Page 14, 18th September 1936

18th September 1936
Page 14
Page 14, 18th September 1936 — Thirty Thousand Mgr. Whiteside

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Locations: Liverpool


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Thirty Thousand Mgr. Whiteside

Ten Thousand Men March In Procession

Vast Gathering At The Mass

Ten thousand men took part in a procession from Liverpool Cathedral Buildings to the site of the Metropolitan Cathedral on Sunday last.

The procession preceded Solemn High Mass, which was part of the weekend celebrations following the translation of Mgr. Whiteside's body from Foras cemetery to the crypt of the Metropolitan Cathedral.

The Rev. W. Grace (assistant secretary to the Cathedral executive committee) led the procession, which included 5,000 members of the C.Y.1VI.S., led by their president and secretary (Bros. J. Howley and W. Waldron), members of the K.S.C., the C.E.G., teachers, boy scouts, and members of the Catholic Coloured Mission, accompanied by their chaplain, Fr. J. Hughes, A.M.

About 30,000 attended the Mass which was sung by Mgr. Downey (Archbishop of Liverpool). After the Mass the Archbishop preached a panegyric, a full report of which will be found on page 15.

In the religious procession the Archbishop was attended by Mgr. Dobson, V.G., members of the Cathedral Chapter, Papal Dignitaries and a large body of clergy including members of every Order and Society in the Archdiocese.

Occupying seats in front of the high altar were a large number of nuns, representatives of the Consular Corps, civic and professional dignitaries, including the Mayors of Widnes and Chorley (Councillors J. Connaughton and W. Wilcock), Alderman A. Harford, Mr. D. Logan, M.P., Mr. F. Weld (Knight of Malta), Mr. F. N. Blundell, Mr. T. E. Lescher, 0.B.E., Mr. J. Faulkner, LP., Mr. W. Loughrey (Supreme Knight of the Knights of St. Columba), and Mrs. E. Taylor (Catholic Guide Commissioner for Lancashire).

At the Mass the duties of Assistant-Priest were performed by the Very Rev. Canon Robert Whiteside, V.F., brother of the late Mgr. Whiteside, while occupying special stalls were twelve other relatives comprising sisters, nephews and nieces.

Officiating in the sanctuary were Canon W. Dennett (deacon), Canon J. Myler (subdeacon), Canons J. O'Connell and A. Walmsley (deacons at the throne), and Mgr. T. Adamson and L. Curry (masters of ceremonies). The clergy choir under Dom Willson, O.S.R. sang the Proper, and the Ordinary was rendered by a combined choir of priests and boys.

Sermon Amplified A feature of Sunday's great religious ceremony on the cathedral site, Liverpool, was the delightful rendering of the plain chant music of the Mass by the clergy and boys' choir under the direction of Dominic Willson, O.S.B. The choir was in the Holy Family Church from where the singing was amplified through the medium of Radiorite Ltd. Sound Service, of 37, Moorfields, Liverpool.

The Mass and the archbishop's sermon were also broadcast by the system throughout the great site, resulting in the 30,000 people present hearing in perfect comfort the entire hturgy, singing and sermon.

The work of the British Red Cross (West Lanes Division), assisted by the Girl Guides, with the many cases requiring

medical treatment during the celebrations. They were on duty from noon to dusk. The fact that their services are entirely voluntary makes their good deeds all the more praiseworthy.

3,000 Children at Mass

The special children's service arranged for the previous day on the site had to be cancelled owing to rain, this being the first service ever interfered with by inclement weather since the site was purchased for the erection of the cathedral.

In its stead solemn High Mass was celebrated at the pro-cathedral, Copperas Hill, by Mgr. Dobson, V.G., in the presence of the archbishop.

Over 2,500 schoolchildren and their teachers were accommodated in the church and some five hundred more in the adjoining parish schools. but unfortunately hundreds had to be sent home owing to lack of covered accommodation.

Assisting at the Mass were the Revs,. J. Waring (deacon), J. Bennett (subdeacon), W. Daly (aisistant-priest) and L. Curry (master of ceremonies). In attendance at the throne were the Revv. L. Kehoe (assistant-priest), J. Norris and W. Slattery (deacons), and Mgr. Adamson (master of ceremonies). The ordinary of the Mass was sung by the children under the direction of Dominic Willson, O.S.B.

Addressing the children, the archbishop spoke of the great love which the late Archbishop Whiteside had for all children committed to his care, but especially for waifs and strays, orphans and those who were afflicted in ,mind or body.

He was, too, continued his Grace, a great champion of our Catholic schools in a time of great peril to them. He saw to it that not a single Catholic school in the archdiocese was given up, but on the contrary their number continually increased.

Moreover, concluded the archbishop, at the end of this Mass, by special permission of the Holy See, you will assist at the touching ceremony which the Church in her sacred liturgy has ordained as part of the solemn obsequies of the dead.

The obsequies was conducted by Mgr. Downey at a catafalque erected at the head of the main aisle.

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