Page 6, 18th September 1959

18th September 1959
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Page 6, 18th September 1959 — Re master of your set sags TV priest

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Organisations: Catholic Radio Centre
Locations: Oxford


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Re master of your set sags TV priest

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' C.H.' Reporter

PARENTS who are worried about what their children will see on the TV screen are advised as follows by Fr. Michael Hollings, the well-known "radio and TV priest", who is the new university chaplain at Oxford.

Don't just say 'we'll have no TV ' ", he says, " have one, and if you have small children ton, use the set to start teaching them something that's best taught at home the facts of life ".

Deploring the negative approach prevalent among so many Catholic parents. Fr. Hollings reminded me, when I discussed this matter with him, that the Pope "encourages the use of TV. while stressing both its dangers and importance". •


Fr. Hollings sees in TV an opportunity for parents to do three important things: 1. Exert themselves as heads of the family, turn off the set when they see the need to do so, or, despite children's protests, insist that they leave the room. 2. Give the children the reason why they are turning it off, explaining the immorality of the subject matter or of its treatment.

3. Let the children see the programme in question. when this can be safely done, and at once draw a suitable lesson.

"Leaving the onus of teaching entirely to school-masters, or allowing the children to learn things in a hole-and-corner way is negligence of the parental duty to educate," he adds. If this advice is followed, adolescents will stop thinking that parents are just "squares"; they will learn to respect them. In order to ensure that suitable programmes are telecast, Fr. Hollings feels that more Catholics should join the "Look-Listen Groups", attached to the Catholic Radio Centre. "Members watch everything. and listen to everything. They send their constructive criticisms to the producers who read them with attention. Catholic parents should do it too."

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