Page 10, 18th September 1964

18th September 1964
Page 10
Page 10, 18th September 1964 — A STORY OF COURAGE

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Once upon a time there were 254 strong. healthy men and women like you They had jobs to go to, families to enjoy, homes of their own to make. They had never met but they shared one thing in common. Each in turn was to be struck down by an incurable disease of the limbs.

First their limbs were to be robbed of their ability to work. Then gradually the limited movement required for leisure was to be denied them. Finally. incapacity was to force them to exchange their home surroundings for a life in hospital.

Those 254 men and women are our patients. First rate medical care and nursing we know we can give them. But to create a new home for them, as we try to do, would be impossible were it not for the incredible courage and cheerfulness of the patients themselves. They help la to find for them a new definition of happiness.

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