Page 5, 18th September 1964

18th September 1964
Page 5
Page 5, 18th September 1964 — School Uniforms

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School Uniforms

Sir,—The high cost of uniforms for schoolchildren has been for many years a considerable expense for parents, Possibly Catholic schools could stop to examine their consciences in this respect, I fear they have much to confess.

Three times in my family I have seen the shattering cost' incurred by the insistence of our schools to giving trade to firms who above all have a reputation for high prices. And each time I have heard the customary reasons ". . .

uniformity of shade . conforming to the standards set down

. ." Granted certain firms do not provide precisely the same shade time after time, hut the variation is seldom visible to the human eye.

As we have, in obedience, to take on the privilege of Catholic education, why must the school authorities level a pistol at the Catholic parents' head, which certainly those who fought so hard for this privilege would not condone for one moment. Why cripple the wage-packets of Catholic workers'?

This is a problem where the individual schools seem to hold the reins: are they so divorced from reality that they will never relax their inflexible rules.

Catholic Student.

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