Page 8, 18th September 1959

18th September 1959
Page 8
Page 8, 18th September 1959 — THE CANDIDATES

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Organisations: Liberal Party, Sinn Fein
Locations: Sheffield, Belfast


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Labour — Conservative majority 7,717.

MISS M. P. O'GARA (Munchestar, Cheetharn), Conservative — Labour majority 8,531.

DAVID HENNESSY (Totten. ham), Conservative — Labour majority 8,883.

H. C. HOLMES (Sheffield, Brightside), Conservative — Labour majority 15,404.

P. J. JENKINS (Harrow, Weal), Labour — Conservative majority 18,297.

BRIAN CALWELL (Stepney), Conservative — Labour majority 21,944.

D. M. WALTERS (Blyth), Conservative — Labour majority 23,093.,


pIGHT Catholics are contesting " the election on behalf of the Liberal Party. Three are standing in constituencies where no Liberal

contested the last election. They

are Miss SHEELAGH MURNAGHAN, who is contesting Belfast, South, where the Ulster Unionist M.P. had a majority of 25,884 in the last election; Lt.-Comdr. R. W. M. WALSH, who is fighting Epsom, where the Conservative M.P. has a majority of 22,073, and where the Liberal candidate collected 4,121 votes in the 1947 byelection; and Lt.-Col. R. L. GARDNER-THORPE, who is contesting Eastbourne, where the Conservative M.P. has a majority of 14.218 and where the Liberal candidate collected 2,797 votes in 1945 (the constituency has since been revised).

New fight

THE other five Catholic Liberal -1candidates are standing in con• stituences contested by the Liberals in the last by-election or general election. They are: GEORGE BRIDGE, Southgate (1955: Cons. 26,794; Lab. 8,584; Lib. 7.614).

SIR JEREMY MOSTYN, Eal. ing, South (1958: Cons. 17,417; Lab. 11.258; Lib. 5,956).

GERARD NOEL, Argyll (1958: Cons. 12,541; Lib. 7,375; Lab. 6.884).

LADY HILLS, Hendon, North (1955: Cons. 21,934; Lab. 17,874; Lib. 3,467).

AUBERON HERBERT, Sudbury and Woodbridge (1955: Cons. 25.185; Lab. 17,995; Lib. 3,760).

In addition, it is expected that the 12 candidates to be put up by Sinn Fein to contest all the constituencies in Northern Ireland will be Catholics, but no names or details have yet been published.

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