Page 4, 19th April 1940

19th April 1940
Page 4
Page 4, 19th April 1940 — German Catholics

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German Catholics

TOWARDS the beginning of the war we wrote of the unfortunate position of the Catholics in Germany. Deprived of any sort of moral liberty outside a purely ecclesiastical field, and subjected to intense propaganda, they were certainly not in a position to judge of the moral issues. We may even admit that, reading the causes of the war far enough back, they could have made a case which at least justified them in taking up arms in defence of their country.

What is their position to-day? No doubt they believe that the German aggression against Norway was a necessary step to prevent the Goebbels-invented British attack, but even this would not justify the invasion of Denmark, a small country which relied upon the specific German promise " not to have recourse to force in any way whatsoever." And is it likely that their responsible leaders, in touch with Rome. and knowing the points of the Papal allocution at Christmas, can feel anything but indignation at an act of war which has earned such reprobation from the Vatican newspaper?

Patriotism must force upon them a painful choice, for any criticism on their part, still more any resistance, would be generally interpreted as a tremendous Allied victory (which it would not be).

Once again, we can only sympathise with these, our own brethren, and pray that God may help them in their grave dilemma; but we would, if we could, point out to them that on their shoulders rests the reputeā€¢ ties of Christianity and its tundamental moral principles as well as the reputation of Catholics themselves. Unless Catholics, wherever they may be, have the courage to stand before the world at whatever cost in defence of moral order. we cannot expect the truth of Christ to penetrate to agnostic ears. Should we Catholics of Britain ever be placed in the same terrible dilemma, we pray that God may give us courage to stand for truth rather than injustice.

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