Page 9, 19th April 1940

19th April 1940
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Page 9, 19th April 1940 — ObituaQ

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Canon G. C. Bailey


Canon George Clifford Bailey B.A., aged 69, rector of St. Mary's and St. Peter's Church, Jersey, died suddenly on Monday afternoon.

The tragic discovery was made by the housekeeper at the Presbytery when she went to his room to call him at 3.30 p.m. Medical aid was at once summoned, but by the time the doctor arrived the Canon was dead. He was a popular and wellloved priest.

Visitors to Jersey will have edifying memories of the church in Vauxhall Street, St Helier of which Canon Bailey

was rector. There are two assistant priests and five Masses are celebrated every Sunday.

Canon Bailey went to Jersey from the Fareham parish in Portsmouth diocese in 1931, succeeding the late Canon Howigan. He was educated at Newbury Grammar School, St. Mary's College, Wooihampton, and Oscott, and was ordained priest in 1898. Successively assistant at Portsmouth Cathedral and Professor at St. Mary's, Woolhampton he was put in charge of the mission of Alderney in 1901, where he remained until 1927.

The Rev. James McKenna

DIES IN LOURDES HOSPITAL, LIVERPOOL Solemn Requiem Mass for the repose of the soul of the Rev. James McKenna parish priest of the Church of St. John, Standishgate, Wigan, was celebrated at St. John's on Wednesday in the presence of Dr. Downey, Archbishop of Liverpool by the Rev, Thomas L. Duckett (Platt Bridge), assisted by the Revv. Eugene Lot 'A.'s and Hugh Gildea. The panegyric was preached by the Rev John Kieran, and the interment followed at Yew Tree CerrieLery. A Solemn Dirge was sung at St. John's on Tuesday evening.

The Rev. McKenna died in the Lourdes Hospital. Liverpool, on April 13, aged 50. Educated at Ushaw College And ordained in 1916, he served as a curate at the Church of St. Alphonsus, Liverpool, until 1931, when he went to the new parish of St. Margaret Mary, Knotty Ash, as parish priest. He was responsible for the building of the present church and presbytery, and he provided school accommodation for 730 juniors and infants.

In March, 1939, the Rev. McKenna succeeded the late Rev. Philip Mahon at St. John's, Wigan.

Fr. M. Van Thiel, O.S.B.


Dom Maurus Van Thiel, 0.5.13., died In a nursing home at Preston on Tuesday, April 16. He was born in 1882 and received the monastic habit in 1901 from Abbot Hocklemann at Erdington Abbey, where he was solemnly professed in 1905.

Whilst at Erclington Abbey he fulfilled the offices of Sacristan and Sub-Prior until 1919, when he transferred to Downside Abbey. For six years he was at Ealing Priory, and for seven years at Whitehaven, at that time served by Mon ks of Downside

On his return to Downside in 1933 he became engaged in missionary work in the neighbourhood of the Abbey, and was also Professor of Philosophy.

Early this year he went to Clayton Green as assistant priest He will be buried at Clayton Green to-day (Friday), the Abbot of Downside singing the Mass

Rev. Mother Benoit

LOSS TO FATHER HUDSON'S HOMES Father Hudson's Homes at Coleshill have lost a lovable personality by the death of the Rev. Mother Benoit. Although she had been ailing for some time her death Iasi Saturday

came unexpectedly. and by a coincidence, on the day that the annual collection was being made for the Homes on the streets of Birmingham. •

For more than a quarter of a century the Rev Mother, who was about /5 years of age, had supervised first St. Paul's Home and then for the greater period, that of St. Edward's. he radiated a spirit of happiness, and delighted people with her fund of stories Before going to Coleshill she spent a period at the Convent at Cotton, and old boys of the College of 30 years ago. many of whom are now senior priests in the Archdiocese of Birmingham, will recollect her happy personality. The Rev. Mother's brother Is Canon P. Palmer (Ilford).

A Pontifical Requierat Mass was offered up by the Bishop Auxiliary of Birmingham, Mgr. B. Griffin, Administrator of Father Hudson's Homes on Tuesday. and the interment followed at Selly Park.

Mr J. J. Gorman

FIRST GRAND KNIGHT NEWCASTLE K.S.C. COUNCIL The death took place last week of Mr J. J. Gorman, of Newcastle-on-Tyne, a prominent member 01 the Knights of St. Columba. Before joining the urder he was for years associated with the C.Y.M.S., the S.V.P. Society, and was a member of the Catholic Association

He was the first Grand Knight of Newcastle Council passing on to become Provincial Grand Knigni of the Hexham and Newcastle Province. after which he was elected a Director. As a valued membei of the Board of Directors for several years he did yeoman service for the order.

Fr. Francis Woodlock


Within the last two years the English Province of the Society of Jesus has been deprived by death of the services of some of its most outstanding members, notably Archbishop Goodier, the Rev. Joseph Keating, and the Rev. Herbert Thurston. The sudden and untimely death of the Rev. Francis Woodlock, who died with alarming suddenness at Mount Street on Thursday, April 11, has -aided yet another to this number, and in him the Society of Jesus and the Church in England has lost a zealous priest, an able preacher and lecturer, and a keen controversialist.

The Rev. Woodlock, who was in his seventieth year, celebrated last year the fiftieth anniversary of his entrance into the Society of Jesus. He was born at Monkstown, Co. Dublin, on September 23, 1871, the fifth of a family of nine, and was educated at Beaumont College, Old Windsor. Joining the Society of Jesus on September 7, 1889. As a scholastic he taught at Mount St. Mary's College, Spinkhill, and was ordained priest at St. 13euno's College on July 31, 1902. In 1903 and again from 1910-12 he was Professor of Philosophy to the Lay Philosophers at Stonyhurst. From 1905 10 he worked in Leeds, being at first for a year on the staff of the newlyfounded Church of the Sacred Heart and subsequently on the teaching staff of St. Michael's College, then but recently opened. In 1913 he became Minister of his old school at Beaumont, but on the outbreak of the European War was appointed a military chaplain. After serving at various camps in England, he sailed for France in April, 1915. He was mentioned in despatches on June 17, 1916, was awarded the M.C. in March, 1918, and in 1919 was gazetted an " Officer of the Order of Christ" with the rank of captain, a Portuguese lecoration.

On being demobilised in April, 1919, he was engaged on retreat work at Whiriney House, Gateshead, Newcastleon-Tyne, where his memory is still held in affection, till he went to Stonyhurst as Spiritual Father in October, 1919. Here he took a lively interest in boxing and worked up a highly efficient boxing club among the boys. It was indeed characteristic of the Rev. Woodlock throughout his life that he threw himself wholeheartedly and with a youthful enthusiasm into whatever work he undertook, even though at first it might have been uncongenial to hint.

In July, 1921, he was appointed to the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Farm Street, and at once made a name for himself as a powerful preacher on subjects of the day. He was also much in demand as a lecturer, chiefly on Modern Miracles and Lourdes; he had nimself several times accompanied pilgrimages as preacher. Indeed, his engagements to preach took him far and wide. Apart from frequent visits to Irerand to preach and lecture, he gave the Lent Course at San Silvestro in 'Capita, Rome, in 1926, at Our Lady of Lourdes, New York, in 1929, and at the Cathedral in Jamaica in 1934. This latter tour provides a good example of his amazing energy. Leaving England on January 12 and returning on June 15, he travelled some 18,000 miles and spoke in public on 134 occasions.

He had a special facility for giving .etreate to the clergy. Hardly a year passed in which he did not give one or other of the Diocesan Retreats, the last Jne being to the clergy of the Leeds Diocese at Mount St. Mary's, Spin khill, last August, and in 1936 he was invited to Rome to give retreats at the English and Scots Colleges, and in 1939 he returned to Rome to give other retreats.

He was, in addition, highly successful in giving retreats to boys, a feature of which was always his devotional lantern lecture on the Passion, and he was not Infrequently invited to address meetings of non-Catholic clergy. His published works, apart from articles in the Month and other periodicals. include: Lourdes Miracles; The Anglican Church and Reunion; The Reformation and the Blessed Eucharist; Catholicism; The True Rationalism; Constantinople, Canterbury and Rome; Modernism and the Church of Christ, and several C.T.S. pamphlets.

Fox' 20 years the Rev. Wood lock h ts. lock was the Spiritual Director of the Sodality of the Immaculate Conception at Farm Street, in all of whose meatbore he took a deep personal interest. To them, as to his many friends in every walk and condition of life, his sudden and unexpected death came not merely as a shock but as an irreparable loss. May the Master whom he served so faithfully and loyally grant him the reward of his labours!

Solemn Requiem Mass was celebrated at Farm Street Church on Monday at 11 o'clock, following the Office for the Dead, by the Provincial, the Rev. Francis Mangan, assisted by the Rev. James B. Rowland and the Rev. Richard Clarke as deacon and subdeacon respectively. A large and representative congregation of clergy and laity attended the service. The funeral, which took place at St. Mary's .Cemetery, Kensal Green, immediately after the Mass, was performed by the Rev. L. W. Geddes, Superior of Farm Street.

The Rev. Robert Lang

DIES AT 31 AT GEREHUN MISSION The death has occurred of the Re-c. Robert Lang, C.S.Sp., aged 31, of the Catholic Mission, Gerihun, Sierra Leone, British West Africa. He was a pupil of St. Peter's School, Blackburn, and continued his education at St. Mary's College, Grange-over-Sands, and at a college in Paris, where he was ordained seven years ago. He went to South Africa a year after his ordination and shortly afterwards moved to Freetown before going to the Gerlhun mission.

The Rev. Lang died from black-water fever. His father, Mr Robert Lang, and his sister live at Blackburn.

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