Page 4, 19th April 1940

19th April 1940
Page 4
Page 4, 19th April 1940 — Recent Remarks

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Locations: London


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Recent Remarks

Wise And Otherwise

. .. no Catholics or pets.—At the cony elusion of an advertisement in a North. London paper of rooms to let.

No country could have been so peace loving as Norway. Even the children did not seem to quarrel among themselves as other children do.—Letter from a correspondent.

The Jesuits are told what to do. They have governors—we don't know where, but they are not godly men.—Report of Protestant Alliance lecturer, I.O.W.

No. We simply must prevent Germany from doing this wicked thing again. We shall not be vindictive—that is not the British way. Let us even be merciful. — Registrar of Leeds University (Italics ours).

Might I suggest that you confine yourself in the matter of this war to the political expediency of any actions or the British Government. There are no moral questions Involved at stn.—Letter from another correspondent.

What justification have we to pose as God's instrument for the preservation of spiritual realities when we daily become less capable of serving Him?— The Rev. N. P. Huteheroft, Birmingham Parish Church.

I really think there is the making of a first-class racket here, and I believe It would be as well to stop it now.—Mr Manton, M.P., in reference to Civil Service appointments.

It [British Press] is one of the blessings we take for granted. —Mr I. P. Herbert, MP.

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