selteday: Sever Jubilee. Servers Convent, Orton. 11 30am interiCulfural Pe, Si Catherine's, Birmingham, 8.30Pm

Bishop Mogul of Nortingrnm Sunday) V & C. St Thomas of Hereford, Ilkeston. 3pm. %MOM Calechelical CommissIen meeting, Highfielde. Derby, 2pm V IS C. Holy Family, Alleteree, Derby. 7pm Wednesday: Sentrie of Priests. Narnelh House, 11am Catholic Chlidren's Soc AGM, 7,30pm Thursday:Vises St Philomena's Convent, Hightlaids. Derby, 6pm, Friday: Blesses 'Nursery Eetensien. Si Joseph's School, Nottingham, 11 30am. Saturday Marriage Encounter ke St Hugh, Bilborough. Nottingham, 12 noon fa of V, Our Lads of Lourdes. Mickleover, Derby, e 3051es

B ishop Meillishon of Brentwood Sunder Pastoral V and C, Christ the Eternal HO Priest, Gidea Park Wednesday Concelebrates M tar 5011s anniversary of Parish of Si Thomas More, Barking. 7 30pm. ThuradayrFrItlay: Chairs meeting of Esse" churches Consultative Council, New Hall, 11.30We Saturday: Addresses Eucharistic Ministers, Middleebrough. lam, B ishop Whom Auxiliary for Westminster Sunday: Diocesan youth Weekend. London Colony. M for Overeees Students, Marker House, 7pm MonelaylTuesday: Diocesan Senate of Priests, London Colney Tuesday Parliamentary Lobby, World Hunger. pm Thuredey: Meeting at Governors ol Mnacre Centre. Archbishop's Hatted. 5.30pre, Frldineldreder. Meeting al Vailcaq Commiselon for relations with the Jews. Rome

Bishop Moverley at Hillier Sunday V and C at Saint Charles, Sheffield, 10.30am Tuesday: PrenaniatIons to nurses at City Hail. noon Wednesday: School MI at Semi Oswald's, Sheffield, 10.30am. Thursday: Doec,aster Greenlee clergy night, 7.30pm. Saturday Commissioning of ministers of the Eucharist al the Mount c. 3.30 Conference on unemployment at Whirlow Grange, 6pm.

B ishop Mettles, Area Bishop to Swann. Friday: Function in honour at Sir Cennydd and Lady Treharne, I 45erm Bishop Murphy O'Connor el Arundel & Brighton Sundae: Preachers at Anniversary IN tor Porn John

Paul II, Westminater Cathedral. 10.30am. Inducts Rt Rev T Rice. VG. as Parish Priest, SI Jaspeph's. Guildford. per Turdlay: Meeting of representatives af Diocesan Commissions and Education Team. Slorrington, am. ThursdayMeeting Si College of Consultors. Storringlon, am Mirages and opens new Parieh Centre, Lilliehempton, pm Ferny Meeting of Sussex Church Leaders, Horsham. am.

Bishop O'Brien of Westminster Sunday: V al Grroehill Monday Standing Committee of the Hierarchy at Archbishop's House, tram Tuesday: Westminster Serrate of Priests at Ail Saints Paaterel Centre Povry Lobby at House of Commons, pm. Wednesday Hospital Chaplains meeting al St Joseph's, Hendon 2pm, Thursday: Palronal feast at Si Raphael's, Barren Park, I lam. PA with the VNM. 30pm Saturday M with the Handicapped at Weelminster Cathedral, 3pm. Bishop K O'Brien, Auxiliary for Middlesbrough Sunday: Preach at Lord Mayor', IN at St Charles. Hutt 1 lam Tuesday: C al Scored HARM. Howden Wednesday: Meeting on Vocations. Thursday: C al Beverley. 7 30pm Saturday Seeds at Special minister, Renewal at York,

Bishop Rawelharne, Auditory for Liverpoot Sunday/Monday V. St Columba's. Fruyton Tuesday: Plater College Governing Body, London, 11 30am Wednesday: C, SI Columba's, iluyton. Friday G. Si Aldan, Winstanles, 7pm.

Bloke. Resileaus of Plymouth sundsy. M. C and Jubilee Celebration. Si Augureinds Church, Weymouth. 10 30am Monday IN end Calochetical Camp Reunion, Christ the King Church. Piymouth, 8.30pm. Thursday: M end Dedication of the Church. Most Precious Bleorl Church, Sidreouth. 1 lani Bishop SwIndlehurat, Auxiliary for Heldman 11 Newcastle Sunday: V aral C, St Teresa's, Annfield Peen. Tuesday: Nerlherii Brethren Fund's Lunnh, Ramelde Hait Hotel, Durham, 1 pm Wednesday: Meeting of Diocesan Youth Advisory Council. New Seaham, 7pre. Friday LOCIIIMS Priests' Meeting. Ramslde Hall, Durham Saturday: Diocesan Pastoral Council Meeting. St JoSephis Hall, Gateshead. 11 am Warne Thomas of Northampton Sunday V. Holy Cross, Beeturd. TesedeyfWeenesdey: Clergy Fund AGM, Cambridge Post Ordination Course Thureslar. Chaplain's Committee (London), Grain Drain. Luton. World Development Movement, 7.30pm. FricleyiSaturdsyi V. SI Joseph & Hely Child, Bedford Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary tor Southern* Sunday: C at Chassinglon, 3pm. Tuesday: Reception at Archbishop's Noueo to mark 7th Anelversery of the Election of Pope John Pauli!, 6pm. Wederaidele AGM of Catholic Children's Society at Westminster Conference Centre, 7 15pm. Friday. AGM ot Pansh Council at Surbiton, Bpm

Bishop Welmatey1HM Farces) Tedder Vicariate Administrative Council, Farnborough, 10arn

Fr Thomas Cahill, formerly parish priest of St Matthew's, Jarrow, died aged 82. Fr Cahill was ordained priest in 1930 at Kilkenny. He was appointed assistant at St Mary's Cathedral, Newcastle upon Tyne, where the future Bishop McCormack was his parish priest for his first six years. In 1949, he was appointed first parish priest of Holy Rosary, Gateshead, where he was responsible for the building of church and presbytery. In 1959, he moved to St Matthew's, Jarrow, where he saw to the building of a house and hall. Mgr John Francis McLean has died aged 69. Born in Derby in 1916, he was educated at St Josephs School, Derby, at Cotton College, and then for the Priesthood at Ushaw College, Durham. Ordained by Bishop McNulty at Nottingham Cathedral on April 12th, 1942, he went as assistant Priest to St Mary's Grimsby. He later served as priest-in-charge at Oakham before being given the task of setting up a new parish in Leicester St Thomas More, Knighton. He took retirement in August 1985.

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